"Xu Xian’s nephew was able to cut off Huayang Xianzong this time. You have done a lot of credit. On behalf of the monks and people in Japan, I thank you, my dear."

After returning to Zhenyang Xianzong, Marco took the initiative to find Xu Ren
"Chen Shibo YanChong I also don’t like those people because of uniting the The Hunger gong and killing koo people."
Xu Ren bowed down to Marco, and this time he dealt with Huayangxian Zongshi more simply in order to eliminate Brother The Hunger and prevent them from continuing to harm the people of Koo because of the cultivation of The Hunger.
"Well, after Xu Xian’s nephew is right, we will try our best to eliminate these monks who have cultivated The Hunger Gong."
Chen Zhenshi hates inferno, and of course he doesn’t like practicing the magic power of human beings.
"If they are willing to give up practicing The Hunger Kung Fu, I have a way to help them eliminate the future trouble of The Hunger Kung Fu. I have an achievement method here and I will give it to Chen Shibo. If I meet a monk who wants to turn over a new leaf, I can let them practice this achievement method and practice this achievement method, so that they can eliminate the body and blood without blood."
When Xu Ren spoke, he took out a jade slip from the ring of things.
Xu Ren didn’t take this achievement method out before, because he was not strong enough to be afraid of causing trouble for himself. Secondly, he didn’t expect that even the immortals in China practiced The Hunger’s work. This is not a good phenomenon. Xu Ren decided to take this achievement method out. If someone doesn’t want to practice The Hunger’s work, he can practice this achievement method except for blood, anger and annoyance. Of course, the power gained by practicing The Hunger’s work will dissipate with him.
"My dear nephew, I hope that those who have practiced The Hunger Kung Fu can turn back, right? I don’t think you should have too much hope, my dear nephew. Those people are practicing The Hunger Kung Fu because they want strength, so that they can disperse their blood and become a normal monk, fearing that there is little hope."
Marco accepted Xu Ren’s achievement method, but he didn’t think much of what Xu Ren said. It is said that "frugality is easy to be extravagant, but it is difficult to be frugal". How many people are willing to give up their Li Ling and become a plain friar again?
"Give it a try. After all, it is also human hope that the inferno is too strong. A blood inferno has made it difficult for human beings to deal with it. What’s more, there are more people and more powerful inferno."
Xu Renshi is also resistant to those monks, even if they don’t live up to expectations, they are also human monks. If they are willing to turn over a new leaf, they should still be able to fight against inferno forces as human beings.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventeen of murder
"Xu Xian’s nephew is really generous. I will try my best to make the penitent monks practice this achievement method."
Chen Zhenshi also knows that when human monks face demons, they are very passive. It is a hope for human monks to be less inclined to demons.
"I don’t want the inferno to break into China. After all, my family and friends are all in China. If the inferno really occupies China, my family and friends will be tied up and die directly."
Xu Ren sighed gently. He is not alone, but he can finish it regardless.
"Yes, our foundation is Shenzhou Day, and we must never let the inferno successfully invade Shenzhou Day."
Marco is not the average person’s vision and mind, but also the top among human monks.
"Uncle Chen doesn’t want to ask uncle Chen to help me out."
Xu Ren thought for a moment before carefully said.
"My dear nephew, if you have something to say, I will know it."
Marco is very appreciative of Xu Ren, so he really doesn’t mind saying a few more words if he can solve Xu Ren’s doubts.
"Chen Shibo, I think that Hua Zong and Hua Feng’s blood turned into magic, and it was already a friar in the soaring realm. Shouldn’t the friar in the soaring realm go to the spiritual day? What, they can still stay in China? "
When Xu Ren Huazong met Hua Feng, he had this question in his heart. According to his understanding, all monks who have reached the realm of ascension should go to Qingling Genius.
"Xu Xian’s nephew didn’t know the truth, but the Ascending Realm was also divided into two realms. The former realm can naturally go to Qingling Day, but even on Qingling Day, many monks in the Ascending Realm chose to go to Qingling Day. Both Hua Zong and Hua Fengshi should be in the first realm, and they didn’t dare to go to Qingling Day because they practiced The Hunger’s work. I think they may have some way to hide the secret so that they won’t be suppressed by this world law. Of course, it may also be because they practiced The Hunger’s work."
Marco told Xu Ren what he thought. Actually, Chen Zhenshi didn’t know whether Huazong and Huafeng had been able to soar in the spirit day.
"So that’s it."
Although Marco couldn’t say for sure that Hua Zong and Hua Feng didn’t soar to the spiritual heaven, Marco gave him the answer, but he still got a lot of gains. He also knew that when the spiritual day in China was not the time of the immortal, the celestial day in China and the spiritual day were there, because in the time when the immortal lived, any monk who reached the spiritual realm had to enter the spiritual fairy house.
"Now that this Huayang Xianzong thing has been done, what are your plans to continue our stay in Zhenyang Xianzong?"
Speaking of which, Marco finally wants to show his purpose. He came to Xu Renke this time not only to say a few words that don’t hurt or itch.
"Ten days later, I have to leave Zhenyang Xianzong and go somewhere else to see it."
Xu Ren smiled and said.
"Ten days is a little short, but it’s almost the same. Could you please ask Xu Xian’s nephew to help us refine some Dan medicine again? In addition, I also received some materials for refining the lightning and drawing the paper. I have to ask Xu Xian’s nephew to prepare some lightning and five elements of lightning. In addition, you should also have some of your true yang and evil-breaking runes."
Hearing Xu Ren say that he will leave in ten days, Marco is also a little anxious to tell his demand department all about it.
"Er … the younger generation must try their best." What can Xu Ren say when he can’t directly refuse Marco to do his best? How much can he finish in ten days?
"Just do your best. Just do your best."
Marco also made no specific demands on Xu Ren, and he also knew that Xu Ren would not deliberately go slow.
"So today I want to take a day off to help Chen Shibo refine what he needs. What do you think?"
Xu Ren is also very sorry that he just stepped into the abode of fairies and immortals for the time being, and Marco came, which really should be the sentence "didn’t even come with saliva"
"It’s my thoughtlessness to have a good rest day today, and I’ll send all the materials."
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, Marco also felt that he was too anxious. Of course, he couldn’t help but worry, because he didn’t know when Xu Ren was going to sound out what he had to do. If Xu Ren said that he would leave tomorrow, he would try his best to let Xu Ren stay for a few more days.
Xu Renshi also guessed Marco’s idea, which is why he said he would stay for ten days and leave after ten days.
Xu Ren also wants to leave some means for Zhenyang Xianzong to fight against inferno. After all, no one knows whether the devil Sect will continue to infiltrate the Japanese state.
After Marco left, Xu Ren finally had a good rest, and sometimes he tested the progress of one or two disciples, Chen An and vestbo.
Chen An and vestbo didn’t let Xu Ren down. Although Xu Ren wasn’t around these days, their practice didn’t fall.
However, after Chen An and Chen Ningxiu broke through the abode of fairies and immortals, the cultivation speed also slowed down. Perhaps at this time, two children need patience to accumulate. After all, cultivation is a long and lonely road, and only by enduring loneliness can we achieve higher achievements.
The next day, Xu Ren was busy, refining either Dan medicine or lightning and drawing ofuda every day.
Xu Ren has been extremely tired in the past ten days, but he has gained a lot, mainly because he has made great progress in refining Dan medicine, refining equipment and drawing ofuda.
"Xu Xian nephew, I really hate to let you go."
On this day, Marco sent Xu Ren to the gate of Xianzong Mountain in Zhenyang, holding Xu Ren’s hand and refusing to relax.
"Chen Shibo can go to Qianyue Xianzong to stay if he is interested."
Xu Ren also has some nai. He naturally knows that Marco is so reluctant to him.
"Well, in the future, I will definitely go to Qianyue Xianzong to live well for a while and see how Qianyue Xianzong has cultivated such an outstanding brother as you."
Marco knew that this time Xu Ren really wanted to leave him, and he couldn’t stay. Of course, he couldn’t stay.
"Then Xu Ren will leave first."
Xu Ren said and gave Marco a gift.
Marco didn’t say much about the pity in his eyes.