See Zhang Xiaotian dazed Zhang Dianfei smiled and said "to enter the fire and water spirit ring! And then you can take it to hell? " Although entering Zhang Xiao’s world will prevent Zhang Xiaotian from plotting against him, Zhang Dianfei is not worried that Zhang Xiaotian’s strength will not plot against him now.

The energy fluctuation of fire, water and spirit is not strong, and almost none can pass through that channel, just like Zhang Dianfei’s black box. Although it is very stable inside, the energy fluctuation is too big, so it can’t be put into things or passed through that channel at ordinary times.
"I think so! But I’m afraid I can’t go through that passage! " After hearing Zhang Dianfei, Zhang Xiaotian said with some hesitation
"why?" Zhang Dianfei asked some doubts.
"My body yuan baby their energy is very strong! It’s no worse than the concentration of the ghost king’s body soul force! Can I go through? " Zhang Xiaotian said some worry.
"Ha ha! Mind and abdomen are very special! Your Yuan Ying stays in the abdomen and won’t have any contact with that passage. It’s nothing! " Hear Zhang Xiao heaven and earth worry Zhang Dianfei said with a smile.
"really?" Zhang Xiaotian asked with some surprise.
Zhang Dianfei nodded with a smile.
Chapter two hundred and one Hell hit the judge first!
"Then … let’s go!" Looking at Zhang Dianfei Zhang Xiaotian embarrassed said.
"well! Let’s go! " Zhang Dianfei nodded, pulling his hand tightly, and Liner said.
Zhang Dianfei stretched out his hand and put a layer of soul force cover on the periphery of him and Lin Er, and flew to China with Zhang Xiaotian.
"Zhang Dage! This operation is really unexpectedly fast! It took a long time but I didn’t expect it to be completed in less than three days! " Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said to Zhang Dianfei 2.
"Yes! Now we can go to that hell with Xiaodi and them! " Zhang Dianfei said with a smile.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian light nodded his head, deep in his eyes, deeper than a trace of excitement. When he got to hell, he could go to Qin Wan!
In the light blue sky, the three people are moving towards Yandang Mountain with a nearly shadowy streamer.
"Here we are!" After flying for a while, Zhang Xiaotian said with a light smile that the three men fell to the top of Yandang Mountain.
"Big help!" As soon as I fell, I saw a ghost in the law coming out of it and shouted respectfully that Zhang Xiaotian went out to do things. They didn’t know it.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded, stretched out his hand and waved his law to crack a channel on both sides.
"Xiao day? I haven’t seen you for a few days? " As soon as I entered the villa, a surprised sound came.
"Grandpa! It’s you! I went out to do something these two days! " Zhang Xiaotian shouted with a smile after seeing the speaker.
"Ha ha! Now that you’re back, go with me for a few games of Go! Xiao Di’s little chess is always absent-minded these two days … "Speaking of which, Zhang Yande stopped talking and looked at Zhang Xiaotian behind him in amazement.
Then Hou Zhang Dianfei and Lin Er came in.
"She … she is …" Zhang Dianfei, he has seen it, but he hasn’t seen it! Seeing such a beautiful girl Zhang Yande can’t help but stay.
See Zhang Yande this expression Lin Er can’t help but hide behind Zhang Dianfei’s little head and look at the old man curiously!
"Grandpa! Look at you, you are scaring other girls! " See Zhang Yande expression Zhang Xiaotian shape a flash in front of the Zhang Yande embarrassed and some spirit ground to say.
When Zhang Yande was said by his grandson, he suddenly became embarrassed and asked, "Who is her daughter-in-law?"
"She … she is Zhang Dage’s wife!" Looking at Zhang Dianfei, Zhang Xiaotian said with a weird smile.
"Oh!" Zhang Yande nodded face some disappointment after a while some hate iron not to produce holding Zhang Xiaotian ear "you smelly little! They all have daughters-in-law. Why don’t you bring one back? "
"ouch! Grandpa! You tap … "No purple psychic cloth, Zhang Xiaotian is also a ghost-to-ghost body. The ghost-to-ghost body is very hard. How can this strength hurt him? I don’t feel anything! Although it didn’t hurt at all, Zhang Xiaotian pretended to be very painful and begged for mercy
"giggle-"see Zhang Tianhe Zhang Dianfei this scene aside there was a girl like a silver chuckle.
Hearing the chuckle, Zhang Yande loosened Zhang Xiaotian’s ear, and Zhang Xiaotian was embarrassed to look in one direction. Just now, there were two girls with a chuckle, one was Lin Er, and the other was … Si Er!
"Big help!" Seeing Zhang Xiaotian watching her, Si Er came forward and shouted with a slight blessing. The attitude was not as respectful as before. After shouting, Si Er glanced aside at Lin Er, who seemed very curious about this beautiful girl.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded awkwardly and asked, "Are you used to living here these two days?"
"Thank you for your help! Sier is doing well here! " Thought son took a look at Zhang Xiaotian and said lightly.
Be thought son looked Zhang Xiaotian look slightly zheng to think son call themselves but ignored the light nodded Zhang Xiaotian said, "we help heaven and earth will go! Away from here! "
Sier looked dazed for a moment and then asked, "Are you going to hell?"
Hearing what Si Er said, Zhang Xiaotian was Zheng again, and immediately reacted to the previous statement that they were going to hell in front of those who fix the truth. At that time, Si Er and the new members of the Heaven and Earth Sect were also present.
Light nodded Zhang Xiaotian said "for a day or two at the latest we will leave hell! You have to be mentally prepared to go where you want to go, but you don’t want to … We can’t force ourselves to quit the Heaven and Earth Help at any time! "
After hearing what Zhang Xiaotian said, Si Er showed an awkward expression.
"If you have any questions, you can say them!" See son expression Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
"Si son dared to ask Wang a question. Should heaven and earth help us in hell? What is the scene of hell? Is everyone clear about it? " Silent for a moment, thinking son upturned some reddish face export asked.
"I am a bronze medal in hell! I know a little about hell, and I have some confidence in our heaven and earth to help me live in hell! " Hear son to question Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s answer, Sier opened his mouth slightly. After a while, a little face said firmly, "Since the Big Leader has confidence to let us help the world live in hell, Sier will do his best to help all the sisters!"
"no!" Hear son Zhang Xiaotian shook his head "they who want to leave just leave! I said that what we need is not the number of members, but to help our members be loyal to the Heaven and Earth Sect. Do you think that our Heaven and Earth Sect will not be able to recruit members in the secular world? This time … just as a test for them! "
"Oh!" Hearing Zhang Xiao’s words from heaven and earth, Si Er was a little surprised, and then some thoughtful nodded.
"This is Lin Er girl! Zhang Dage’s wife! " See, son’s eyes glance at Lynn from time to time. Zhang Xiaotian pointed to Lynn, who was hidden behind Zhang Dianfei, and said with a light smile.
Zhang Dianfei heard that Zhang Xiaotian introduced Liner twice as his wife, and he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and looked down at Liner’s beautiful little face without any dissatisfaction. At the same time, he couldn’t help sighing slightly and saw Sier look at Liner Zhang Dianfei and said to Liner with a smile, "This is … Sier girl, you can call her Sister Sier!"
"Hello, Sister Sier!" After hearing Zhang Dianfei’s words, Liner was clever and came out from behind him and shouted to Sier.
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s introduction and Zhang Dianfei’s affirmation, Si Er seems to be relieved. When seeing Lin Er say hello to her, she couldn’t help but smile and answer, "Lin Er’s sister, you are all right! Sister Lin, you are so beautiful! "
"elder brother! Are you back? " While thinking and talking to Liner, a loud and pleasant sound suddenly sounded.
It is Yang Xiaodi! "well! Come back! " Zhang Xiaotian turned to Yang Xiao and nodded with a smile. When Yang Xiao approached here just now, he was now.
"ah! She … She is … "When I saw one side talking to Sil, Yang Xiao shouted with a face of surprise, which was also shocked by Lin’s beauty.
"Ha ha! Guess! " Looking at Yang Xiao a face of shocked expression Zhang Xiaotian walked over and said Lin Er things he and Yang Xiao said.
"She … she is Liner?" After all, there are two big beauties, Li Yaner and Gong Sunziyin, who are doing epidemic diseases for Yang Xiao every day. Although Lin Er is more beautiful than Gong Sunziyin and Li Yaner, Yang Xiao still quickly reacted with a face of surprise and shouted.
"well! She is Liner! " Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
"Very beautiful!" Yang Xiao couldn’t help admiring.
"Why? She is Zhang Dage’s wife. Do you still want to play her mind? " Looking at Yang Xiao a face of exclamation Zhang Xiaotian some funny said.
"shh! Brother! You can’t talk nonsense! I am satisfied with having two wives, Yan Er and Zi Yin, and I will never find a third one! " A listen to Zhang Xiaotian Yang Xiao said with a face of tension.