"You … forget it. You can’t leave now if you want to. Come to my side." Qin Hongrui nai said.

It’s good to leave after a few mysteries at first. Now that the tarantulas have seen the three mysteries and started pestering them, it’s not so easy to leave again.
At this time, Qin Hongrui has gathered a lot of monks around him. Qin Hongrui holds a gun in one hand and buckles a stack of ofuda in the other. When the mysterious three come over, they will give these spike spiders a hard time.
"Be careful …" See a spider quickly come to the heel in the blind spot of mystery vision Qin Hongrui wake up mystery way
Mystery feet in a flash that want to sneak attack mystery tarantula was stepped on the foot by mystery and then mystery legs applied force. The tarantula body was instantly crushed by mystery and a lot of colorful juice broke out.
On the other side, the sword star cold quickly emerged from the sword, and the expression on his face was not very good. He frowned and said, "My sword has become sticky and dull." Because of the spidertooth juice,
The sword star cold spirit sword was supposed to be free from dust, but I don’t know if the tarantula was born toxic and mixed with its own liquid to pollute the sword star cold spirit sword.
"Spike spider teeth can be used as medicine although they are poisonous and processed, but they are too fragile to sell at any price. Spike spider can spit out silk except fangs, and if we can kill them all, we can get them back." Mystery said.
Said the mystery hand choke tactic to create one soil column after another, and then let the soil columns collide with each other. A lot of tarantulas were wrapped in the soil columns and collided, and the tarantulas directly exploded juice.
Chapter 41 Chapter 41
At this time, the mystery three have come to the vicinity of the Spike Spider’s nest, and they see thick white silk outside the Spike Spider’s nest.
Spider silk is sticky and dense, giving people a feeling of impenetrability. Actually, the vestments woven from thin and breathable spider silk are light and elegant, which is very popular among monks.
"These spider silk can be picked directly, and it’s really close to the spirit-eating ants." Mystery saw the dense white spider silk like yarn and sighed with emotion.
Spike spiders didn’t expect their hard work to defend against the enemy. When the spider silk falls into the hands of monks, it will develop other ways. The same thing, this hole full of white spider silk will make the rest of the creatures fear, and the monks will see it. It will be full of surprises.
Mystery three speed soon will dry spider silk layer by layer.
Suddenly, the mystery was revealed to the spider hands. As they collected the spider silk, the thick white gauze spider silk began to become thinner and more transparent, and something seemed to be hidden behind the spider silk.
At this moment, three people who were behind the mystery came to Qin Hongrui step by step. When they saw the mystery move, they suddenly shouted, "Be careful that these spider silk will be wrapped around the monk, and the monk has already sunk in."
"Sure enough, that thing …" Mystery looked across the spider silk.
Sword star cold also frown, "if we don’t tell the truth, buyers won’t mind if they don’t know."
"What don’t mind? It’s really dangerous inside. We saw the monk’s body here before … "Qin Hongrui came over and said.
"You said it should be that." Mystery pointed to the increasingly rich white road behind the spider silk.
Qin Hongrui consciously looked at the past and his face was not ugly. "That’s it … why are you still collecting spider silk? Aren’t you afraid that all the tarantulas will come out!"
"Fortunately, if we don’t tell our guests the source of spider silk, we should still be able to sell it." Mystery was slightly thankful.
After understanding the meaning of the mystery, Qin Hongrui’s spine suddenly jumped out of a chill and looked at the mystery. The three people took a step back as if they knew them again. "Say first that if you dare to sell me these silk wrapped in corpses, we will never be friends again … No, I will thoroughly publicize your deeds in my own power."
"How can it be? You have seen it. We will definitely not be able to pit you. Don’t worry, we will sell these spider silk to men who cultivate yang, which is heavier than women who cultivate yang." Mystery told Qin Hongrui.
Qin Hongrui heard a light hum. "That’s more like it … Wait, I’m happy."
The mystery of speaking is that the last layer of spider silk is completely gathered to reveal what is inside.
See behind the dense spider silk is a three-person parallel passage, and at this time there are many human pupae wrapped in layers of snow-white spider silk on both sides of the passage. There is no doubt that there are people inside.
Qin Hongrui couldn’t help rubbing his arm with goose bumps when he saw Xuanji’s several chrysalis-shaped silk. "Aren’t you afraid of those dead monks and tarantulas who don’t know when to come?"
"But for us, there is no cultivation resource that is more terrible than these dead bodies and spiders." There are two ways: mystery and sword star cold.
Qin Hongrui couldn’t help saying, "You will be like this …" If you want money, you will be unwilling to be ordinary and step by step.
Qin Hongrui, who has never experienced the embarrassment of having no cultivation resources, knows that monks and monks are different.
"Mystery and sword star cold also calculate Yan welcome dust. Do it yourself?" Qin Hongrui looked at the same hands-on welcome don’t understand.
"Because they are my friends, because the minority is from the majority, it’s not a big deal because of this kind of thing." Yan welcomes the dust and says that even if he follows the mystery and the sword star cold, he will not change his face.
"Friends? … I’m also a friend of Mystery." Although they have different identities, Qin Hongrui knows that this friend of Mystery is more pure than other friends around him.
Thought of here Qin Hongrui feet consciousness forward hands trembling outstretched voice trembling way "I … I also come to help no, I still can’t pass this in my heart! What do you have to do if you don’t do well? "
"Sure enough … I told you that Spike Spider couldn’t have such a brilliant record. Most of these monks died outside and were picked up by Spike Spider. Of course, there were also people who got into the wrong place and couldn’t fix it enough."
At first, it was strange to see the number of dead monks on both sides of the passage, because even if there were a large number of tarantulas, there were too many humanoid pupae in the passage, and even according to the eating standards, it far exceeded the food intake of tarantulas.
"This is a group of tarantulas. There are so many monks in the cave. What are the more dangerous floors in the dungeon?"
This question was answered in Qin Hongrui’s heart at the same time.
The remaining floors of the dungeon will be more dangerous than this.
See mystery a few monks accept a pair of continue in-depth sample Qin Hongrui rude awakening hesitated a few breath a grind a stamp followed.
"Let me tell you about our previous situation. Soon after we separated from you, we saw a cave with many spiritual plants. My teammates and I accidentally picked fruits on the spot and got deeper and deeper. When we went out, the number of tarantulas was several, and it didn’t increase until later."
"Now that I think about it, the place where we first met with the tarantula is not here, but the tarantula approached us step by step to their nest. If only we had more experience before, otherwise we wouldn’t be so embarrassed behind …" Qin Hongrui said with a wry smile.
"Shh, there’s movement in front." Walk in front of the mystery way