He didn’t expect to ask his brother how he got the news from n m: and he knew that the second leng wouldn’t reveal a word.

Therefore, he smiled slightly and looked at Ouyang Can’s way, "You are not the same kind of people who come and go with the world after the little root."
How can it be different? Ouyang can feels that everything his brother says on weekdays makes sense, but this time it is too arbitrary.
Don’t you know who Xie Ting is?
Or brother, does he think Xie Ting is a man who has no world to despise others?
At the same time, Xie Ting sent Gu Man away and watched her carriage gradually leave the line of sight before she got tired and went back to the house.
Immediately, a housekeeper-like person ushered in a low "world"
The housekeeper looks like the old man dressed in a blue cloth with a meticulous hair comb. He looks at Xie Ting with a respectful expression.
Xie Ting’s beautiful face appeared a playful and sarcastic expression. After a while, he turned to ask the old man, "What about Xingbo?"
Call Xingbo smell speech quickly nodded and said, "Don’t worry, let’s hide everything. The eldest brother and the third son are all guarding it. Although the Royal Guards came quickly that day, we moved faster and were not found."
Not being found is enough to scare out in a cold sweat.
Xie ting smell speech bursts with a smile full of yi nodded "hard"
I almost didn’t call Ouyang Can, which is a little bad thing.
Of course, he also knows that Ouyang can is purely out of kindness, but his brother is really a troublemaker.
Can appear at that time and seems to be well prepared. Xie Ting has to suspect that the group of Royal Guards stared at themselves at the beginning.
Think of Fusaiji OuYangCan don’t again remind of the assassin this matter to frowned. "It’s a pity that this time I wanted to completely in addition to the scourge of Baying, but OuYangCan would choose to wait for me there at that time."
Xie Ting often goes to Fusaiji and has been there for a long time since he was a child. Ouyang Can seems to feel the law. If there is anything to find him, he will wait there.
Xingbo looked at the scar on his face and felt distressed. "That woman is really mad! How dare you send someone to sneak into Shengjing to assassinate you? Isn’t she afraid of being noticed by the Royal Guards and bringing trouble to the sovereign? ! And Ouyang Gong didn’t come early and didn’t come late. It happened that picking on that head almost hurt us. "
It’s really no wonder that Ouyang can came to know him and was sincerely towards himself.
Xie Ting is very grateful to this friend who will not abandon himself even in the face of death.
Besides, I would like to thank him for temporarily dispelling doubts in the Royal Guards and turning to assassins.
Yu Yuan, the princess in Yunnan, Xie Ting smiled with some schadenfreude-the prince of Zhao would tidy up his own wife without him doing anything.
On second thought, Xie Ting shook his head and told Xingbo, "Xingbo will transfer all the things in that car to Zhuang as soon as possible. It is very important that if it is discovered, it will not be easy to get away."
Xing Bo also knew that things were seriously busy and nodded and agreed.
Xie Ting was relieved and called on his own page to celebrate Yu. "Celebrate Yu, you go to the Drunk Fairy Building and ask them to look for Sir Zhong carefully in the city."
Xie Yuan, this guy is desperate, right? After listening to a few words of his narrow-minded and jealous mother princess, you are going to sneak into Shengjing to kill yourself?
What a joke!
Kill yourself. He’s going to N M 4 to find another such a good shield and scapegoat? What a fool.
Celebration Yu got a fright. He didn’t know that Xie Yuanlai had come to Shengjing. Now he can’t help but sneer at a way. "Sir Zhong is so bold! Does he still want to kill you in Shengjing? "
Xie Yuan is a spoiled child. Since he was a child, he could do nothing but compete for favor and gain profits. Can you expect him to analyze the interests and bear it again?
Xie Jinghang hummed a face of fun.
"Be careful and don’t be robbed by the Royal Guards first."
Otherwise, it would be bad to drag Gu Jiu into it again.
Celebrate Yu disguised terms should be asked Xie Ting "after the world found? Do you want it? " He reached out and made a click.
Xie ting narrowed his eyes.
He really wants to see Xie Yuan die. It’s a mistake for this bastard to live.
Unfortunately, now is really not the time.
He came to Shengjing in order to assassinate himself. If he doesn’t make it back alive, Princess Zhao will definitely want something that he can’t get away from. When the time comes, the prince of Zhao will be angered, but the loss will outweigh the gain.
Besides, OuYangCan is back, and OuYangXuan must know about it.
If Xie Yuan dies, Zhao Fan loses the trace of Xie Yuan over there. Ouyang Xuan’s first suspicion is himself.
I really don’t want to be spoiled by an idiot after all these years of acting.
Xie Ting shook his head and said, "If you find it, send it out of the city overnight."
Since Xie Yuan dared to come, he must have brought people with him. Otherwise, how could he hide from the Royal Guards with Xie Yuan’s skill?