He can feel his body frozen, and his time should be full of enemies, but he can’t even fight to the death before he dies.
"How is it possible!"
Count Kaman of Xinghe saw this and his face was shocked and hard to hide.
How can this star be as strong as itself after the great disillusionment?
The adults have already deduced that their own strength should be the enemy’s right place in the current external world environment, and they were the first to be put over to Simon Empire outpost.
One of them, an earl and two lords, attacked the star of the gods and swept through this era. The indigenous forces should be effortless.
But the reality is that he was stopped by two strong men with a slightly lower realm, and when the two lords were preparing to bury the god star, they encountered unexpected enemies
On the snowy peak, the barefoot female lotus step lightly moved to one side, and some people disliked watching the eyes and expressions freeze. Jon Jue’s ice sculpture will be broken by waving his hand.
It’s ugly. It’s bad luck to put the peak on the mountain as an ornamental.
She looked up at the star with a soft smile, and her eyes were curved. "This Simon Empire … Bo Daoyou, since he’s here, don’t go out, so that outsiders don’t have to wait for us."
Count Kaman thinks his scalp is numb. What the hell is Bo Daoyou? The old title is Count! ?
But he doesn’t have the heart to argue that it takes a lot of effort to get this man and man in yellow robes. If this smiling tiger woman kills herself at this time, it is not impossible for him to capsize in the gutter today.
Besides, in the star, he has heard the lament of Lord samira, who has been captured by the shadowy African claw and dragged back to the East China Sea.
The master of the deep sea said that the East China Sea would dismantle many savage beasts in samira before gnawing at them, and a noble knight of Simon Empire’s deep blood was removed by the dragon ancestor’s power, so the lowly creatures in the sea ate away!
Well, count Kaman was relieved that the African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African Union returned to the deep sea.
At this time, the snow moon peak Lord, the most beautiful woman in the past 500 thousand years, is also the most terrible. Two women stepped out of the moonlight and left a long glow to reach the Milky Way.
She didn’t say anything, so the Milky Way turned upside down, and all the dim stars turned into the moon at this moment, sending out the countless brilliance of the sky and moonlight. She was like a fairy coming to the celestial world, and she came to fetch the crown of Count Kaman with a flying fairy.
"Daoyou, maybe we can talk first."
Count Kaman’s whole body blood can tremble and his body can retreat. Lord Xueyuefeng’s palm is in a mess, and even the noble battle suit representing the count has turned into ice chips.
He can see that this woman has just broken through, but what just entered this realm will have such great strength! ?
"Talk about? But didn’t you just say that we terrans are waiting for creatures to be grateful to be slaves to you? "
Lord Xue Yuefeng sneered that Yuet Moon flowed like water around him and moved around Count Kaman. The Lord Xia Huang and the pretty king also tacitly joined hands.
At this time, the snowy moon peaks, thousands of snowy conduits are unlucky to wear clothes, and the elder martial sister Ye Liufeng around her also walked out of the pool and got dressed. The two of them came to Huachi to practise in the first month.
Thousands of snow looked up at the Milky Way. This is the first time she has seen the snow moon peak. Rather, even the big teacher elder sister Ye Liufeng has never seen this mysterious peak.
It’s not much later when the snow moon peaks. I’m afraid this mountain owner is nearly 500 thousand years old, but he still looks young.
Qian Xuefeng’s guild is a dying old woman. Xue Yuefeng has been secretly closed for many years and has never been born. One of the management matters is presided over by elders of various generations.
Now, Xueyuefeng has practiced Buddhism for more than 200,000 elders. It looks a little old, and looks like a middle-aged belle in appearance.
It’s incredible that the older peak owner looks as young as a girl of ten.
You know, even though the world’s immortal material is far richer than the world that covers the sky, the ultimate monk’s life span is only about 200,000 to 300,000 years. People like the Emperor of the Great Summer have been saying for years that they are going to be transformed into the Great Summer, so they are so eager to train Ji Xinghe as a successor.
That is to say, the normal life span of monks, even those high and strong people who bury the zenith of the god star, is in their early 500 thousand years, which is still a panacea for all kinds of natural talents to reach their life span.
But today, she met the Great Summer Emperor Wu Wang Gu Man Wang Xue Yue Feng. These people all look very young. This is by no means the vigorous support of the strong, but their lives are very energetic, which is by no means the state before the twilight.
"Master is so beautiful."
Ye Liufeng looked up at the star with a smile in her eyes. She was the nominal brother of Xueyuefeng, but she had never seen the owner of the peak.
"The peak owner looks very young."
Qianxue said with emotion that even if the peak owner wears a veil, her women can feel the charm, and the hidden beauty is the beauty of the world.
In terms of attributes, she suspects that the charm attribute of the peak master is 25 points less.
"It’s not surprising that Qianxue’s school sister and Wu Shenshan’s teacher younger brother, Zhenlong Xingyu, did it afterwards, and the environment of heaven and earth really changed again. The most beneficial thing is to bury the apex of the god star. These predecessors have gone further, or else the Great Summer Emperor and barbarian king’s predecessors will also resist the offensive of what Bo Daoyou said."
Ye Liufeng explained that she has a good eye and is more familiar with the practice rules of this world, and can roughly guess the reasons for these strong breakthroughs.
The Great Summer Emperor and the Witch King Valley Man King are also on the verge of breaking through the node. If you want to give them some more, it will not be weaker than the Snow Moon Peak Lord.
At this time, the explorers and pioneers are also relieved. They don’t want to be killed by these foreign powers in vain. They have only gone through more than half of their journey. Some teammates are modern, but they still have to run. If they are alone, I am afraid they will end up swallowed their anger.
Thousands of snow just got dressed and looked up at the situation in the stars at the edge of Yuet Moon Pool. Suddenly, I felt someone lurking behind me. A pair of talons touched her mountains through light clothes. Her blood gas was released and the figure was shocked. Cold spit out a word "roll".
"Oh, Xiaoxue, it’s so sad that you say that. My horse is leaving. Won’t you even give me a hug to say goodbye?"
Ink rain smile happily from behind thousands of snow out of her body with a dark green semi-transparent gauze because of flooding is almost no cover before she also practiced in Huachi.
"Didn’t you say you’d be gone in a month? I won’t believe what you said after so long."
Thousands of snow cold road Lu Chen Ao Tian Yi After World War I, she once made a deal with Mo Yu, who said that she would leave in a month.
But this shameless bad woman, after they have been to the meteorite cave together, said that she didn’t achieve what she wanted. She wanted to stay a little longer and hoped to visit Xueyuefeng.
It’s a trivial matter for Senior Sister Xueyuefeng to invite a female student to be a guest. She thinks about the annoying essence of Ink Rain and then she will return.
But I didn’t expect Mo Yu to say that she couldn’t return when her wish was not fulfilled, and she "inexplicably" went back. It means that she will come after half a month, and every time she asks, she says it’s almost a month.
Then Mo Yu also used the reason of leaving. Qianxue didn’t help her find that thing in the meteorite cave. She always said that the horse would leave, and if she met her little request, her first horse would leave.
This way, when it snowed several times, Mo Yu was never led back.
"Sister, this is not good for friends. You are welcome to stay as long as you want."
Ye Liufeng said with a smile that she quite likes this little sister from the real Dragon Star Domain. I heard that she has no family talent, a good mouth and a sweet snowy moon peak.
Ink rain eyes going round and round turn lotus step gently move before a pair of jade jade jade ring Ye Liufeng neck "or the teacher elder sister Ye is good to me ~"
Thousands of snow burst into vomiting and looked weird. Just out of sight, out of mind, no longer watching the ink rain and turning your attention back to the stars.
And star Kaman earl continuous evasion defensive share three siege root without breathing machine.
"Really when you kill me! ?”
Count Kaman roared, "Even if you can succeed, Simon’s imperial army will come to wash away the shame with blood!" "
At this time, those young blood-source nobles have all fled from the stars, but they can be clever. After discovering that the residents of the buried star are not easy to mess with, they directly withdrew from the battle. It is not that they can intervene.