Wu Xiaojian is also holding three feet of ice and standing alone in this piece, and he built a challenge.

Because of [virgin forest] [vines] and later [carnivorous plants], it is impossible for it to leave this area. It tried to leave here and killed him.
And their goal here is indeed that they will never leave in a hurry before killing it. No one dares to expose their backs to this threatening monster.
The wind blows through the Woods, and the branches and leaves of fir trees rustle in the wind, which somewhat masks the variation. The heart-eater moves here quickly, making it difficult to tell its position.
Wu Xiaojian knows that this kind of thing can never be trusted. Seeing the scenery with his eyes is always slower than the actual situation. He can rely on his own fighting intuition to convince himself that his body is the most intuitive response.
Xueyu wakes up
Actually, no, she woke up in his mind and presented a red image, a three-dimensional image of the grass moving rapidly in this area
This image is something that the body automatically constructs from the comprehensive analysis of air flow, sound, smell and grass shaking, which is also commonly known as intuition.
This image is much slower than the actual picture, and it feels a little bit like a split, which also allows his brain to react quickly to the current situation.
Ice flowers bloom in the air.
Variation of heart-eating ghost bones claws impartial ice sword in his hand to stop.
His left arm has also become a crimson card, and he has exerted the effect of evil ghost pill, otherwise it would be difficult to resist the fierce attack of the heart-eater
After the block is successful, when the mutant heart-eater’s conditioned reflex jumps out to prepare for an attack.
The backhand sword was thrown at it, and the ice sword cut through the air, leaving a dazzling blue and cold light, but also forming a month-long arc from the tip of the sword. The sword light flew out from the body and went straight for the variation. The heart-eating ghost jumped back and opened its chest and abdomen position.
If the sword blade actually went into the body, the light of the sword cut through its chest, abdomen, flesh and flesh and reached Mori’s white ribs, which helped it jump further. This time, it was knocked out and hit a nearby fir tree.
I just found out that its magic defense is not very high, especially the damage caused by ice spells is particularly high.
"Goo …"
The mutant heart eater seems to have felt the pain even after eating that man, and he fell to the ground with a heavy impact on the fir tree trunk and groaned in pain.
It seems that this kind of injury has caused a lot of casualties. From the numerical value, it can be confirmed that it is more of a theatrical nature to make them take it lightly.
"trouble guy"
Wu Xiaojian knew that they couldn’t see the numerical value, so he was really cheated by his acting skills.
It is also acting like that. It seems to be fast, but it is actually a little weak. It quickly hides in the violet flowers next to it and looks like luring the enemy into the ground.
"Warbler Jiao Jiao be careful."
They are not stupid enough to see the damage caused by Wu Xiaojian’s sword just now. I feel that this damage is a bit too much compared with the damage it shows. Maybe it didn’t think that they could see the combat damage value like a game, otherwise they might be cheated by it.
"But it seems to tempt me to fight somewhere?"
Wu Xiaojian is a little confused.
In the previous round of fighting, it was still full of wildness and confronted them head-on, but after suffering a loss, it wandered around as if it had found something favorable for it, deliberately trying to lure him to transfer the battlefield.
"It’s not trying to trap you with hanging vines, is it?"
Xueyu smiled and said to him that it is very likely that this is the case.
Wu Xiaojian felt a little reasonable when he heard it.
This mutant heart-eater’s IQ probably found those hanging vines, thinking that if they were tricked into getting there, they’ didn’t know’ the situation was likely to be tied up by vines. It should have been almost tied up, knowing the power of vines that seem to harm nature hanging on branches, it only has IQ feeling, and they will definitely not be able to break free.
Wu Xiaojian suddenly found that it inspired a better point. Of course, the liberator of his [vine] star card will not be attacked by these traps, but this monster doesn’t know that he can take the opportunity to come to the urn and let it crash into these traps and fight here as soon as possible.
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Chapter 17 Seal the Heart-eating Ghost [Chapter Words 94 Latest Update 1399 :43:15]
Wu Xiaojian figured this out and immediately took the initiative to seduce him to chase it. Mutant heart eater.
"Brother, what are you doing chasing it?"
Chen Ying and Mu Jiao Jiao were confused by other lines here. He just said not to be now, but he went after himself.
Wu Xiaojian didn’t want to tell his idea to the mutant heart eater. When he heard it, he knew that his IQ should be understandable now. While holding lisieux Feather’s ability to create an ice sword, he had become a ghost hand. His left hand sent a text message to Chen Ying’s mobile phone saying that the situation was mu Jiao Jiao’s side. The direct mind voice said that the surface continued to pursue’ running away’. The mutant heart eater gave it a counterplot.
Chen Ying received a text message, and Jiao Jiao heard his inner voice say that he immediately understood what kind of situation both kept a certain distance and followed.
Wu Xiaojian, chasing after the victory, biting the mutant heart eater and not wanting to miss this favorable opportunity, is urgent.
The mutant heart-eater also acted like that. It was really scary to find that he was chasing after it, and he also looked back from time to time to confirm how far he was from it.
However, when a few drooping vines appear, they run faster, and then they bump into them.
Wu Xiaojian was unconscious and continued to chase after him. Seeing that the mutant heart-eating ghost suddenly accelerated from the rattan side, it just triggered these vines to become an offensive state to tie it.
It was so fast that it ran over before the rattan tied it, which made it sprint!
Wu Xiaojian, if he didn’t know that he was acting, directing and acting, it might be true that he couldn’t come when he saw it suddenly accelerate and then these vines played, and he would definitely be tied up by these vines.
It’s this mutant heart-eater who won’t think they’ve seen through its tricks, and won’t know that these vines belong to him and won’t attack him as a’ master’
But Wu Xiaojian knows that acting needs to be staged. What he wants to do is not to chase this guy who is very threatening to the other side, but to find a way to destroy it so that it will not be accompanied by them all the time.
Mind move command these vines like that, just after he tied a torn off the ground, tied limbs hanging in the middle.
Mutant heart-eater immediately turned his head when he saw his trap. Without hesitation, he turned around and saw a frog pouncing on his sharp claws and heading straight for his chest. What’s more, it was ferocious, ugly and twisted, and his face was excited and excited. I was glad that he was so stupid as to get caught.
Wu Xiaojian is even happier. When it is about to attack, it suddenly releases the vine’ binding’ with its left hand, and continues to keep hanging in a semi-posture, becoming a ghost hand. The left hand has been pressing on its forehead and seeing its expression is very humanized, changing from surprise to astonishment.
"Ice! Flow! Bury! "
This time, he can shout to it word by word to let it know which one it is now.
Mutant heart-eater knows that he has been cheated and wants to run, but Wu Xiaojian’s pressing on his forehead is not only pressing the black nails that have become ghost claws and embedding them in his skin, but also holding his thumb and finger tightly to the temples on both sides of it, so that it can’t get rid of the ice flow and be buried, so it is released directly on his forehead.
A lot of freezing cold is covered directly along its body contour this time, which is extremely fast. Freezing its feet from the beginning makes it temporarily lose its ability to move except for a pair of eyes.
Wu Xiaojian also immediately let the vines let him know that the freezing effect of ice flow burial does not last long for it.
Only less than a second after he landed, he had seen cracks in the ice that had frozen it, but he could feel that he was trying to shatter the ice that had frozen it from the inside.
Another purple paper appeared on the right hand and quickly stuck it on its forehead with a sly smile and said to it, "You can’t hide this time."
I know that the effect of fixer is more powerful than that of ice flow burial, otherwise I won’t be left to him by my grandmother’s legacy.
If the ice is about to break, the mutant heart-eater will come to an abrupt end because of the effect of the fixer, as if the shadow is fixed, and he can hate watching him keep trying to tear his claws and teeth apart, but he can’t get any closer.
Chen Ying and Mu Jiao Jiao arrived at Wu Xiaojian at the right time and felt relieved. They said to them, "Let’s attack together and make it as weak as possible."
The effect of fixing symbol is amazing, but it can’t be solved. It’s only 15 seconds to control the magic to fix the captured target. It’s a good way to fight less.
Because its rank is too much higher than his, the success rate of spiritual recruitment is close to the situation, and the seal symbol has helped a lot at this moment