Explanation Hongtuyin sounded at this moment. "We know that there is a fault in the missile rain section. If the first four faults and the last four faults are divided into two groups respectively, the difficulty of the missile rain section will be distinguished in turn according to the different number of missiles in each group of faults."

"Eye, this section has reached more than 50,000 meters, and the speed of the track has increased a lot. Compared with those missile rain sections in front, it will be more difficult here. Then let’s take a look at how many missiles and flash monsters there will be in this position and how much impact it will have on the light warm-up exercises …"
With the explanation of Hongtu’s words finished, everyone quickly looked at the fragment layer in front of them. In addition to those strange obstacles on the track, the numerous missile lines lit up at the same time at this moment!
Hongtu is sharp-eyed, and he is making explanations while keeping a close eye on the difficulties in the track.
"We saw that there were three flash monsters and one missile on the first fault plane; Then the second fault missile also has three, while the flash monster has three … The third and fourth fault missiles are more … Ah! The number of the first four fault missiles adds up to ten! My God! "
"Flash blame the first four faults flash blame a total of this has been a lot compared to those in front of the missile section here suspected to be a real missile rain! My god, this is not to mention that there will be more obstacles in the four road sections! "
As soon as the explanation of Hongtu’s words was finished, they saw that the shallow warmth had already stepped on the fifth fault plane of this section.
There is a flash in the fifth fault, and three missiles that are not in the same row are flying in succession, which seems to have completely blocked this road section. The forward route is shallow and warm, avoiding the first ground clinging to a route, and then jumping in an instant! Will that received two missiles instantly over!
Later, Nana, the witch who turned over the fifth fault, did not stop gliding, but slipped directly to the star square of the sixth fault ahead. In the moment when she crushed the star square, she had successfully passed the other three missiles!
There are five flash monsters in the last two fault planes ahead, and each fault has two short sections and one flat section, and there are three missiles in the seventh fault of these flash monsters, and the number of missiles in the last fault has reached five! At the same time, there is a star square in the square …
Just when everyone was uneasy about how to pass through so many missiles and strange obstacles, they were surprised to see that Nana, the witch of the square stars and squares who stepped on the sixth fault at this moment, didn’t choose to walk from the obstacles and difficulties, but jumped directly! After the second jump, I followed the gliding and slipped towards the last fault star square!
The star square was smashed with a kick from the Purple Winged Dragon. With this square’s elasticity, it jumped over and easily passed this fault!
"Oh … my god! Shallow warmth is worthy of being the best among our female players in front of such a road section and so fast that she can find such a subtle route! " Xiaoxi repeatedly praised
"We know that the last four faults are more difficult than the previous ones. If you want to pass through this section from the surface, it is even more difficult to leach so many missiles than to ascend to the sky. However, shallow warmth can actually think of adopting such a technique to directly lift two glides on the surface, thus passing this difficulty intact! We see that her shield is still here at this moment, which means that this obstacle point that makes several players have a headache has not even broken her shield! What a surprise! "
Being able to handle such a deadly missile rain obstacle so perfectly has to say that it really moved the fans to tears …
Hongtu said, "Yes, today, after Tang Zixuan’s amazing drill just now, we once again saw a magical drill. I have to say that today’s game is really rich in gold, but the player who has just warmed up can be said to have shown us a perfect way to deal with a missile rain section of more than 50,000 meters. I think interested audience friends must have kept her elusive in mind. Today, her operation is a vivid lesson for us!"
The game is almost halfway through, but now, with the exquisite performance of the previous players, the audience’s face is getting more and more enthusiastic instead of being tired!
Chapter 499 Another mistake?
Today, people pay attention to Mo Tianyuan and Ling Han, but they are staring at the track in their hands and dare not make any mistakes.
Everyone knows that Xie Xiaofeng is going to hold the press conference this afternoon. To a certain extent, they are inextricably linked with these two people, and many enthusiastic audiences know that these two people have grievances before. Today, they are paying more attention to this game. Because of this, these two people are glorious and dignified!
One of them is a famous country cool running god, and the other is a newly born dark horse that has risen like a meteor recently. These two people must be as enthusiastic as Mars hitting the earth!
And the two commentators seem to know in their hearts that these two focuses of today’s game are always looking for some highlights in their exercises to explain to you.
"We saw that at this time, all four runners had reached more than 70,000 meters. Although only Ling Han was a professional athlete among them, the other three reached the level as good as the first-line professional athletes by virtue of their outstanding talent and hard practice. They are worthy of being the most respectable cool runners!"
"oh! Now there is a baffle in front of Mo Tianyuan’s competitors, and there are four spikes closely side by side behind the baffle. We know that the farther back the track goes, the faster the speed will be. At the same time, when crossing this obstacle point with a baffle in front, it is easy to hang up prematurely on the track because of taking off from time to time. "
"Eye Mo Tianyuan players are further ahead and there is a second baffle behind those spikes, and there is a small fault behind the baffle. There is a tall monster behind the fault … Although this road section is not complicated to look at, it is a hidden danger. The first thing to pay attention to is that it is easy to bump into the row of spikes after slipping out of the baffle."
"Secondly, after sliding out of the second baffle, a small fault appeared in front of it. This fault is actually quite interesting because it is not as long as we saw it. On the contrary, it is only one or two meters away, and there is a tall monster behind it, which naturally creates a difficulty …"
"At this obstacle point, if the fault behind the second baffle is long, you can pass through the fault by sliding out of the baffle and then connecting several jumps. But here, because the fault is too short, he has to take off at lightning speed when he just slides out of the second baffle, so that he can not hit the tall monster in front. If he jumps out of the baffle, he will easily hit the tall monster in front or fall into the short fault from time to time."
"There are so many faults of more than ten meters or even more than twenty meters ahead that our great god didn’t die. Wouldn’t it be too much to lose if this little thing killed us here?"
After Hongtu finished, there was a burst of laughter among the crowd, but the audience was a little nervous at the same time because they knew that Hongtu said this "uncomplicated" obstacle was actually absolutely capable of hanging people!
I saw that Mo Tianyuan had slipped past the first baffle at this time. When he just slipped out of the baffle, he almost quickly turned over from the front of those spikes in a blink of an eye! That row of sharp spikes didn’t even touch a wheel of his bicycle!
"good!" Everyone was amazed, but they knew it wasn’t over.
See just turned over this row of nails stab super young now is already came to the second baffle before they hold their breath, they know that it is coming to witness the miracle moment …
The super boy who just slipped out of the second baffle jumped up almost without hair! The leaping speed is like a shooting star, like a rocket. Almost before they get back to their wits, they see that the front wheel of the bicycle has stepped on the top of the head of the tall monster in front!
Gao Guai suffered a painful cry from this blow, followed by crushing!
And the teenager who successfully stepped on the bike of Gao Guai also landed behind Gao Guai at this time …
"good! We can all see that Mo Tianyuan handled these two points very well. First of all, he climbed over the row of nails almost without stopping when he slipped out of the baffle. Honestly, I was shocked at that time, but I was relieved to see him finally get well. "
"And then the second difficulty, where the difficult key is also used to grasp the jump after passing through the baffle, I have to say that Mo Tianyuan is really accurate in finding these two points!" Xiaoxi said with surprise in her voice
At this moment, the audience are also pondering over the two Mo Tianyuan’s questions just now. I’m afraid that if they were themselves, they would definitely not be able to do it. After all, this 70,000-meter track is different from the fact that you have to take off just after passing the baffle in front. The test of the details is not only the proficiency of the track, but also a good grasp of the eye when taking off.
"I wipe the source brother, this is too nb, so difficult things can actually pass?"
Taiwan Xu Guming couldn’t help but suck up and make clicks after seeing Mo Tianyuan’s fuck and said with amazement
Aside Xu Yuemeng a clap this little forehead roll their eyes and said "nonsense! How can your brother Tai and I be weak when we look for a master? "
Xu Jiaming rubbed his sore forehead and smiled dryly. Not far away from him, Jiang Wei saw that Mo Tianyuan didn’t hang up at that difficult point and looked at it again. The cold rain sitting in front seemed to be praying for Mo Tianyuan. He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare to do most things. He found that many audiences around him were there at this time. He just lamented that if he said a bad word about him at this time, he was afraid that it would be a target.
Explanation Hongtuyin rang at this time. "I have to say that it’s great for Mo Tianyuan’s players to grasp these details of the track. It’s a little too bad that two obstacles can be passed by him in succession in less than a second! In this way, I am afraid that his detailed reaction exercise has reached the point of a few seconds of terror! God, what a pervert this guy is … Oh! My God! What happened to Tang Zixuan’s racetrack? ?”