Meng Qi didn’t feel how great he was, but he said modestly, "Meng Qi just tried his best."

Seeing Elder Meng Qiqian’s virtual sample Tao, he nodded with satisfaction, winning without arrogance, and then said, "Because of you in Cuiming Mountain, Zhengmo Road has sent two teams to come over, which has caused the pressure on the rest of the battlefield to drop sharply. I come to see you now to reward you on behalf of Longgu."
When Meng Qi heard this, he bowed again and said, "Thank you for your cultivation."
Tao Di smiled and thought that the old guys in the clan also said that Meng Qi’s small life outside for a long time would probably give birth to other thoughts. I have nothing to do after reading it. I am now such a promising little guy in the clan, but I can’t let those guys rub it flat and round casually.
Thought of here, Tao Di has made an important decision to let Meng Qi get up again, and then Tao Di said seriously, "Meng Qi, now your strength in Cuiming Mountain is not too strong. I intend to build Cuiming Mountain into a solid fortress for my demon family. I decided to move the whole Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan to this place."
Hearing this, Meng Qi was shocked to know the birthplace of a ethnic group, but it is impossible to give up easily. Besides, although this Cuiming Mountain has a good spiritual power in the nearby mountains, compared with the birthplace of the cat and demon clan in Kyubi no Youko, there is almost nothing like it.
So Meng Qi asked, "Elder Tao, but are the Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan willing to migrate to Cuiming Mountain? I’m afraid it will cause them to rebound. "If Dragon Valley really made such an order, Meng Qike was put on fire in these Kyubi no Youko cat demon gens, and it was hard to establish prestige. I’m afraid it was lost at once.
And Tao Di laughed coldly and said, "Rebound? If they should bounce back, they will be destroyed conveniently. Now we can’t compare with Longgu. Besides, there is still a place out of our control in Longgu territory. Isn’t it China? They will either move honestly or be buried there forever! "
Meng Qi listened to the heart and thought for a while, and said, "But if this forced migration comes, I’m afraid I can’t help but not enhance the strength of Cuiming Mountain. On the contrary, it will reduce the fighting capacity. Although I dare not resist it, there is no way if I disobey it."
Tao Di obviously didn’t think of it here and thought for a while and said, "This Cuiming Mountain is really not a good place. Well, I’ll link the spiritual veins of the nearby mountains to the mountains near this Cuiming Mountain. Although such artificial spiritual veins are not very good, it’s enough to place them."
Meng Qi nodded. He was already trying to come over, but it seems that Longgu will not allow himself to live in a place that he can’t control now. Things have changed since the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan migrated.
In fact, this is a double-edged sword for Meng Qi. If it is good, it will greatly increase Meng Qi’s strength. If it is not good, it will hurt Meng Qi himself.
After Tao Di left, Meng Qi thought twice and found Ai Zhuofan and told him about it. As soon as Ai Zhuofan heard this, he immediately got up and his eyes seemed to shoot a flame to melt Meng Qi.
Meng Qi saw this kind of Nai and said, "Are you asking this from Longgu?"
"You are who else will you be? !” Ai Zhuofan tried to control his emotions. He was afraid that he would kill Meng Qi if he couldn’t control himself, but his family would really suffer.
Meng Qi shook his head. Ai Zhuofan was impulsive, but he was still able to see white in big events. And her younger brother is like a single-celled animal. Is it difficult to practice his head and practice it silly?
"You don’t want to think about what good it will do me if I do this?" Meng Qi really feels tired to get along with this Ai Zhuofan, and once again expects Ai Zhuoshui to break through quickly and wake up.
"I don’t want to weaken the strength of my Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan. What do you think?" Ai Zhuofan said mercilessly that Meng Qi has been dead several times if his eyes can kill people.
Meng Qi gave him a look and sighed, "You can understand that it seems that you are not stupid enough, but won’t you think about it? It’s good for Longgu, but what’s good for me?"
Ai Zhuofan immediately heard Meng Qi’s words, but in the imperial tomb, this is naturally nothing.
Meng Qi saw that Ai Zhuofan turned out to be unable to understand himself and sighed and said, "As far as Longgu is concerned, it is natural that you are not allowed to be under their jurisdiction in the hinterland of its control, so it is inevitable that you will migrate."
Besides, I’m relying on the Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon clan now. Are you really stupid enough to take the initiative to weaken your clan? Besides, moving your family here will definitely not have a good impression on me, and with so many people coming here, my control over your family will be reduced. What reason do you think I have to let you move here? "
After Meng Qi said this, Ai Zhuofan thought about it and thought that Meng Qi seemed to have some truth, but when he remembered that Meng Qi threatened himself, Ai Zhuofan still had three doubts about Meng Qi’s words.
When Meng Qi saw that Ai Zhuofan seemed to have been persuaded by himself, he continued, "No matter what you think, I came here to say these things in the hope that you can return to the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan to persuade your clan to make them resist less. I don’t want to see how much your clan will suffer again. I will beg Longgu to give you more time. By the way, Longgu has promised to gather the spiritual veins of those mountains near Cuiming Mountain near Cuiming Mountain, and there are so many things I can do. Believe it or not, I am so called."
With these words, Meng Qi turned his head and walked away without saying a word, because he knew that it would be useless to tell Ai Zhuofan any more. Anyway, Meng Qi was thinking of ensuring more strength for the cat demon family in Kyubi no Youko, which might be his own strength in the future.
However, Ai Zhuofan hesitated for a long time and rushed back to the territory of Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan. No matter what Meng Qi was like, he knew that if his clan really wanted to resist, Dragon Valley would never be soft-hearted.
What matters now is to keep your roots first, and the rest are slowly drawing.
At this time, Meng Qi is once again Tao Elders’ Union. I hope he will not gather the surrounding veins in Cuiming Mountain for the time being, because Meng Qi wants to borrow this thing to win the favor of Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon gens.
After hearing this, Elder Tao naturally had no different opinions, but he appreciated Meng Qi and agreed to his request. However, this transfer of spiritual pulse is serious, and even for Elder Tao, it is not an easy thing.
Although the elder Tao promised Meng Qi, it is not much time for the elder Tao to arrive at Cuiming Mountain from Longgu.
Before long, Elder Tao came to the state of Zhao, and then explored the mountains with abundant aura in the state of Zhao. Speaking of which, the mountains with the most aura in the state of Zhao were not Cuiming Mountain, but a mountain named Cangxia Mountain near Cuiming Mountain.
In fact, this Cangxiashan originally had a small clan door, but when the magic door was just born, this small clan door was killed by the magic door.
However, although the aura of Cangxiashan is quite good, it can’t set up a sending array, which is a bit of a chicken rib. It will be a small clan where the Sect is established, because this Cangxiashan is a chicken rib for the larger clan.
After looking at the Cangxia Mountain, Tao Di said to himself, "This place is not bad. It’s almost the same to move here and move a few small veins."
After that, Elder Tao fled to the bottom of Cangxia Mountain, because Elder Tao wanted to cut off the Cangxia Mountain and then connect it to Cuiming Mountain. The first thing is to find the interface of Cangxia Mountain.
Chapter 9 says
Chapter 9 says
And when they were busy, Meng Qi didn’t have time to spare. He called up the monks’ department of the cat and demon clan in Kyubi no Youko and then held a meeting. Because Meng Qi knew that the migration of the cat and demon clan in Kyubi no Youko was concealed by the law, Meng Qi wanted to tell them at the first time so that they could accept it as soon as possible.
Meng Qi commanded Zhao Xuan to drive out the Dragon Soul City Department, and then this was the way to let the monks come to the largest hall in Dragon Soul City. Although it was a little crowded, Meng Qiyin could easily go through every corner of this hall in this place.
Meng Qi went to the center of the hall and looked around at his life and death for several years. After the faces knew this first step, Meng Qiyang took two deep breaths and said, "I called everyone here today because I want to tell you something."
Meng Qi finished this sentence by scanning the field without that kind of discussion. Meng Qi was finally relieved. It seems that everything he has done over the years has finally paid off.
But then is still can’t careless Meng Qi continued, "but before that, I want to talk to you first.
I remember that we met a few years ago. At that time, Dragon Valley just handed you over to me, which meant that I should send you to an abyss. They were wasting your strength and being a member of Dragon Valley. I should have followed their orders, but I didn’t.
Although many people have left us in recent years, as far as I am concerned, Meng Qi, I feel guilty. I have tried my best to protect you, and I will not let you be shot in the back.
I’ve done my best. If you still think I’m hurting you, then come out. I can throw this leader position at once, and then Longgu will send another leader to take my place. "
Speaking of which, Meng Qi once again scanned the field, but it turned out to be a crow. Is this that all the people in Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan really believe in Meng Qi? Of course not. Even Meng Qi’s prestige of the cat demon clan is increasing in Kyubi no Youko now, but there are always people who don’t care about him.
However, they all know that if we change the command, we can never do better than Meng Qi. The biggest possibility is to put them into the general battlefield of meat grinder, and then there are not many people left in the end.
By Meng Qi say this, they naturally won’t say anything.