Shizuka has been quiet and didn’t interrupt.

"Although this achievement method can make people upgrade in a short time, I always feel that it will limit the upgrade in the later period. You should know something about this from a family," Haikui said slowly.
Cloud precious little moon nodded. "I heard about some auxiliary techniques or Dan medicine, and there will be bottlenecks in the promotion, especially if Dan medicine is not right, it may cause the skill to stop for life."
"Yeah, but I think if your life is over, what practice can you talk about? You also said that your life expectancy is greatly reduced now, so you can consider one." Haikui thinks that it is still acceptable to live one more day compared with this method.
"Well, then you should definitely give me the achievement method." Yunxi Moon is also flat and agile and no longer redundant.
"Hey, hey," Haikui said with a smile.
Cloud precious little frown on "what didn’t say hurry up"
"My master once said that this method can’t be used by outsiders. Just call me a master and kowtow to serve tea, and I will give you this method." Haikui spun it to take advantage of the birthright.
Yunxiyue snorted and said, "That’s good. I think you don’t want to learn alchemy."
Haikui’s face collapsed at once. "You are cruel. I’ll give you this achievement method. You teach me alchemy."
Cloud precious little moon patted the palm of your hand and proudly said "deal" and then bent down to clean up and scattered.
Shizuka also cleaned up and laughed. "Haikui, I’ve seen you so much, let alone cherish the snow and ice."
"Elder sister, don’t praise me. I will be shy." Yunxiyue said shyly.
Haikui hey hey smiled and walked around the room and said, "Not bad, it’s really good for you two to tidy up here."
Yunxi Moon proudly said, "Of course, you don’t look at who cleaned it up."
Haikui turned a circle and then returned to the living room. He took out a few bottles of good wine from the bag and put them on the living room table. "I’ll send you some good wine to decorate one."
He took it out and collected it in the bar, locked in a glass cabinet, waiting for a good wine cloud and precious moon to pick up a bottle. "Not bad, I actually bought a good wine angler. This wine has hundreds of thousands of bottles. Of course, if it is true."
"No way" Haikui exclaimed "so expensive"
Cloud precious little moon looked at Haikui expression scoffed "indeed as expected to get some fake wine to fool people"
Haikui was surprised and said, "What am I talking about?" He said to himself that Emoko asked me for three million yuan. It turns out that these wines are really valuable. It seems that I didn’t ask for money blindly.
"Put away your fake wine." Yunxiyue pushed the wine to Haikui’s front with a look of don’t take it out and make a fool of yourself.
"You try this wine is true or false." Haikui took out two wine glasses from the bag and poured one for Yunxiyue and one for Shizuka.
Cloud precious little moon, after all, was born in a family of fix true, and I have seen some famous wines in the market, and I have tasted them lightly and took a sip of them slowly.
Hai Kuixin asked "real wine and fake wine"
Jingxiang took two sips of "delicious"
Cloud precious little moon looked at Haikui and didn’t talk. Take a sip and finish a glass of wine. After Haikui asked for the twentieth time what the real wine was, Yun precious little moon said, "I didn’t expect it to be real wine."
"No way," Haikui was surprised. "I didn’t expect such expensive wine to be put directly in the glass cabinet. This anti-theft measure is too bad." Haikui sighed.
"What anti-theft? Did you steal these wines?" Yunxi asked in surprise.
Chapter 114 Pure classmates
Haikui smiled awkwardly and then brushed back a smelly fart and said, "Who said I stole these wines, but I spent 3 million on them?"
"Three million? You’re crazy. You might as well buy some blast materials to buy these, "said Yunxi Moon, turning a supercilious look.
"Is Dan medicine as delicious as this wine?" Haikui also not to be outdone despise way
Yun Xiyue put the glass on the table and said, "Nonsense, the taste of Dan medicine is much stronger than this wine. It is possible to wait for Dan medicine, not to mention hundreds of thousands or trillions!"
Haikui gasped and hurriedly said, "Don’t say anything about precious moon and teach me an alchemist."
Yunxiyue laughed. "An alchemist can’t be successful in a day. I’ll give you some methods of concentration first. You should practice such words first, and then learn to distinguish herbs when your knowledge reaches a certain level." Yunxiyue grabbed one and threw it to Haikui.
Haikui glanced at the association of god!
"This thing has?" Haikui shook it for two or one times, and the cover was yellow.
"You’ll know if you have it after practice." Yunxi took a white look at Haikui.