Fang wants to lead them to this point. They don’t know how far the dreamer team can go in the future, but they know that the first step of the dreamer team is that they accompany Fang to come together.

At this moment
Even if the road ahead is a sea of flames.
What’s the harm of that break?
"Mom eggs are publicized every time. You are shameless. Don’t take my lines every time, okay? What about the Carry team? Hit them! "
Sunset followed by group chat said
The last thing I want is to say goodbye to your ex-boyfriend.
"It’s very satisfying for everyone to get to this point, not only for us but also for the boss. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Naturally, it’s best to lose and no one will blame you."
"We are one!"
I want to be warm in my heart when I say something
At this time, he has logged into his own game account, and he no longer needs to direct the battle by making public videos. I don’t know what it is like to suddenly feel that he can play with his brain and dream!
"The Elite Cup will definitely not be the end of the dreamer team, and there will be the Jingwu Tianshen League."
Without saying a word of thanks, I want words to reach the ears of every dreamer through headphones
Everyone is a body shock.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Final
"It’s time to count down."
A Girl Without Sorrow glanced at the right side of the brain and said after narrowing her eyes.
Soon, more than 100,000 dream friends on the public screen sent out one number after another with the passage of time.
"Ten seconds."
A Girl Without Sorrow here is can’t help but take a deep breath of relief.
The fantasy westward journey battle is as contagious and emotional as the competitive battle.
Previously, the outstanding performance of the dreamer team has been perfectly recruited by more than 100,000 dreamer fans in the live broadcast of A Girl Without Sorrow. At this moment, their department is coming to cheer for the dreamer team.
Dreamers, you must win!
The ten-second countdown is completely different
With A Girl Without Sorrow’s slightly open lips, the brain picture has also become a PK interface.
You can see that the dreamer team is still in the previous array.
A Lingbo City, a Tang government, a hell, a daughter village and a square-inch mountain.
On the other hand, Carry has a daughter, a square inch, a demon king village, a sacred forest and a Tang government.
The array method is the wind-blown array.
The effect of this array method is that two position units increase their speed by 10%, two position units increase their physical damage by 10%, and one position unit increases their physical damage by 20%.
It can be said that PK stroke array is very common and good.
And the dreamer team here is-dragonfly array!
Dragonfly array is the only one in Fantasy Westward Journey. The array style is varied and suitable for all kinds of teams, whether it is violent flow, control flow or auxiliary flow.
And because of the energy type, the dragonfly array is the most mainstream array in PK battle, but there are many methods to restrain dragonfly bursts, but …
Carry’s team’s wind-up array is just right, and the wind-up array is beaten by the dragonfly array by 5%
To put it simply, both the output and the defense will be reduced by 5% on Carry’s side, which is like this.
However, the effect of the dragonfly array is better than that of the wind-rising array, but the spell defense effect of the captain (position 1) is high, and the physical defense effect of the tail (position 2) is high. The attack effect of the players in the front (position 5) is high, and the left (position 4) is high, and the right (position 3) spell hurts the enemy and slows down.