Jackson grabbed Kaidilin’s hand and his strength exploded. Kaidilin couldn’t move.

So anger appeared, "What are you doing?"
"I won’t let you do what you want."
"I am the head of the regiment, and you are the deputy head."
"Hehe, is the head of the regiment great?"
Two people fighting each other made the surrounding mecha nervous, but they didn’t move further, and the two men were surrounded by the most powerful mecha in the Federation.
"Wait a minute"
Li Han let Jackson exert a little less power on Kaidilin’s hand.
He and Jackson are much better than Kaidilin and Jackson.
And this scene finally reminds Kaidilin of today’s ace mecha Li Han, Jackson, Lame, and his left hand are all Ji Xinghe people, and another of the only second-class mecha in the Federation is confused with Ji Xinghe.
If he really wants to join Ivanovich or anyone else, these people will stop him, so he will temporarily stop staring at Jackson angrily.
Jackson looked at Ji Xinghe with a cold hum.
Others’ eyes were also on Ji Xinghe, and when Ji Xinghe spoke again, Kaidilin also looked at Ji Xinghe.
Different from Kaidilin and Jackson just now, they look like holding hands at this time, which makes the onlookers not far away feel a little strange.
"Lame, do you remember helping me to get medicine at the No.3 base?"
Some people in the place are second only to Han Li when they know Ji Xinghe. It can be said that they have witnessed Ji Xinghe’s strange road with their own eyes.
He probably didn’t understand what Ji Xinghe said like that, because others wouldn’t do it for nothing. He cooperated with him and took the initiative to say it.
"At that time, Yan Yan medicine was interrupted by the siege of the Empire by the No.3 base, and the whole alien had the ability to manufacture this medicine at that time. Although Blue Star had the production capacity, it was too long to transport it.
Therefore, we need to go to the third base to get the medicine, but at that time you didn’t officially drive the mecha to limit blindness. Because of your encouragement, you regained his qualification to drive the mecha and offered to help you get the medicine from the third base.
At that time, we all regained our confidence and fighting will because of your encouragement. Because of blindness and physical disability, we were easier to recover than me and the left-handed, lame and deaf, and he robbed us first.
You were puzzled because you had never had direct communication with the blind before. "
Lame paused for two seconds before continuing to speak.
"I told you at that time because I felt your encouragement blindly, and this kind of encouragement is that you say a word.
What do you say when we discuss that the physical fitness of imperial orangutans is four to six times that of us? What about six times? It also means that the Imperial Orangutans were no match for you in the battle of disarming.
Of course, we didn’t believe it at that time, but we thought you were right and then told us that you were blind. So what if you are lame? After that, we resumed sexual training, and from that time we called each other blind and lame. "
I heard limping and said that these others were all white.
Apart from limping, the left hand was the one who felt the deepest. He was also a member at that time.
What do you mean by Bai Ji Xinghe? He added with some sighs, "If you hadn’t inspired me at that time, I would have gone back to Blue Star. How could I have become an ace mecha? We used to be celebrities. Because of you, we can all say that we are successful now … I lied that his sacrifice must be the most brilliant moment in his life, and that’s exactly what happened. "
"No, it wasn’t the highlight of his life."
Ji Xinghe denied the left-handed statement that the line of sight looked at the metal wall of the training room with a strong sense of direction, and the ace mecha instantly determined the direction he was looking at.
War mark canyon
Sacrifice the battlefield blindly
"At that time, I was blind and decided to take medicine for me. They told me that there would be no risk in this action because there was no imperial force in the Three or Six Grand Canyon and the No.6 base was not exposed. It was impossible to find blind action without making an empire, and there were eleven Venus-level mecha blindly.
I believe it. "
Ji Xinghe’s tone was calm, and he was a little wordy when he talked about memories.
"I am very grateful to Yan Yan for not being able to survive without him. I asked the lame man what he wanted to help me and decided to give him a gift. When he returned to the No.6 base,
I said that physical fitness is not the key to winning or losing a battle. Whether the physical fitness theory of imperial orangutans is four times or six times that of us does not mean that they will be able to defeat us on the same terms.
But it’s better to say than to do it. I know that everyone doesn’t believe what I am doing. I decided to show everyone this fact and tell the blind and lame that their physical disability will really have a negative impact on driving the mecha, but it will not affect them to become strong.
If I can defeat the imperial orangutan in the battle of disarming, why can’t I defeat the imperial orangutan when they drive the mecha? They are physically disabled, but their driving mecha can be intact. "