Conversion one

Mark can hardly close his eyes.
This moment changed when Maxine chewed a blood orchid petal.
They are all blood orchids.
But it tastes completely different from the island blood orchid.
The island blood orchid tastes sweet and delicious.
But Borneo?
Mark said something.
Quite a …
Just then.
The valley was directly crushed by the proud seal, and the blood was madly condensed towards one place.
Mephistopheles, the king of hell, reports.
With the appearance of the king of hell, the appearance of blood orchids in the valley has changed instantly.
From blood orchids to flowers on the other side
….. the smell of hell.
Mephistopheles Mark, who was condensed by the foul blood of snakes, thought of the correct words.
Mark, this blood orchid noodle tastes the soul.
Mephistopheles was just about to show his majesty when he came out, but when he saw the edge of the valley, Mark’s expression suddenly became something wrong.
Mark smiled brightly at mephistopheles and said "Good afternoon, Mo".
"… old ink?" Mephistopheles eyelid face qi qi beating.
Mark looked around at the different flowers, smiled at mephistopheles and asked, "What have you done here?"
Mephistopheles also recovered from the original hesitation and uneasiness, coughed and looked at Mark warily and said, "This is my breeding garden."
"… breeding garden?"
"Yes," mephistopheles said, "since people came out of ignorance here, their demands on demons have changed. They wanted to gain strength before, but now they want to live longer when they meet us."
Mark frowned. "Isn’t that great? Isn’t it the easiest thing for you hell demons to deal with the souls of these people and live longer? "
Does Mark discriminate against those demon traders or him?
Mark despise people who make a deal with that devil but regret it.
It is these people who have destroyed the market …
Chapter 57 Bitter old ink
Paying attention to trading is to abide by the core of trading.
In the past, demons and human beings were still very interested in trading. At that time, what contracts were all verbal transactions, and after that, they were bullied by children.
At that time, the demon human market prospect was still quite good.
Until …
An unruly guy made a power deal with a powerful helldemon.
The devil gives that man enough revenge power, and when the revenge of that man is over, his soul will belong to the devil.
But that human cheated the devil.
Direct demon power killed the demon with one blow.
Just budding, the demon trading market collapsed instantly.
So the reform came into being.
Mephistopheles pioneered the sheepskin contract to guide the trend, which stipulated that demons and humans who did not obey the rules should have a waiting field …
There is no human being who broke the rules first, so the devil has no scruples after getting the scroll contract.
All kinds of tricks of fraud have appeared in scrolls, which has also led to the devil’s name being more worthy of the name in some ways.
For god’s sake
There are still several good demons in Mark’s impression.