After Lin Heng asked this question, Fu Jingsi instantly froze and didn’t have any parry.

In his opinion, this matter is a secret that he has well protected, and no one knows it except a few friends around him. How can Lin Heng know it-
"Are you asking me how I know?" It seems that Lin Heng, who read Fu Jingsi’s mind, took the initiative to explain to him, "It’s incredible that this matter is told by Rourou … You don’t think she will know about it for a generation?"
"When did she … know?" At this moment, Fu Jingsi was almost out of words.
The abnormal behavior of Rou in the previous season suddenly had an explanation. He thought of thousands of possibilities but never thought that she would know the truth of that year.
Section 7
"She knew for a long time, but only recently told me," Lin Heng asked Fu Jingsi. "Fu Shu, I just want to know if Rourou’s parents were really killed by someone?"
Sixth, yes, Miss Bai is back. It’s time for me to make up for this position.
Lin Heng really wants to solve a contradiction for the two of them. In fact, Fu Jingsi and Ji Rou are sometimes like two people who like to keep their words to themselves, that is to say, a few words can solve the problem, and they have to get out of hand.
Before coming, Lin Heng thought that he must ask Fu Jingsi what happened in those days.
Fu Jingsi was shocked when he heard Lin Heng’s question. When Jirou’s parents had an accident, he was very surprised. Before he came, the hands-on person told him that the Jishi couple had an accident on the way home and died on the spot.
Fu Jingsi thought it was a coincidence at that time, but he didn’t think much about it when they were punished. He didn’t expect that Jirou would know that these grievances were involved one day.
"It’s not me," Fu Jingsi said to Lin Heng after recalling the situation for a year. "Believe it or not, it’s not me."
"Then what was the crisis in her father’s company?" Lin Heng continued to ask him, "Does this matter have anything to do with you?"
"I did it."
Fu Jingsi has nothing to do with what he has done, and everyone around him knows that he does hate Ji Jia.
"Jirou told you all this?" Fu Jingsi asked Lin Heng
Lin Heng nodded. "Actually, I can’t believe this situation after listening to it … It’s a bit too dramatic, but Fu Shu, I’m curious. Since you hate her parents so much, why do you want to adopt her?"
Fu Jingsi smiled. "Many people ask me that. To be honest, I don’t know myself."
"…" Lin Heng opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.
"Do you have any questions?" Fu Jingsi looked at Lin Heng and said, "Go back and tell her that I am waiting for her, waiting for her to come and see me, waiting for her to come home."
If Lin Heng still doubted Fu Jingsi’s feelings for Jirou before, then after hearing this sentence, her doubts have been completely dispelled.
She leaned. "I’ll tell her if you like."
After Lin Heng left, Fu Jingsi sat by the bed alone and stayed for a long time.
It was not until Yu Sen came to find him that he came to his senses. "Mr. Fu and Miss Bai are here."
Fu Jingsi looked up and looked at the white Huan nodded behind Yu Sen.
"Then I’ll go out first."
Yu Sen knew that Bai Huan had something to say to Fu Jingsi, so he retired in a friendly way.
After Yu Sen went out, Bai Huan took the heat preservation box and put it on the bedside table. "I checked that drinking bone soup is helpful for my recovery. I got up early and went to the morning market to buy some bones for you to stew."
As she spoke, she knocked the heat preservation box carefully and asked him, "Would you like to drink some?"
Fu Jingsi glanced at the bedside table box and shook his head. "No, I have no appetite now."
"Oh … no, this box is very warm." Bai Huan reluctantly squeezed out a smile on the lid. "When do you want to drink it?"
Fu Jingsi "well" for a didn’t continue to talk.
Ever since Bai Huan married Ye Chen, Fu Jingsi has been very cold to her, just like he once said that he cared about her, and no matter whether she lives or dies, he doesn’t even bother to talk to her.
Bai Huan knows that she came out on her own and can’t blame others.
Former Fu Jingsi was so kind to her, but she didn’t cherish it. The stubborn child was taken away by Ye Chen and refused to tell him that she was finally forced to get married by Ye Chen, and she lived a life of death every day.
When I think of it, Ye Chen felt more embarrassed about torturing himself last night. Ye Chen can refresh her every time and give her a fatal blow when she thinks she can bear it.
"Fu Jingsi … I want a divorce"
Bai Huan bowed his head in front of Fu Jingsi and struggled for a long time before he got up the courage to say this sentence.
"Looked up to talk" Fu Jingsi heavy voice told her.
Bai Huan bit her lip and looked up, and her face was covered with tears.
Fu Jingsi stared at Bai Huan for a few minutes and found that her neck was severely strangled.
He stretched out his hand and grabbed her arm and opened her sleeve without hesitation.
Fu Jingsi’s face changed suddenly when he saw the shocking wounds on Bai Huan’s wrist. He got up from the hospital bed and looked at her with a burning eye. "Is it Ye Chen?"
"Don’t ask again."
Bai Huan was so embarrassed that she wanted to pull her hand back. Naifu Jingsi pulled it too hard and she couldn’t move.
Fu Jingsi raised her hand and asked again with a cold face, "Is it Ye Chen?"
"… Yes" was forced by Fu Jingsi, and it was impossible to admit it.
She collapsed and fell into Fu Jingsi’s arms, almost collapsed.
"I I can endure … but I’m so sad to be with him. Every day is torture for Fu Jingsi. Please help me …"
"Don’t cry"
This is the second time Fu Jingsi has seen Bai Huan cry so hysterically.