So he’s been …

After all, he is too careless.
"Solution method also just Zhang Shuo has definitely told you don’t power don’t power, I also told you that you have won a you don’t try so hard, what are you so disobedient? What should be so stupid? "
Phoenix shadow ink tightly strapped her, so I couldn’t wait to rub her into my own blood.
Night away slightly wry smile.
"Not after being silly …"
She is really stupid.
Misrecognize the savior three years ago.
The man who has been single-minded for three years
I finally came out and threw myself into another relationship.
But it turns out that it is just the same as a liar.
Once upon a time, no one can hurt her except neon spirit.
Hurt is also hurting her body, and no one can hurt her heart.
I want her to be on guard, and I want her not to trust others easily, and I want her to be alone.
But who knows that this world can never guard against the human heart; It’s emotion that can’t be controlled forever
In front of other people’s hearts, after her own feelings, she finally ended up in a black and blue field
serve sb right
She felt that she deserved it.
She also hates herself now.
When did she gradually change from being called "cold-blooded" and "devil" behind her back to being such an indecisive, sentimental woman with great sadness and joy?
she does not know
She knew that she had known the man in front of her for three months.
I have experienced more things than she has experienced in these three years.
Time and time again.
Time and time again, the edge of life and death
Neon spirit is also involved.
This time she almost lost her life.
Maybe she is really wrong.
Love is the most hurtful thing in this world.
She shouldn’t touch it
She doesn’t want to touch it again.
She dare not.
"Phoenix Shadow Ink" in his arms, she was tired and spoke.
It’s rare to hear her call him so. A slight bright hand in her eyes clasped her arm and lifted her from her arms. He looked at her. "What’s the matter?"
See her face wrong his eyebrows a tight "toxicity increased uncomfortable? Zhang Shuo that damn also said that you will be fine tonight and the antidote can’t be eaten immediately for you. "
I smiled at night and smiled with a pale face.
See, this is him.
What do you mean, an antidote can’t be given to her immediately?
What makes people suspicious?
Is he suspicious of the south fire grass?