Everyone has everyone’s ideas before, but in summary, there are only two options: let mercenaries fight and not let mercenaries fight.

But now there is a third option-let mercenaries follow the independent regiment to fight.
Some people think about it and suddenly feel that the third option is really interesting. Some people think about it and suddenly feel that the third option is not unacceptable. Some people think that Ji Xinghe is much more terrible than before. If you insist on the third option, it will make him even more terrible.
"That’s so funny. You wait for me to tell my family now."
Jackson’s words forced Ivanovich to "connect Jackson School to the conference channel"
During the process, Ivanovich said in a tone, "General Ji, I think there are some rules that you should still abide by. For example, you should not disclose the meeting at our level before making a decision."
Ji Xinghe asked, "What level meeting?"
Ivanovich just wanted to say something when he noticed that Sophia was more resistant.
Sophia can attend the meeting, but Jackson can’t? That’s not hitting Jackson in the face, nor hitting the bald eagle independence regiment and Yingzhou in the face, but hitting him in the face of the commander-in-chief
He also noticed that when he talked with Ji Xinghe, the generals from Yingzhou all showed changes in their expressions and said that they might attack at any time.
Really want to say the monolithic integrated circuit can be aimed at empire when replaced by some matters …
How many people in an ordinary family will quarrel over some trivial matters, such as rice, oil and salt? What’s more, the total population has exceeded one billion.
Some people ask for it. Ivanovich is very sighing, like when women compete for property in their later years, which shows people a powerful state of mind.
But unfortunately, it didn’t win people’s sympathy. Who hasn’t a heart of stone yet?
"What meeting must I attend now? I still have a very important thing to do … What about it? "
Jackson’s video appeared on the conference channel. He played the fool and fully distracted, making people have some words, including Ji Xinghe.
However, his arrival and harmony gave Ivanovic a solution, and Ivanovic still needed to solve it himself.
"Talk to Jackson School briefly."
Although Ivanovich asked for brevity, he said that the school staff was very detailed and emphasized the agreement with other security companies that had arrived near alien stars.
The implication is that even if your father is the top 50 super-rich in the Federation, it is impossible to solve all problems.
After listening to the situation, Jackson reacted like Ji Xinghe. He asked, "Did his company sign an agreement?"
This time it was Lieutenant General Davis who answered "No"
The same problem is that Ivanovic didn’t say anything when Ji Xinghe came out, but Jackson would have nothing to worry about.
"Jackson school, you should know that this is not a matter of signing an agreement."
"I know, I have to worry about the influence, I have to take a long-term view, and the trend of the times."
Jackson said, suddenly the conversation turned. "But I also know a word, commander in chief, don’t be widowed and suffer from inequality, do you know? Do you know the generals? "
Everyone was silent.
This is not the pressure brought by Jackson, but the pressure brought by all federal soldiers is a war. Why do they get paid for killing orangutans?
Ivanovich doesn’t know what to do.
He wanted to say that Ji Xinghe had money to take 40% of the recycling value before, and he was criticized at the very beginning, but after that, everyone had nothing to say about it, because Ji Xinghe really didn’t take the money, but changed the money to the Xinghe squad mecha and replaced it with the independent group mecha.
The independent group mecha got the mecha that didn’t match their level, and they were criticized, but the performance of the independent group once again made everyone talk.
He wants to say that soldiers should be prepared from the time they command their bounden duty, and they are indeed prepared to control public opinion well, so that no problems will arise.
However, when Ji Xinghe made a statement, public opinion could not continue to control it.
Let Ji Xinghe take back his words?
Ji Xinghe is not as resolutely opposed to the participation of mercenaries as the most. There is no need to say what Jackson just said about the general trend.
He is making a balance and setting a standard.
Reasoning this standard is more beneficial to the military, and Ivanovich knows this well.
"When I give you twenty minutes," Ivanovich looked at Sophia, "tell us that you can accept the proportion of the agreement and remember that you have one chance."
Sophia immediately got up and applied to leave the meeting room and then ran to the headquarters of Blue Star Trident somewhere outside, or to someone else.
But it doesn’t matter anymore.
"I don’t wait for things."