"Ha ha, the last invited Taoist friend has arrived in Longgang today and gathered all the guests before the appointed time. It’s really a grand event in a thousand years, so ring the bell to announce the Fa Conference. Wei Daoyou should also move to the Luoya Grottoes to participate in the discussion! Ugh! It turns out that Xu Daoyou is there, so please leave together! "

Find out the reason for ringing the bell. Wei Ya’s face is gentle, and together with Xu Keer and Yang Shen, he flies to the main venue of Santan Fa Conference behind the well-informed Taoist priest.
Thousands of people sit in rows in suits in an auditorium, which is a secular custom. Practitioners don’t have this western custom and maintain the legacy of the ancient times. Practitioners always like to sit on the floor when they get together. Even if God refuses to touch a cloudy day, it doesn’t call for rain spells. In turn, it can dispel the rain clouds and lift a finger!
Crossing the peaks and turns in front of the two ridges, a white cliff turns to the literature network bsp suddenly; The cliff is extremely high, and the unknown species of green vines grow wantonly from the cliff top, and naturally droop like a green waterfall. Through the lush vines, the cliff is faintly visible, and a large piece of natural depression has formed a platform. At this time, this platform is already crowded with people. It seems that Wei Ya’s arrival is still too late.
Nearly a thousand yogis gathered in Luoluo Cliff, Dongtian, Longgang. The scene was spectacular. Although the number of people attending the three altars was not too large, few of them had dirty characters. It was said that when a layman like Yang Shen came to Luoluo Cliff, Xu Keexiu had to count backwards.
The Falun Gong Association has not yet been officially established. A road flyover who looks like he is in his thirties and forties can’t help but talk about Lang first in Kan Kan.
"The Three Altars Dharma Association is a great event in Middle-earth. The former Dharma Association coincides with the coming of doom. You Taoist friends are all busy and busy. Alas! Nowadays, although it is nothing, it is also a heartfelt joy for the people to eat a peaceful meal in peace. "
On the edge of the platform, the road flyover turned to Wei Ya and others and said,
"There are still some trivial matters to be dealt with later in the Fa Conference. Help yourself, three Taoist friends."
Wei Ya smiled and sent off the well-informed road flyover turned to talk with Xu Keer and said
"Chloe speech this is what route? I don’t think his land repair is in your master! "
A la hora eyed Wei Ya Xu Kerr deliberately sold a and then said
"This is the real Xuanding sent by Danxia!"
Among the six main doors in Middle-earth, there has always been a Zen Sect, namely, Shaolin and Wudang Mountain Jinding Yuan Zong. Although these two factions are similar in strength, their ups and downs sometimes change. At first, this position is usually taken in turn, and the Danxia Sect and the Buddhism Emei Sect are at the middle level. Finally, Yunyan Temple and Tianshi Sect are at the bottom.
It also happens that the six gates are just right, and the two Buddhism and Taoism each occupy half of the country, which is like a well-matched posture.
Although the Danxia Sect lingers in the middle reaches of the six main doors, Shaolin and Wudang are comparable, but even so, the strength of the Danxia Sect is far from ordinary, and the Danxia Sect can be compared. Although the real person who teaches Xuanding is not famous for his profound knowledge, he is not inferior to Master Xu Keer, and the old Taoist Xun Qingfeng is definitely a first-class master among contemporary practitioners.
Wei Ya Gherardini caught a glimpse of Xuanding reality who was still giving a speech and said to himself
"Ha ha ha, I can’t believe that even playing as a walk-on is a big Boss! It seems that today’s scene must be very lively. How can I stay out of such a grand event? Come on, let’s join in the fun! "
Volume 16 Section 15 What I have seen and heard
If you want to do something well, you must sharpen your tools first.
The basic purpose of "Yuan Zhimen" emphasizes intellectual power and deducts other hidden factors. To put it bluntly, "Yuan Zhimen" attaches great importance to convenient tools, but at the same time, it repeatedly admonishes my brother not to rely on foreign objects. This seemingly contradiction is actually manifested in Wei Ya’s consistent characteristics.
The "Dayu God Bell" is a magic weapon of water in the town, even though it was just born. In ancient times, when people, ghosts and demons lived together in the human world, it was also a number of names in the defensive magic weapon. Wei Ya studied the "Golden Bell Cover", which was even more important to exercise the physical body.
Imagine that once Wei Yali displays the "golden bell cover" and then sacrifices the "Dayu God Bell", such a top defense magic weapon will be a spectacular sight.
There is no doubt that Wei Ya will immediately turn into some kind of water with a hard shell on his back. 6 Amphibians and reptiles have such high-strength defense that even if Wei Ya is unlucky enough to be besieged by more than a dozen practitioners, it will not hurt him.
It is precisely because of his abnormal defensive ability that Wei Ya can take a back seat for his own safety when taking action. This is the realm of taking advantage of military tactics.
Look around like a hillbilly going to town Wei Ya curiously asked Xu Keer and said
"How long is the duration of the Santan Fa Conference?"
"Not much, only three months."
Stretched out his hand and touched the Wei Ya grinned and said
"That’s right! Once in 60 years, three months is not a long time! Hey! What are people doing over there? "
Experience around to take a surprised look Xu keer took a white Wei ya nai ground to say
"It’s rare for so many experts to touch each other. Of course, we need to exchange needed goods! Hey, this is a very, very old tradition. You don’t know this, do you? "
Wen Yan Wei Ya shook his head with a wry smile. Today, it is the first time that he has heard about the Santan Dharma Association and the additional functions of this yogi fair.
Chinese practitioners in the Middle Ages were not as accommodating as they are now, especially those who claimed to be well-rooted and well-bred. They were very particular about the difference between right and wrong. In those days, even if the left monk accidentally bumped into everyone while walking with the right people, it would definitely not be over. Otherwise, the practitioners were so bad, not to mention that the root of the "Yuan Zhimen" was the thorn in the side of the right path. The practitioners were afraid that they would not even find a place name before the fight.
The Santan Dharma Association has always been the right way to get together. It’s a good day for masters of all factions. No matter how strong the thirst for knowledge of Yuan Zhimen is, it’s always better not to be mean to take the initiative to deliver the door to others.
For various reasons, this activity of Santan Dharma Association is also new to Wei Ya, who is well-informed and well-informed. Xu Keer has found a place to laugh at Wei Ya’s knowledge this time.
"Slice! I don’t know, I just don’t know what I’m afraid of. Just let you joke! "
I don’t know if I know it, but Wei Ya doesn’t have that kind of face. Don’t hang on all the way to the end. It’s just a matter of telling Xu Keer to turn his eyes.
It is interesting to observe that all kinds of things are being traded. The yogi Wei Ya reached out and patted Yang Shen on the shoulder and said
"Let’s go and have a look at this good opportunity to have this big vision, but it only comes once in 60 years!"
Say Wei Yala Yang Shen walked towards the bustling crowd with four steps.
Resources have always accumulated slowly and consumed rapidly. The exhibition industry of human beings consumes energy, minerals and many other natural resources. Although the resources required for industrialization are not the same, practitioners also consume a lot of things, which contain aura. The growth conditions of exotic flowers and herbs that can be used for pharmaceutical alchemy can be described as extremely harsh, and mineral raw materials such as jade are hard to get.
In ancient times, the human world was United in the boundless universe, and then it was separated for some reason that the saying of "Nine Days and Ten Places" came into being.
It is true that the world is strange. Although the human world is also marginal after division, the stars and the earth often need light years to calculate the distance, even if the yogi has the ability to touch much less places.
Trapped in the ground, spherical practitioners often go out to collect medicine and alchemy, but as a result, they dig up ore and prepare to forge utensils for self-defense, but they meet some flowers and plants.
It is not in vain to keep these treasures at home, and it is reluctant to take the exchange road at last. The demand decision should be that since everyone has this exchange of needs, the transaction of practitioners will naturally flourish.
Because Yaoyuan, a kind of universal equivalent, is finally in a state of inadequacy, most of the transactions of practitioners have to be bartered. There are many disadvantages in barter trade, such as touching a guy who wants to exchange a few hundred years of ginseng with others for Lantian sapphire.
The Santan Dharma Association is the highest level for practitioners in China, who are qualified to attend the Dharma Association. If the practitioners are not the patriarchs and elders of one school, they will definitely be the descendants of hundreds of schools.
Naturally, these bosses are all pulling their hair at random, and they are all thicker than thighs, trading things with each other. As soon as Wei Ya walks into this self-generated trading area, he can’t help but feel an unprecedented shopping impulse. There are so many good things!
Thousand-year-old ginseng, ganoderma lucidum grass, these staple goods roots can’t be on the table. The price is three feet square. What about Hotan suet white jade? I’m telling you, it’s leftover material, which can be used as a stool to sit and rest for a while. It’s as big as longan. The night pearl root is not called a rare thing. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer. It can also repel insects and remove moisture, but it’s also too easy to see.
The eyes are full of jewels, and the rare herbs are dazzling. Even if the emperor is extravagant to the extreme, he can’t compare with the yogi. The two sides are not at the same level.
Wei Ya noticed that the bosses took out not only raw materials, but also a lot of things. I couldn’t help but move my heart and immediately said