Although I have martial arts moves, I absolutely spare no effort.

Everyone was shocked.
Everyone has never seen neon’s excitement out of control like this.
Zhang Shuo also let her hand hit him in the face, chest and front foot kicked him in the calf and ankle.
The night before pulling the neon spirit.
"Third son, forget it. It’s not worth it to be with such a person."
She didn’t help Zhang Shuo, but because of the neon spirit. How can she withstand such stimulation and physical exertion now?
Neon spirit mood she knows.
In her heart, this sister is the most important, but in neon spirit, doesn’t she have a higher status?
Neon spirit is distressed by her, she knows.
Although she pulled neon spirit panting, chest ups and downs a pair of eyes staring at Zhang Shuo hover, a pair of at any time to be thrown away.
Night away and dragged her ready to go out.
A painful muffled roar suddenly sounded a powerful force in the wing blast.
Then I saw a figure flash "bang" something broken.
When they react, Zhang Shuo has been knocked to the ground. In front of him, it is impressively the purple breath in the eyes of Phoenix Shadow Ink, just like killing God.
A few people are shocked.
watch from a height or distance
Night away with neon spirit are also surprised.
This man, this man actually broke through the acupuncture point
Martial arts practitioners all know that it is necessary to have a strong force to break through the acupoints, and the process of breaking through the acupoints is to make this force compete with the resistance when the acupoints are blocked.
If the force wins the acupoint, it will break through. If the force loses, the acupoint will continue to be sealed.
It can be said that winning or losing these two forces are all in one’s own personal strength, which will hurt the internal organs.
He actually …
Zhang Shuo, who fell to the ground, was not in a hurry to get up. Deep red blood flowed down his nostrils.
It turned out that the break just now was the crack of his nose bone.
Neon spirit didn’t kick Zhang Shuoru like this before, but it didn’t only interrupt Zhang Shuo’s nasal bone but also knock people to the ground with one punch.
Visible phoenix shadow ink how much strength.
From the angle of night, you can see that he clenched his fist tightly, his knuckles turned white and the veins stood out on the back of his hand burst.
The night leaves and bends the lips.
It seems that anger is real at this moment.
Of course, even if it’s true, it’s just that he’s angry that his child is gone
Not because she was hurt, neon was hurt.
Phoenix shadow ink potential to beat the past Zhang Shuo suddenly painfully picked up his head.
All this is Zhang Shuo to avoid the phoenix shadow ink and call back to protect it.
Zhang Shuo knows it’s not.
It is impossible for him to know that Feng Ying’s ink hit him and he just hit his face and nose.
He has a headache.
Suddenly, it was like splitting, and the headache was as headache as when I woke up after an avalanche and saw the night spirit that day.
No matter what his reason is, Feng Ying Mo can’t see his fist at this time, but he was suddenly pulled by the sleeve when he saw it falling again.