It’s natural to wear new clothes before the formal performance, and the practice in front depends on the effect. It’s also exactly the same as during the performance, but some decorations are omitted directly.

The red is now the official venue. It looks exactly the same in style and color as Xiaoqing wore before taking a shower, but the clothes can be decorated more luxuriantly and more brightly.
"It’s red elder sister, thank you." Xiaoqing said proudly with a bright smile on her face.
She never thought that one day she could take the place of Honghong as the lead dancer and one day she could get Honghong to send her clothes.
Xiaoqing, who has a big nerve, has never thought about whether red will do anything to retaliate? Or do others directly dislike her jealous hands?
Isn’t this girl really the emperor’s longevity day, and those people are afraid to stop? Isn’t there a lot of opportunities to directly stop the performance before the stage performance? You can still achieve the purpose of framing!
I’m on fire, and I’m still triumphant. Dong Yuling thinks she really can’t pay attention to this Xiaoqing ending. It’s estimated that I don’t know anything when I’m dead. This kind of thing won’t last long.
"Well, it’s nothing. There are some decorative changes. You should hurry to get familiar with it. When you get it, there is a mistake in the field." Red is a heart and face, but there is no expression. Put the clothes on the table and look around. It is confirmed that Xiaoqing also reached out directly in the bath bucket and picked up the props that Xiaoqing wanted during the performance.
When Dong Yuling’s eyes narrowed, he saw that something was painted with the prop, and he never forced to leave as if he had confessed a few words.
Dong Yuling’s slant head wanted to think that it was a little strange to be red. Is it simply to frame Xiaoqing? Still have his meaning?
At this time, Dong Yuling remembered the emperor’s account again and always felt a little depressed.
That’s the uncertainty. I’m not sure if there’s anything to report to the emperor. Is it too much?
What if it’s a little shady trick in the harem? Wouldn’t it make the emperor struggle with it? Dong Yuling always thinks that the emperor should not be so idle now!
After being depressed for a while, Dong Yuling felt that the current newspaper was definitely unreliable. The emperor was definitely not in the mood to analyze the situation here. Now there are many things to do, so find another one who is likely to have nothing to do. Isn’t this a mess?
Just as Dong Wei-ling was impatient, Wu Xiaoqing came to a panic and screamed, and there was no sound in two breaths. At first glance, Dong Wei-ling saw a black snake flash across the room and restored calm.
"Black Yao snake?" Dong Yuling was surprised that she had treated Lian Yan Jing for leg disease, but she made up for the poison article 56. Chapter 56 The tie.
Unfortunately, this black snake can get into the top 20 even if it doesn’t rank among the top 10 poisons.
At the beginning, she asked Lian Yan Jing to catch poison and feed the red snake, and there has never been an obsidian snake.
I didn’t expect to see such a precious thing in a frame-up in this palace.
These things are just in my mind. Dong Yuling, the whole person, has entered Xiaoqing House for the first time. I will know that this ya is out of breath without reaching out.
See what she was thinking just now? Let’s say this girl is stupid enough to die early. I didn’t expect her to happen before she even turned around.
How can a female servant who dances with her hands tied with chicken feet have any resistance when she sees blood and seals her throat?
The scream was probably caused by the pain when the black Yao snake first bit it, and then it died in the middle of it.
Frown is wrinkly. Dong Fengling suddenly thought that Xiaoqing’s death should have been caused by someone else. Since Xiaoqing’s props were painted with something, he wouldn’t want to let Xiaoqing die now.
"It’s broken!" Hearing the messy footsteps outside and approaching Dong Yuling, I immediately realized that the situation seems very complicated!
I don’t know what’s wrong with Dong Ling. Instead of leaving for the first time, I put Xiaoqing’s body in first, and then quickly took off my clothes, and sent the red one in to dance clothes to mess up. I finished a pair of fitting clothes, but I haven’t worn it yet. Good job
I can’t help it. The ancient clothes are a bit complicated, especially when I come to the palace banquet today. It’s really not easy to wear them.
However, you can quickly meet some knots by directly taking off, and it takes less than two seconds before and after directly shrinking bones.
Dong Yuling can undress so quickly, but this dance dress looks simple and practical. In some places, it is more troublesome and the performance is sloppy, and it must not be messy.
Recalling a small green head, Dong Fengling directly came to a shrinking bone, and after a scratching, he was abruptly short by half a head, and the whole person was even thinner and thinner.
That Xiaoqing looks a lot smaller than Dong Fengling, but she has never given birth and is not well-developed. If others come in, Dong Fengling can see at a glance that she is different in shape no matter how disguised she is.
It’s easy to have a shrinking bone skill. The surface is fine, but there’s nothing to do with the face for the time being. Dong Yuling immediately brought the veil of clothing to her face and showed a little painful expression, which made her eyes slightly distorted.
I can’t help it. Dong Yuling’s eyes are not like Xiaoqing’s. This girl has almond eyes, but Dong Yuling is a little long and narrow with a painful expression, which should be almost the same.