The elf and the two women are calm and understandable, but they are also in a state of crazy devouring all plants, but the metal voice around them is also indifferent, which can’t help but arouse the suspicion of the two women and remind them of the snake’s fear and obedience to this person, which suddenly seems to remind them of something.

"Hum-hum carving tricks can scare those who are still wet behind the ears." The metal voice sneered arrogantly, and he later showed that it was indeed qualified to be arrogant. The flames came out of his body and wrapped him in an instant, and the tentacles had reached him. The vines were burning in succession.
Trees are naturally afraid of fire, and the vines around the metal voice quickly retreat.
"Bad" jathyapple lost his voice. No wonder poisonous snakes are so afraid of metal voice. Metal voice flame is the bane of liquid poisonous snakes, and the same flame is also the bane of plants. Almost all plants have ashes when they touch fire (of course, there are exceptions). Although poisonous plants are fierce, there is no way to face metal voice flame.
"Burn my flame!" The metal voice burst into laughter, and the flame suddenly spurted out, and the flames immediately swallowed up the whole platform. Two huge plants moved by the root method, and they could watch the huge trees with hot bodies immediately swallowed up by the flames.
Chapter 27 The end of the battle ()
Starlight jathyapple and two women can’t help it. They can’t douse these flames by making water, and they don’t care if the metal voice flame is an ordinary flame. They took out this species and didn’t intend to let it live for a long time because the phagocytosis of this plant is limited. If it is not controlled, it can devour the whole world.
"Do you have any last words, girls?" In the flame, it seems as if a fire monster metal voice grimaced and asked him, it seems that there is no room for resistance in front of these two little girls, and fortunately, he has no interest in women’s sex. It is saved to use foul language
"Last words?" Starlight and jathyapple couldn’t help laughing. It seems that they are really too low-key. Some people recognize themselves as easy to bully.
"Four younger sisters, I’ll come this time." Starlight took the initiative to discuss that jathyapple’s whip was well played just now, and Starlight was quite moved.
"Well, I’ll let it go to the third sister this time." jathyapple waved gently and the residue of the flaming vine was immediately blown away by a strong whirlwind, leaving no rooftop to become clean again. The metal voice frowned. It seems that he really underestimated them
The metal voice took two steps before seeing the starlight and groped for something in his clothes. These two women have a lot of good things, but they should still think of it first. The metal voice beat them to the stars with a wave of his hand.
Starlight murmured in front of her hand, drew a circle along the track in her finger, and a door suddenly appeared. These five or six fireballs plunged into the door without even a spark coming out.
The metal voice was so angry that I didn’t expect this woman to have such a sinister trick. She was about to rush forward and teach her fist a hard lesson. He suddenly found a burst of energy fluctuation in the door, and then an egg with a slight red light flew out and floated half.
This seemingly harmful egg has put great pressure on the metal voice, as if life is beating slightly in it. He has no desire to resist this little egg. He wants to escape, but his body doesn’t listen to him at all.
"I didn’t expect karma?" Starlight said softly, "Your ability is an absolute nemesis to the man who just died and the two plants that grew out. They have no resistance, and I have something here that can restrain you."
As if to verify the starlight, this little egg wobbled towards the metal voice, but the metal voice was shaking and didn’t leave the meaning at all. He seemed to guess what was inside the egg with a face full of horror and inexplicable expression.
"Don’t worry, it won’t kill you, it will take back your ability." Starlight said flatly. She seemed to forgive the life of metal voice, but she didn’t think about it carefully. Metal voice is a little stronger than ordinary people, and his heart is high. Can he live?
As the mysterious egg approaches the metal voice, the burning flame is attracted to the egg by strong attraction. It seems that the mysterious egg has a big mouth to absorb the continuous flame from the metal voice.
This powerful attraction not only sucks away all the flames released by the metal voice, but also sucks away all his source fire. The metal voice cries out in his heart that it is not good. If all his source fires are sucked away, his ability will disappear. Then I am afraid that he will die, but his strength can’t compare with the attraction of the mysterious egg. No matter if he doesn’t want to be stronger than suction, he will still suck away his source fire.
In a short moment, it was majestic and hot, and the metal voice had lost a little strength. When the attraction of the mysterious egg disappeared, he immediately fell to the ground and had no strength to get up. If it wasn’t for the weak breathing certificate, he was still alive and the starlight was true. He was already dead.
I lost my ability to ignite the flame, and both my body and mind were severely hit. This time, the metal voice will not recover for a while.
"Third Sister, you still don’t have the strength to listen to yourself." jathyapple looked at the starlight with some envy to recover this egg. This is not an ordinary egg, but a sacred animal, the fire dragon king, and the sacred animal’s metal voice. Of course, it won’t be able to resist it. It can hatch itself and absorb the metal voice.
"envy it, but you have a good nightmare yourself. Why don’t you take it out?" Starlight said with a smile.
"Forget it, this is my baby. What should the little girls do if they see me grab it?" Jathyapple pursed her lips.
"Well, we should also see how the second sister and Yun Er are doing?"
"Bah!" The Han Dynasty spat out "Little girl, I see what you have brought." The steel man’s arms violently shook outward to wrap around him, and silk thread was broken in succession. His tall figure rushed at Muyuner.
Mu Yuner couldn’t bear to stop worrying about her injury. Suddenly, she screamed, and her body changed into black hair. Her skin became waist-length, and her ears became sharp, revealing fuzz, and three furry tails suddenly appeared behind her.
"Fox!" The steel man exclaimed: Although his strength is good, he is limited to human beings facing the demon race. He has no hope of winning. If this news is spread outside, maybe Duanmuming and his wife will attract white people to hunt him down.
For these people who think they are just, it is absolutely not allowed for the demon race to appear and they will be killed.
But does he still have a chance?
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Chapter 27 The end of the battle ()
"Third sister and fourth sister, you are making a lot of noise. Did you have a good time?" Qingya sat in the only complete chair in the fragmented hall and watched starlight and jathyapple jump directly from the building.
"Ha ha, second sister, you are also very busy here." Starlight and jathyapple obviously had a good time. If they were known by the "home-to-return" leaders, they would be so angry that the world’s famous elite of the sixth killer organization would be regarded as a toy by others, and no one would believe it!
"Third sister and fourth sister, did you just buy two gluttonous and dragon eggs?" Qing ya’s eyes and two women’s faces visited and asked
"That’s right, second sister. You won’t let us be cautious again, will you?" Jathyapple pursed his mouth and said
"How?" Qingya smiled. "It’s necessary for each other to be cautious if they bully us."
Just as the three sisters spoke, the door rang, and then the footsteps came back to the seven-legged room. Mu Yuner appeared in front of them, but to their surprise, Mu Yuner actually showed his body-the three-tailed magic fox.