The once-high cosmic overlord dare not make any changes because it feels that the man is back.

That kind of shaqi is like the Milky Way returning to the origin of the universe without indifference. It seems that it can freeze and ignore itself. This higher life looks down on itself as if it always looks down on human beings.
The regicide knife crossed a purple heart and was taken out by Lu Chen, banging and shaking.
This heart is not inferior to Qing Di’s heart in Lu Chen’s perception, because the living heart has just been taken out and contains a lot of energy.
He killed the king and sealed the middle energy. The forces he could not understand cut off the three-headed and six-armed Archaean clan.
Visible to the naked eye, the breath of the Archaean Eldar is rapidly declining, and its strength as a fairy god is much stronger than that of Qianxue.
Lu Chen’s perception may be similar to that of the elder.
After all this, Lu Chen turned and went out to draw a long arc in the mine. The place where the knife mans passed was virtual, breaking the strong stability of the original mine. This knife seems to be worthless.
No one knows where the exiles will return in the future.
The knife means that it involves the Archaean clan in the mine. They dare not resist, but they can also resist being involved in emptiness.
The second knife cut out Lu Chen, erased these virtual cracks, and the dark blade at the end of the gap was integrated into the sword of Zhong Chijun, and the suppression of these Taikoo Elves was not over yet.
Qianxue looked at this scene with some surprise. She also thought of some way to keep this regicide knife. After all, holding it is equivalent to a powerful fairy god.
Lu Chen slowly landed and his breath returned to normal again. "Ahem-"
He coughed violently and a lot of blood flowed out of his mouth. "Still can’t do strenuous exercise …"
He sighed with emotion that after losing the sword of regicide, he became an ordinary humanitarian again, and the hidden danger broke out before the injury continued to deteriorate.
Thousands of snow quickly came to Lu Chen’s side and looked at the mud image with some vigilance. Although everything went according to plan, there was no guarantee that the mud image would not go back on its word.
Xiaojinlong is also a tingle. Gather around Lu Chen and hold it up. The secret of the real dragon is brewing. It is also first-class to escape. Otherwise, Gefeng will not be such a headache for many brothers and sisters.
"Finally exiled them? …"
The clay statue looked at the cave and sighed with emotion, "Ha ha ha ….. I’m finally relieved. I want to thank you …"
His tone gradually became low "… naive reincarnation"
Thousands of snow smell the instant secret blood boiling, a head of jade-like stone white hair turning into a deep red, holding snow foam, the other party is going to turn against each other! ?
She looked at Liu Chen from the corner of her eye, wiping the blood on her mouth, but she was very calm.
Liu Chen smiled. "I didn’t expect you to have some sense of humor. Don’t be ridiculous."
The mud and sand are falling off, and the oath of his flesh and blood has been lifted. He is no longer bound by the original mine, and there is no more Shou Yuan
"… how do you know I won’t turn against? Just believe everything I say? "
The clay statue took back its breath, and he was really not ready to start work.
Lu Chen holds the scabbard of regicide in his hand. "The younger generation loves to listen to others, and it is always disgraceful for a person with such strength as the older generation to deceive the younger generation."
And he pulled out the regicide mud like a clot in his eyes.
Then the clay statue burst out laughing. "… it’s you. You never believed me from the beginning."
He hesitated, "It’s right for you to go further."
Qian Xuesong breathed a sigh of relief. No matter whether the elder lied or not, it seems that he is not allowed to start work now.
But in a moment, she got up and pulled out the snow foam because of the fairy’s warning!
Lu Chen’s regicide was drawn out only to find that the mud was not attacking them, and the gray-black hand leaned out and crossed them and pressed to a certain position behind them.
A shrill scream sounded painful and piercing, like an evil spirit crying in its ears.
The mud is like a big hand, and it is wrapped in black fog. The spectre is caught in the hands of "noisy!"
His voice was cold, and his hand was flashing, which turned the spectre into powder.
Liu Chen and Qian Xue were surprised. I didn’t expect this spectre to follow them secretly. They didn’t notice anything all the way.
Even the spectre may be playing around the lake of reincarnation with the little golden dragon around them, and there is nothing wrong with it.
If you continue to go deep into the original mine, there is a spectre behind you and you don’t know what will happen.
"Thank you for your help."
Lu Chen thanked him that although he had a killer in his hand, his perception was still not as good as that of the real immortal root, and he did not find a spectre.
The other person’s technique of hiding his body shape is even more bizarre than the little golden dragon’s real dragon evasion.
The clay statue turned slowly and said, "Come with me."
Qianxue is still in shock, not only because the spectre was killed by Xianren Town, but also because he suspected that he had just misread it. I saw Lu Chen personally send the sword of killing the king into the virtual crevice, but just now Lu Chen pulled out the sword of killing the king from the scabbard, not his original sword, but the sword of killing the king!
It doesn’t seem to matter whether what the clay statue said is true or not and whether it really wants to be bad for them afterwards, because Lu Chen still holds a big killer in his hand.
Liu Chen and Qian Xue look at each other, which means that they can’t communicate with each other after leaving. The mud will be intercepted in front of the strong at this level.
Follow the footsteps of the mud statue and come outside. Most of the mud has fallen off, revealing rotten flesh and blood. It looks disgusting.
No wonder Mud wants to end this life. How can he want to continue this torment when the noble immortal who once crossed the Milky Way and Tianjiao became like this?
Just after entering the cave wall, the mud looks like a big stone sitting together, and his strength is declining. Every small movement will make the mud fall off.
"Can the seniors tell the younger generation the way forward?"
Lu Chen asked
"You are really impatient …"
The clay statue sighed with emotion, "I don’t have much time to tell you directly."
He pointed his finger at a stone wall, and a map of the mine appeared in an instant. "Where there is a triangular mark on the surface, you can’t go to the center. Where there is a circular mark or there is a chance to be safe, the solid circular mark represents your destination road. Some places have kill array, but I don’t know much about it, but I think you should be able to pass it."
The clay statue has a meaningful look. kill array can’t stop this knife because Liu Chen has a broken waist and a regicide road.
Lu Chen looked at the map and found that the original mine cave was far more complicated and dangerous than he thought. Fortunately, he and Qian Xue had not gone too far, otherwise kill array wouldn’t know how to die.
"Thank you for your advice."
Liu Chengong thanked Tao and looked at the mud like eyes. "What do the seniors want? If the younger generation can do it, they will try their best."
Mud looks like a long eye, like remembering something.
A little later, when the sediment in his body was about to fall off, he appeared bright white light all over Yue Xian, and the fire was burning around like a gorgeous star rain.
Lu Chen knew that this was the other party’s attempt to humanize the mud, and he didn’t lie to himself. He was far more sensitive to emotions than Qian Xue.