"I really want to know," Yan Beichuan said.

"But it’s not convenient for me to tell you the answer here," Yin said.
"Maybe we can talk somewhere else," said Yan Beichuan.
"Like what?"
"For example, you won’t mind if you go a little and tell the truth."
Yan Nanfei will not mind again.
If my fellow martial brother tells the whole story to Yanbeichuan, all his previous painstaking efforts will be scarred like blood stains washed away by heavy rain.
But what if he cares?
If you object, wouldn’t it prove that there are ghosts in your heart?
Don’t say that if you can’t get out of this Miyagi when you meet the civil and military officials in the court, you will be killed by the Huo enemy’s general and be punished.
Yan Nanfei has gambling.
He secretly shook his fist.
He nodded reluctantly.
Yin Liuyan Beichuan dismounted one after another.
The two walked side by side along the foot Qingshi Road in the direction of Beiwumen.
They didn’t go far.
About 100 meters away from the two teams stopped.
They turn their backs on everyone.
Everyone can see the back of those two people.
Yan Nanfei held her breath.
Ten robes behind him held their breath.
Our son’s arm also shows animal scales.
Huo enemy general is ready to make moves at any time.
To Yanbeichuan, he can kill the ruthless nine emperors in an instant.
There was a thunder in the dark day.
All the people saw Yanbeichuan Yin Liu’s back close to each other through the heavy rain and said something in secret.
Then everyone saw Yanbeichuan’s figure suddenly tremble.
Everyone saw Yin six suddenly retreated a few steps.
Everyone saw Yin six holding a sword in his hand, a cold and sharp sword.
That sword has blood!
The blood on the blade was washed down by the rain and hit the green flag!
Yanbeichuan’s figure shook and fell!
Chapter 15 The city is full of black armor
It all happened so suddenly!
It’s like rolling thunder in the dark clouds overhead. Suddenly, even the saints who are led by God can predict that a thunder flash will appear in Miyagi.
Everyone involved in the flight of the enemy generals in Yannan was unprepared!
No one would have thought that Yin Liu had the guts to kill Dayan Empire! But also in the eyes of the nine emperors of Dayan Empire, the enemy general personally stabbed the sword into Yanbeichuan’s body.
Because everyone thinks this is a reckless act of suicide! Killing the emperor of Dayan empire is the law to forgive ten deaths and live!
Huo enemy general couldn’t think of it.
Yan Nanfei can’t think of it.
His ten brothers in the same robe never thought that Yin Liu would take this step and take this last desperate life.
Yan Beichuan, the emperor of Dayan Empire, was stabbed by Yin Liuyi’s sword, which pierced Yan Beichuan deeply and directly.
Yan Beichuan’s face is full of fear, and there is a deep pain in the fear.
The pain comes from the sword mark wound
There is a very intense burning sensation in the wound of the sword mark, which instantly attacks the body.