Although she is a pioneer, she is a summoner after all, and she is good at not breaking out of her own strength.

"If you feel the pressure is approaching the limit, you must stop and slowly retreat."
Lu Chen said that when he saw the ink rain on the first step, he cautiously went back to try to go back.
"Keep walking. That prop can still work."
Qianxuekou Road is to reassure Lu Chen that her immortal prop is a specialty of Heaven. Although this relic is special, it will still take them away when it takes ten seconds to start.
Lu Chen calmly said, "I have accelerated your efforts."
After finding out the rules here, Liu Chen stopped delaying stepping on the ladder. Lin Shanhe was shocked, and his eyes were as fast as flying, just like taking an ordinary stone ladder.
Lu Chen soon came to the height of 50,000 order, and the square of this order can already see more than a dozen bodies of the strong star alliance.
After coming to this height, Lu Chen finally felt some pressure. After the transformation of his body, Emperor Wu’s mysterious blood boiled all over and gave off a dazzling red brilliance.
Qianxue is still closely behind him at this time, and the speed of ink rain has slowed down. Qianxue has thrown dozens of steps.
Liu Chen slowed his steps a little. He is not so generous, and the strongest one has only reached the 60 thousand order.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-six Retreat the ninth five-year plan
The squeezing of the field compressive force slowed Lu Chen’s progress.
He is still like an ordinary person climbing a ladder, but his actual spirit is already in a state of high attention.
When he finally came to the boundary line of 60 thousand steps, he felt that the pressure mode of the ladder for the tester had changed, and it had risen by more than one grade compared with the previous step.
If he hadn’t been ready to climb, I’m afraid he would have been squeezed directly into the ladder and the field around him would have been obliterated.
"Qianxue be careful"
Lu Chen woke up with a thousand snows and followed him closely until the 60 thousand order, but he could see that he had had some difficulty with this little footman
"If you feel that you can’t walk, stop and slowly retreat."
Lu Chen thought for a moment and said that they came to look for opportunities, not to fight hard, instead of dying by climbing the ladder.
But despite his mouth, he also knows that this ladder will not be as simple as it looks, otherwise there will not be so many strong bodies.
If you find that you can’t walk, you can easily go to these strong people. It’s not stupid. How can you die halfway?
Liu Chen took a few more steps forward, otherwise the ladder changed for the tester.
After he stepped on the first stone stage, he was firm but gentle, and generate took his eyebrows.
Lu Chen didn’t draw a sword, but the knife and Emperor Wu dispersed and held Sendai by bullying spirit.
These stone platforms are aimed at the tester’s pressure attacks. They are all based on the tester’s current state and will not have an advantage over themselves.
At this time, looking back, Qianxue has fallen behind him by several steps, while Moyu has just arrived at 60,000 steps and won’t go any further.
Ink rain realized that there was nothing impossible about her ability in this ladder climbing link, and she didn’t want to continue to take risks after walking through the remaining 30 thousand ladders.
Yu Linshan River and Leng Yue have a ladder of 30,000 steps and a ladder of 40,000 steps. Both of them have slowed down, obviously feeling a lot of pressure.
Lu Chen woke up again and didn’t try to be brave, but his own pace did not slow down.
An hour later, he climbed the 70,000-step ladder, separated from many mysterious attacks and turned to bear the purest pressure again.
Like carrying the Milky Way universe that general pressure to his flesh and body.
Lu Chen’s mysterious blood boiled and qi and blood rushed to the star, and was erased by the square field. Emperor Wudi helped him resist the pressure outside the ladder by roaring blood demon spirit of war.
At this time, he has arrived at the area where Fang’s remains have never arrived, but there are more than 20 thousand ladders ahead.
Qianxue’s forehead was covered with fine sweat, but his face was still calm. There were hundreds of stone steps from Liu Chen and he was still walking.
She’s not. Follow up with Lu Chen. She’s not the girl who didn’t have a mind of her own. Now the pioneers are naturally competitive and want to see how far they are from the man in front.
Lu Chen continued to climb the ladder under pressure, and the pressure on each step was stronger. After one minute and six hours, he climbed the 10,000-step ladder.
Nowadays, people who are still climbing the ladder have stopped except for thousands of snows, and feel that they will be pushed away if they go forward.
Qianxue is in the position of 70 thousand steps, and she can still move forward at present. It is not a problem for her to judge that she has reached 10 thousand steps
Ink rain is the 60th order position took out a tablet and actually played the game.
Leng Yue stayed in the 50,000-odd order and stopped moving. Zhang Zhi died cautiously. magic eye observed the thread of the ladder.
Lin Shanhe is lower than Leng Yue by 2,000 steps, just over 50,000 steps. This achievement makes him feel that he is not worse than his predecessors. He also has the opportunity to become a strong star.
The lowest remains of the ladder are 50,000 steps, and the highest is more than 60,000 steps. This is the testimony of the strength of the powerful people in the past dynasties of the Star Alliance, a manifestation of the fighting power of the same order and a benchmark of their own potential.
Several people stopped and sat cross-legged on the narrow steps. On the one hand, it was to reduce physical consumption, on the other hand, it was this pressure to practice martial arts and try to make some self-breakthrough. The principle is similar to that of Lu Chen calling Lingta to practice.