But the scalp ghost seems to have passed directly without being stopped. Another time, the elder sister Lu Waner was injured, and the monster seemed to have left the grave.

If the real thing will not be hindered by this array, is it so difficult for the owner of this most powerful finger to come out?
Lu Chen will communicate his doubts through sound and Qianxue to see if Qianxue, who is stronger at present, has found anything special.
"Captain, you are mistaken. The curse power is not from the scalp."
Qian Xue explained that he looked dignified and looked at Fang Na Genzheng’s finger. "That scalp with resentment has become a ghost after years. It is not a curse releaser. On the contrary, it used to be a victim."
"the victim?"
Liu Chen hasn’t come around the corner yet.
"The original owner of that scalp died of that unknown curse, that is, before we saw those curses, which made people’s hair grow crazy and their bodies rot. Curses on the scalp have no curses and are a ghost. Actually, they have nothing to do with curses."
Qian Xue explained, "But this law is aimed at the scalp that is not haunted, and it can come out to bury the entrance and exit of Shenyuan. The law is aimed at the ancient curse breath of divine beings. I’m afraid the owner of this bronze finger is only with the ancient gods."
At this time, the square array was on the verge of collapse, and the blue chain was broken. At the same time, the finger stretched out more and exposed some of his fist bones.
But surprisingly, this theory is that after the fist bone of the ancient strong man was exposed, his fingers were not curled up as people thought, but he held an index finger in his hand as if pointing in one direction with a strong obsession.
The roar sounded again, causing several people in the nearby land water to wear their clothes to pieces, and their bones and filth were disrupted. A mass of blood and fog flowed back to the depths of the trench and floated.
The two dragons in Gulong Cave were not much better. Long Lin fell off in a large area and broke several African claws.
"Why haven’t come yet! ? Senior, isn’t this your territory? ?”
Jiang Man shouted that such a vision should have been perceived by the owner of the sea, Gulong Cave.
Can the original dragon master sleep in this situation?
If the creatures come out of the abyss of self-burial, the first thing to suffer is the Gulong Cave.
When the blue chain is broken, the rusty finger lights up with a bluish red light, and the land flows in the direction indicated. Several people join hands to defend against being broken in an instant. At first, the light beam was delicate and concise, then it was grand and broad, and then it turned into a deadly power.
Liu Chen and Qian Xue turned pale. I didn’t expect this finger to attack them on the sea.
The strongest person in the field is Qianxue, but she can’t stop this first-order force. She tries her best to promote the achievement method and the secret blood to move forward. At this time, she is 100% sure that this finger is hiding here, so she can’t fight.
"Thousands of snows come back!"
Liu Chenyin shouted at the same time, killing the king and chopping it like a gladiator.
The young brothers around here are all desperate, and they will fight back when they are hit by a suspected ancient god.
When Qian Xue raised his combat power to the top and prepared for the impact, Lu Chen stepped on the line and secretly ran to the front and took out the gold body he had exchanged for the enemy before covering the world.
This prop is said to be able to stop all attacks. Theoretically, even the first-order primary attack can’t instantly break it.
But this attack with rusty fingers did not fall. Liu Chen and others stopped when they arrived in front of Liu Chen.
Many brothers in shock Liu Chen and Qian Xue are surprised to see the newcomers.
Their perception has never been able to find out when this person arrived
The newcomer is dressed in purple with black gold embroidery lines and black hair hanging freely, but his figure is exquisite, but he is not so tall, and he is in his early sixties.
Her back to everyone’s feet is stagnant, and the blue-red glory is strong, and the purple clothes are slightly brushed, and the black and gold lines seem to come alive.
She seems to be out of place in the world, but there is no breath leaking, but all the strong people have failed to resist the attack.
A young brother’s eyes were confused, and he didn’t know who the newcomer was. The martial brothers also looked at each other. One of the oldest brothers was stunned for a few seconds and exclaimed.
"Mountain Lord!"
Liu Chen looked at Fang woman in surprise. That is to say, the Lord of Zhongwu Mountain! ?
Xue Baitian, the only mountain owner with a surname in the history of Wushan Mountain, is actually a woman! ?
Lu Chen and others can’t see women clearly, and no one dares to move or spy on gods.
The purple woman’s falling is not only the bluish-red brilliance that falls with the burial of the god’s deep exit, but also the finger with bronze rust that bends like being bent by the shape force.
Liu Shuiliu was also very surprised to see Xue defeated the day.
She looked at the ocean. "No wonder … that didn’t appear …"
Presumably, the master has already arrived at the Gulong Grottoes, and the dragon master recognizes that he doesn’t need to make moves.
"I was just a slave psychic, but I also had such power. That era was really desirable."
Xue defeated the sky with a purple veil. Others can’t see her, but everyone in this world can hear her clearly.
The sound is feminine and has a neutral, low magnetic, heavy and dignified feeling, which makes people breathe in heaven and earth.
From the beginning to the end, she didn’t show any monstrous magic, which was to keep the blue-red light down to the depths of the trench.
In the face of the bronze finger as high as a hundred feet, the gentle tread of her foot swings like a pool of water, and the sea water stagnates and keeps shaking and fluctuating, and the virtual repair is repeated.
"Now that I have slept, I will be reversed?"
No one can see what happened when the palm of a woman’s mouth falls down. When the smoke clears, the bronze finger disappears.
She was buried in the entrance and exit of Shenyuan, and a pen appeared in her hand, which seemed to be like wielding a sword. The mysterious rune array was used to fill her, and she took out a piece of deep red slate to press the face.
The mind of those who are unwilling to shout and shake themselves becomes smaller and smaller.
From then on, bury the deep side of God and bury the world of God and Star.
"Seen Wu Shen"
The chief brothers of various forces recuperate their injuries and salute in succession.