Green tightly staring at Xingtianmo can’t let go of Xingtianmo’s face, and a trace of expression may appear at any time.

Imprisoning Qing Er? !
Month Xuan Yi also surprised.
"How do you say the seven of them are accompanied by MoEr risk their lives? Don’t … "
"MoEr we know that you have your reasons, but can you tell us? We ….. Don’t dare to believe "red before pulling foam hand advised.
They can’t believe it!
Last night, they were sent to carry out the task. As a result, when they came back early today, they heard people in the gang say that the Lord of the Green Temple was imprisoned by Wang, and they all talked about what the reason was … So it seems that Xingtianmo sent them out to support them …
"No" Xingtianmo decisively refused.
"MoEr you …" Red some nasty.
"MoEr, don’t tell me that you imprisoned Qing Er because Qing Er was dazzled by the wrong information about your mountain, which made you and Oriental Shadow trapped? !” Purple suddenly raised the tone.
When the purple words were exported, there was a sudden silence around them.
"Moer Qing Er didn’t mean it. Don’t care if you’re okay …"
"I’m okay? Oh, I’m fine, but Oriental Shadow is dead! !”
Xingtianmo blurted out that her heart ached, but when she saw everyone’s stunned expression, she suddenly found that she had put her foot in my mouth.
Doesn’t this mean that she was really imprisoned for misinformation in Qing Er? !
Green first looked at Xingtianmo in disbelief, then grabbed Xingtianmo’s hand and said in a cold tone.
"You should have imprisoned Qing Er because of this? ! Or is Qing Er, who has been with you for so many years, inferior to Dongfang Ying, who you just met? !”
Starry foam looked angry and green frowned. When the wrist turned gently, it earned green bondage.
"If you can’t control your emotions after so many years of training, I don’t think you are suitable for staying cold and secluded."
The words of the stars and the sky are like a time bomb exploding!
"Moer, is this catching people?"
It’s the first time I’ve heard her say that in so many years.
Green also immediately leng in situ.
"And … if you’ve known me for so many years …"
Star day foam words didn’t say that finish is a self-deprecating smile and turned to leave.
"MoEr! Are you crazy? !” Purple jumped up and exclaimed
"I’m awake." The sudden indifference of Xingtianmo caught everyone off guard.
"I imprisoned her, not abused her!"
Star day foam lost a word and left decisively.
"MoEr what? What is all this about? What, you’re going to imprison Qing Er? !” -green
"Mo Er, what have you become cold-blooded again? So we are not used to you …"-Purple
"MoEr how many secrets do you want to bury the bottom of my heart? How many things are you going to carry without telling us? How long do you want others to worry about? " -orange
People in the building are looking at the stars and foam, and their minds are different.
Cold and secluded prison
"Green Temple!"
The guards in the prison immediately respectfully shouted when they saw the bearer with a green ear drill in his right ear.
Green didn’t look at him, his face was cold, charming and cold, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and the danger was self-evident.
Green quickened his pace, and it can be seen that he seems a little anxious and uneasy.
Looking around at a row of the same and impenetrable prison doors, I can’t help but feel a little annoyed.
"What can I do for you, Temple?" The guard asked in the previous step
"Where is the Green Hall?" Green finally opened his eyes and looked at the man. He asked without beating around the bush.
Is that person stunned?
"The green temple is not here. She hasn’t been here today …"
Green looked at the man with a face of consternation, puzzled and annoyed, and then smiled at himself.