Nie Shuang was able to sit in front of the two queens, but she had to worship some unsmiling Lei Jiana, or Irvine estimated that she would behead him-purple long hair with stars, and Irvine’s eyes were full of shyness, anger and injustice. When she heard Nie Shuang’s words, the queen had pulled out a bodyguard weapon "David Tang" and let Lei Jiana stop her.

"Is the material received?"
This sentence was repeated again. Of course, it was no longer Ilfu but Regina who said this.
Adjusted my thoughts and paused. Nie Shuang shook his head. "It’s difficult … a lot of materials are not available to me for the time being, and it will take a long time."
"I hope you can’t wait for the kingdom as soon as possible. Although you are still an outsider, some things can tell you." Regina paused and looked down at the scented tea in front of her. She hesitated for a while and didn’t drink it. She raised her eyes and continued to blunt Nie Shuangdao. "The cracks in the heavenly path have continued to expand. At present, it has reached the point where the roots can make up for it. According to its speed, it will soon be broken. Then the inferno will surely make a comeback and attack the mainland again, undermining the peace in the mainland."
"The inferno is coming?" Nie Shuang was surprised.
"Yes, but I’m not sure. Maybe the inferno over there hasn’t recovered. Even if it is reopened in heaven, they may not come, but there is a great chance that they will come to us … you from different salvation must be prepared." Regina said slowly and calmly.
Nie Shuang was silent and thinking about more things.
"What did you come here for today?" Regina looked down at the tea again, biting her teeth and not moving.
"I haven’t finished receiving the materials for business, but I have received some easy-to-receive materials, many of which need pure materials. I wonder if the kingdom can help me with pure materials?"
"But" Regina’s quick tone simply surprised Nie Shuang. "The kingdom has more 60% left, and you have 40% left. I hope the baron will understand when the state treasury is nervous."
Nie Shuanggang just wanted to surprise her with two words when she choked back-well, even 40% can leave a lot of money.
After confirming the material, Nie Shuang lingered for a long time and was puzzled by the two queens. After that, he gritted his teeth and pulled out a wand. He shook one end of the shiny wand and stared at the elf queen Ilfu and asked, "Queen Ilfu, do you recognize this wand?" to be continued
Chapter 156 Master Wang Guochun
Nie’s wand in his hands, which was shown to Elf, the elf queen, was the orange epic wand obtained in the bss before robbing the Phoenix Club-
Wonderful fantasy of elf girl
This wand is different from the general wand in its special shape. The most surprising thing is that a crystal-clear girl is suspended at the end. According to the equipment, most of them are now Elf Nieshuang, the elf queen, who came to the palace to prepare the gold coin budget as soon as possible. On the other hand, I also want to ask this wand and Eve.
When Nie Shuang took out this equipment, it was the first time whether it was Ilfu or Regina. They both saw a place where they were puzzled, but then they were shocked, especially when Ilfu’s face was shocked and her cheeks were pink.
It seems that we have met.
"You … where did you get it!" Yves frowned, her voice trembled slightly, and her right hand was clenched to show that she wanted to snatch it, but she could resist it-
Just as the player method directly robs np equipment and props, np also directly robs players’ hand equipment, especially Ilfu belongs to decent np.
Nie Shuang smiled and his left finger gently touched a wand. The face of the elf girl slipped and slipped at the clavicle position. He turned to look at Irfu. "Of course, it’s a battle! It will definitely not be picked up. "
Gathering her clothes, Yves looked flushed and stared at the baron. I have to say that this baron is particularly courageous. Knowing that the wand carving girl is her, Yves can still make such a frivolous move without fear of death-
She’s the queen of ska kingdom!
Be … Being touched on the face … Also … Almost touched the chest!
Eyes sparkle and stare at Baron’s left hand. If her eyes can stop, I’m afraid people around her have moved-fortunately, Baron didn’t continue to stop. This guy still has some sense, otherwise even Little Lei Lei can’t stop her anger!
Just in case Ilfu decides to speak out to wake up this hateful baron. "Don’t you see that the baron wants you to be serious or else … I will be angry!" "
Yves purple with a little long hair moving with the wind and inexplicable murderous look came to Nie Shuangshen-well, she said so, it really can’t be done again.
With a stroke of your finger, your fingertips naturally droop from the elf girl’s chest as if you had touched it-Nie Shuang’s expression is cool and seems to be unaware of the line just now.
"Zhi-"Yves has been gnashing her teeth.
Smiled Nie Shuang to put the wand aside. "This wand should be Ska royalty, right? How can you live in the world? "
His question made the two queens look at each other, and Ilfu’s head curled up and she didn’t talk again. Regina laughed. "There is no special reason why a little girl lost her wand because she was naughty." She looked at Ilfu when she said it.
The latter didn’t have much reaction, but her pink face was more tender. Regina paused and continued, "This wand was carved by Master Delando, a kingdom sculptor, on her first birthday, and was made by a number of well-known artisans in Skar Kingdom. At the same time, she blessed a lot of blessings … Well, I remember that Eve always told me that she wanted a king and she was a princess …"
Probably what Regina said about the blessing effect of Eve’s equipment is that the last active skill can summon an Eve illusion … Others estimate that they don’t have the courage to put Eve away.
Regina turned her head slightly here and looked at Ilfu, who still put aside her face to avoid making eye contact with people-this is what a little girl does! Gently smiled at Regina’s pale face and frowned. "Speaking of this baron, have you noticed that there is something I have to tell you …"
"You also know that the threat of inferno is increasing day by day. Although the kingdom has launched all ginseng, it is a drop in the bucket. You need pure materials. The master kingdom has no way to mobilize them. They are well-equipped in the kingdom to resist the inferno …" Regina’s face is reluctant
"So … do I still need to find pure materials myself?" Nie Shuang’s face was bitter. He came to the Queen just to save more money when speeding up the material purity. Now there is a little money left, but there is no money left …
Pure material doesn’t mean pure, and pure time is also very long. The more precious the material, the more difficult it is, and the longer it will be.
Regina nodded and affirmed Nie Shuang’s statement. Looking at Nie Shuang’s face, she laughed again. "But everything you do is the kingdom, which is white for us. Therefore, if you like, I can grant you the status of master Wang Guochun to learn the pure skills of kingdom materials, and then you can learn pure materials by yourself. In addition, considering the success rate and difficulty of your beginners, I can temporarily borrow a prop to increase your pure speed and efficiency."
Regina’s words are extremely plain and understated, as if she were saying a trivial thing, but it sounded like a storm in Nie’s ears, and thunder rumbled for a while and then for a while. What did he hear? ! I heard it-