"Go ahead and give you introductory counseling."

Lu Tiannan’s final expression obviously doesn’t like this kind of work of telling people things.
"Generally, those who join Wushen Mountain are all people who have been trained and taught by us since childhood. Those who stand out from others can make the secret medicine acquire the lineage of God and practice the unique martial arts of Wushen Mountain."
"And as I just said, although a person’s limit is not entirely determined by nature, atavists have a natural advantage because they have proved their adaptability to secret blood."
"Even if the average person’s bone is excellent, the practice method will enter the country quickly, but it may not be able to withstand the baptism of God’s blood many times. That is, if they are not facultative enough to practice to a certain extent, they can no longer push their luck."
"Ancestors are different because they are born with divine blood, which is brought out from the mother’s womb. It is the most important life course and the most receptive. If they inherit mysterious blood at that time, they will be more tolerant in the future."
Lu Tiannan paused. "Speaking of which, you should also understand that the so-called atavism is the secret blood fighters’ secret blood fighters’ descendants, rather than atavism, but rather inherited their parents’ blood."
Liu Chen smell speech some doubts "that atavism should not be a lot? There are so many secret blood fighters in Wushen Mountain. "
Lu Tiannan shook his head. "No, you don’t understand what I just said. Although the origin of atavism is like this, there are decisive factors that lead to the scarcity of atavism."
He continued, "You are also a secret blood warrior, and you should be able to feel the harm of this blood to your body. That is the curse of God on us. This curse force will have two shortcomings. One is short life. As I said, if you don’t come to Wushen Mountain, you will still have two hundred years to live."
"Second, the fertility of secret blood fighters is almost cut off, especially the combination of secret blood fighters and secret blood fighters is almost impossible to give birth."
Lu Chen mused, "There are indeed atavistes."
Lu Tiannan nods, "There are exceptions in this, just like we Liu, these secret blood fighters may be connected with the source of secret blood. There is a probability that God will give us extra gifts, and there are 90% of the atavistes in the Shenshan Department who are born with the secret blood fighters. He is no longer inextricably linked with the main peak."
Lu Chen thought thoughtfully. It occurred to him that his memory was a little fuzzy. Is this why his father was born?
It suddenly occurred to him that Lu Tiannan first talked about the meaningful eyes of the atavistes looking at himself. If you follow each other’s statement, you must be associated with Wushen Mountain!
The setting of his time should be that Shan Ye, a wandering orphan, became a blockbuster when he grew up and walked out of the mountains.
But the atavism must be the secret blood fighters of Lujia, and his secret blood fighters combine with epigenetic children!
"It seems that you are white. You must be influenced by the people of Wushen Mountain. Wushen Mountain won’t let you go with his forces, and those people don’t value your potential, but want to explore the secrets of the ancestors."
Lu Tiannan said, "If you don’t come with me that day, the bearer won’t be my elder. If I bring you back, he will put all the contestants to death."
Hearing this, Lu Chen has smelled the dog’s blood, but it seems that it is not a bad thing for himself at present.
Although the two of them talked leisurely on the steps, the pace was not slow, and they reached the end in a little time.
"Here is the place where Gefeng people live in daily practice, and further on, it is not the place where we can only go."
Lu Tiannan walked over the last step and saw a vast square of palaces.
At both ends of the steps, there are two stone carvings of Kirin, and the ancient beast faintly exudes amazing power, mostly not decoration.
The fountain in the center of the square is sprayed with water, which seems to contain light, and the rich aura is sprinkled on the top of the mountain with the fairy fog.
There are hardly any figures in the huge square, and all the magnificent palaces are like.
"Stop Gefeng. There are few people in this place. I’ll take you to see the elder first. It’s my outreach."
Lu Tiannan introduced the main hall leading the way to the center.
"Does the mountain master also stop Gefeng?"
Lu Chen asked curiously that the owner of Wenwu Mountain has lived for 40,000 years, and it belongs to the rare Changshou Mountain owner in Wushen Mountain. It has not been visited by the World Bank for 20,000 years.
"The mountain owner should be the forbidden area of the peak. I have never seen it before."
Lu Tiannan said, "The daily affairs of Wushen Mountain are independent of each peak, and important matters are handled by the elders."
Lu Chen looked at the ladder behind the palace group. This is about two-thirds of the mountainside of Zhige Peak. The last section of the road is more steep. It can be felt that the road ahead has a law barrier and you can’t enter and exit at will.
"Is the mountain owner also surnamed Lu?"
Liu Chen looked at the peak in the cloud and wondered what powerful people would be sitting there.
Chapter nine hundred and three You lived the second life! ?
However, to Lu Chen’s surprise, Lu Tiannan denied that "the mountain master is not a Lu family, and he is not an atavist. This is also what I said. There are always accidents in theory. Some people are born to accept secret blood and have strong spiritual talents. The mountain master is the idol of everyone in Wushen Mountain and the goal of secret blood fighters with other names."
He took Liu Chen to the front of the hall. "I won’t go in and wait for you inside the elder."
Said Lu Tiannan turned straight away from him, and he had been delayed for a few days, so he had to make up for it.
Liu Chen looked at the back of this indifferent man and smiled. It is estimated that Lu Tiannan is very reluctant to take this job.
He tidied up his skirt, entered the hall and crossed the barrier, and his eyes suddenly widened.
It’s not that gorgeous outside. The main hall is so simple and simple that it gives people a feeling of a training ground. The main hall is not as spacious as he imagined. The first high platform is a small tea table in the center. A man in black with crane hair sits on that side facing himself.
Lu Chen walked unhurriedly, and the load-bearing columns around him were swept one by one. He walked straight to the tea table and saluted with his fist. "The younger Lu Chen has seen the elder."
The man looked up slightly sideways at Lu Chen from head to toe and looked like he was going to see through Lu Chen.
And Lu Chen felt like he was seen through. He suspected that he had put something in the sea and was also seen clearly by the great elder of Wushen Mountain.
Lu Chen also observed the old man when the other side looked at him.
A man dressed in plain black is very close to his body, and the loose place is also looser, like some kind of training surface without decorative patterns.
A man looks almost middle-aged with a straight face, but his snow-white hair and vicissitudes of his eyes tell his real age.
He is wearing a strong majesty without surprising ShaQi. Lu Chen seems to be able to see the stars stained with blood through the other side, and the Milky Way is full of bodies. I don’t know how many people have been killed and how many bloody battles have been experienced to have such temperament.
He’s sure the other person’s charm … is lower than his own.
On the contrary, the other party doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but he feels quite good and kind.