Caratu choked back this body and looked at Mark in pain. "You can abandon this body and recover directly."

Mark sneered, "Are you clever?"
Caratu didn’t speak, but his expression has expressed everything.
Although the protoss’ ability has a miraculous effect on Lucifer’s plague of hades, it has a miraculous effect on Mark Lewis. The decider just fell on Mark’s body, and it is set that all the extraordinary abilities of this universe will be achieved on Mark’s edge.
Mark looked at Caratu and smiled contemptuously.
One second
As snow
For example, the sacred wings of all sacred poles appear directly behind Mark.
Flip your wings lightly and all the stars will be scattered.
Caratu, who was being tortured, suddenly shrank his eyes.
"Ha ha …"
Mark smiled at Caratu lightly and said, "I knew you scum wouldn’t honestly finish this bet."
Caratu seemed to say in disbelief, "This is impossible. You can never recover at this time."
Mark had a smile on his lips. "Oh, why can’t I recover at this time?"
Caratu was speechless.
Mark looked up and broke through the void, as if he saw the hordes of giants and the purple potato essence leading the enemy fleet, which were rapidly attacking Tela, that is, the earth.
This game was never intended to be followed by Mark and Caratu.
Mark smiled a look at Caratu’s unpredictable face and said, "What’s the matter? Are there some destroyers who didn’t hear your call and responded? "
Caratu looked up.
Mark waved his right hand.
Mai walked out of the pentagram and said simply, "The zodiac, six demons and seventy-two fiends have all been disguised as galaxies."
Mark nodded, his eyes fell to Caratu and said faintly, "Remember what I said to you before?"
Caratu had a bad feeling that the alarm was loud.
Mark’s mouth curved back as if he were sitting up.
One second
The flame starts from emptiness and distorts the surrounding air. The hot magma flows like a command, waiting for the magma to cool down. A burning throne forged from magma appears behind him.