Because at that time, a girl who looked shy said a little bold words, "Don’t make me wait too long!"

As a result, Ma, who just showed up with a blank face, smiled with joy and wondered how to hold a grand wedding faster and better!
I have something to say.
Today, I am also a long day. The last chapter is a surprise. This volume is finished!
Chapter 548 Chapter 548
in ten years
In Gusu in late spring and early summer, the grass grows long, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant.
The Mantuo Mountain Villa outside Gusu City is full of flowers everywhere, as if it were a fairyland.
At this time, it was early in the morning, and the sky was slightly bright. There was a little girl in pink clothes in the flowers, holding a long sword, and she was seriously focused on practicing her sword.
A stroke and a style are like flowing water, and you have already seen your charm at an early age.
A little while later, a beautiful woman quietly walked aside with tea and snacks. The little girl who was concentrating on practicing her sword in the pavilion accidentally caught a glimpse of her sword and rushed over.
When the little girl flew over, she wore a pigtail and a golden pearl bell with her hair band. Even the wind could feel the lively and happy atmosphere when she shook it.
The sword was put aside by her on the stone bench, and her hands were immediately wrapped around the beautiful woman, sweetly calling out "Mother!"
The little girl is seven points similar to belle, smart and beautiful, charming and lively. I think it’s just that the fairy is almost like this.
At this time, her petite appearance is even more painful.
Sure enough, the beautiful woman took a handkerchief to wipe the little girl’s forehead. Her eyes were full of love and pain, and she laughed and teased, "Yan Er, you like practicing martial arts so much. Look at this sweat. I didn’t see you steal a lazy day?"
"Mother YanEr if lazy day can like dad into a generation of heroes? Everyone says that I am the daughter of Zhan Zhao, the Southern Xia, but I think that one day everyone will say that he is the father of Zhan Yan Xia! "
The little girl said a series of words with a small mouth, and she didn’t forget to have a cup of tea and a snack.
However, Zhan Yan’s little girl’s heart is not small, but her ambition is great!
Speaking of which, everyone knows the identity of the little girl and the beautiful woman
Belle is Wang Yuyan, the beloved wife of Nan Xia Zhan Zhao, and that little fairy girl is Zhan Yan, the only daughter of Zhan Zhao Wang Yuyan.
Zhan Zhao’s marriage ten years ago is still a beautiful story!
There were not a few people who attended the grand wedding of Cain, whether it was Wulin colleagues, dignitaries or ordinary people. All this was because of Zhan Zhao, the Southern Xia.
But even more unforgettable is that Zhan Zhao’s wife is a fairy.
The two of them are rich, handsome and handsome, and it is love is like oxygen who envies others.
After their marriage, the young couple are inseparable from each other.
The next year they had a child, a little girl who inherited almost all the advantages of her parents.
The little girl is good-looking, seven points as beautiful as her mother, three points as heroic as her father, with her mother’s outstanding talent in martial arts and her father’s excellent martial arts skills, charming and lovely, eloquent and clever!
The little girl’s name is Zhan Yanyuan, and Zhan Zhao began to consider the name after knowing that Wang Yuyan was pregnant.
The exhibition is held in Zhan Yan, Zhan Zhao, while Wang Yuyan Yan Yan’s homonym has placed his good expectations on their mother and daughter. Zhan Zhao hopes that their mother and daughter can always show the happiest and happiest life after their death.
The day after tomorrow was indeed as expected as Zhan Zhao had expected.
With Zhan Yan, Wang Yuyan’s mind was shifted to her daughter, and she didn’t think about unhappy things any more.
As Zhan Yan grew up, the little girl was obsessed with practicing martial arts and wanted to be a knight errant Zhan Zhao who surpassed her father. She often popped up a few words of grandiloquence, which made people laugh.
However, because Zhan Yan has a martial arts father who is strong, and a mother who knows martial arts well but can improve and innovate, her martial arts road is much easier than the average person.
My daughter wants to learn martial arts from Zhan Zhao, and it is more inclined for men to learn martial arts. Therefore, Wang Yuyan has one more thing to do, that is, to help her daughter organize and improve and innovate a new kung fu and ask her to learn it.
This can be said that Zhan Yan, the martial arts master of Wang Yuyan Zhan Zhao housekeeping foundation, tailored a kung fu.
Think about it. Who else in the world can have such treatment? Because she wanted to learn martial arts, someone deliberately created a kung fu for her?
Even there is Zhan Yan, the little girl.
However, Zhan Yan’s seriousness and concentration have been going on for years. She started to learn martial arts very early, but she is not afraid of hardships and persistence day by day. Although she is young, she is already a little trivial.
Chapter 549 Chapter 549
As the saying goes, it is the season when the beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River falls out and meets the monarch.
You can’t be a real Jianghu person if you don’t go to Jiangnan once, because sometimes Jianghu is in Jiangnan teahouse.
In early summer, on the Taihu Lake, there is a teahouse called Leiyouju, which is the busiest time when people come and go.
The place where Youlanju is more distinctive than the teahouse next to it is that the teahouse says that Mr. Wang says it’s all Jianghu things, and walking in the teahouse is also a hero in the Jianghu
No one knows where rivers and lakes are, but no matter who they are, they will be curious about the mysterious rivers and lakes.
This is why carefree Curie never lacks guests from opening to closing every day.
Today, Mr. Youranju said that there have been two evil spirits in Wulin recently.
Speaking of this male and female evil spirits, it is a Tsing Yi man and a white woman, and their appearance is unknown. Some people say that they are on cloud nine, while others say that they are ugly.
However, no matter how they look, they are extremely skilled in martial arts and have strange moves. Recently, several Wulin people have died or been injured by them. Although the cause is unknown, this is enough to say that this pair of evil spirits is not a cave!
Said Mr. A clap a gavel to a great applause, but there seems to be such a one or two don’t know where to sneer at.
Everyone is saying that Mr. Wang’s story is very good, and they all think that the male and female evil spirits are probably not good people, but this does not include some two people on the second floor