Watching your favorite grow up a little bit, showing all kinds of outstanding performances, that sense of accomplishment …

If he can be built in a "completed" way and then sold, Liang Chengyu may not react so violently.
But now he is very unwilling to be robbed of this half-way.
Before you know it, Wang Lei has completely disappeared, and his sight has been taken to Mrs. Qian Lan’s car.
Wang Lei came to a suspended rail car with Mrs. Qian Lan. This car came at a different time. From the outside, you can see the dark car body, but from the outside, you can see all the scenery. Obviously, it is beneficial to the one-way glass technology
The decoration of the rail car is also more valuable than the luxurious paradise star crocodile leather seat dragon heart wooden big bed.
Of course, he studied these luxuries in Sangzhou Nursery.
Mrs. Qian Lan entered the car, and her colleague Xiao Lan’s servant shed her clothes, revealing a nearly perfect figure, and then changed into a lavender long skirt at home.
Such a scene did not bypass Mrs. Wang Leiqian’s eyes. Wang Lei was already her’ thing’
Finally, she sat in a chair at will, with her bare outer legs overlapping casually and comfortably, and at the same time, she was bare and smooth, a pair of half-naked and half-exposed breasts with moderate size than her calves, and there was no trace of sagging. The tight gap on her chest was that she had a pistol and a gun, and everything was enough. From the figure and appearance, this woman didn’t look like an old woman who had lived for more than 100 years at all, but an out-and-out bed stunner
But this woman didn’t look like this three years ago. She was injected with gene rehydration NZ47, which made her rejuvenate from the nuclear stage. This is to be injected continuously for another year, and she will become younger and more energetic.
At the same time, Mrs. Xiao Laner Qian Lan scattered her long hair and tied it in a bun at will, and her face makeup was washed away and decorated again.
It took half an hour to get these things alone.
Finally, Mrs. Qian Lan finally opened her eyes and looked at Wang Lei’s face
"I am your master from now on."
Wang Lei else.
Mrs. Qian Lan waved Xiao Lan’s back and shook her plump hips and walked to the front of Wang Lei. The faint orchid fragrance completely enveloped him.
Slender fingers slowly crossed Wang Lei’s cheek and then fell to his chest.
Finally, the palm of your hand has fallen, and Mrs. Fang Qianlan’s eyes have narrowed, which seems to be very satisfactory.
"Do you want to sacrifice male color?"
Now his body is far from reaching its peak, and the world’s scientific and technological force is very powerful. Now Wang Lei is also very headache. If he forcibly escapes, it is extremely unlikely to get rid of the pursuit.
Mrs. Qian Lan put her arms around Wang Lei’s soft neck and directly attached him to guide him to the bed slowly.
It is normal for Mrs. Qian Lan to favor a Toy Boy after living for so long.
Besides, Wang Lei’s thick eyebrows adorn his face, which is really too handsome, and the first world war just now has made Mrs. Qian Lan move hard. How can the interest be allowed to be missed?
So she quickly bought Wang Lei. This is the moment.
Luxury fabrics fade away from two people. Neither Mrs. Qian Lan nor Wang Lei will care about Xiaolan.
Xiaolaner Wang Lei is usually born after all.
"Come on, kneel down and don’t move."
Finally, Mrs. Qian Lan asked Wang Lei to kneel.
Wang Lei immediately felt bad.
For a moment, he saw Mrs. Qian Lan with a set of’ metal toys’ around his ass.
A bad feeling instantly hit Wang Lei’s heart.
Chapter 17 Xiao Laner
Mrs. Qian Lan, the master of Gattuso family, has enjoyed many better men for a hundred years.
Nowadays, it is difficult for ordinary people to arouse her interest.
Today, Wang Lei performed very well, so she was lucky enough to become a soft bed for Mrs. Qian Lan, and Mrs. Qian Lan was more active.
Ordinary posture has met her needs.
She’d rather see Wang Lei. She moaned tactfully.