At this time, I followed Ye Xingyu to Zhaiying’s sight and looked at the figures in front of the crowd in No.7 middle school. After an uncertain scan, he focused on one of them, a beautiful man who looked very quiet.

Turning to Ye Xingyu in front, he asked, "Is that Mo Tianyuan of Ye Ge a white Shuai Shuai?"
Ye Xingyu is tidying up his mind and walking slowly with a smile, lest he be embarrassed by thousands of people in Taiwan if he doesn’t take a step in Taiwan. How can he be in the mood to take a look at No.7 Middle School and hear Zhaiying nod behind him without a question?
"good! That’s him "get a positive answer Zhaiying is very satisfied and nodded his head.
"If I remember correctly, there was a player who lost a game after 10,000 meters, but because Ye Xingyu ran 10,000 meters in the last game, the aura was too bright, so many people forgot that player. Now look at the new player in front and replace it with the original one," said Mo Tianyuan.
After what he said, several other people thought about it, which seemed to be the case, but after careful consideration, several people’s hearts sank.
Even this time, the player who made a mistake has the strength to run 10,000 meters, so that the players with strength have been replaced. How strong should this team be? Obviously, their standard of measurement is not as simple as 10,000 meters. What’s more, it is led by Ye Xingyu, a semi-professional player …
I have to say that several people feel a little painful.
"If each of them has the ability to run to 15,000 meters, it will cause great obstacles to our promotion. However, since Ye Xingyu can enter the Wind Club now, even if his strength reaches 20,000 meters, it is not impossible for him to train several other members in a professional way during his usual training, which is estimated to be faster than our promotion," said Zhang Shaotian.
Mo Tianyuan shook his head. "You don’t know Ye Xingyu’s sexuality very well. If he takes the initiative to train his teammates, I think it’s unlikely. Now I’m worried that it’s a new player …"
"Well, yes, I am qualified to replace a runner who runs to the 10,000-meter race. It will certainly not be weak. Now I am praying that he will not be as strong as Ye Xingyu."
The total score will be five points. If there are two powerful players who hold the last three points after the meeting with No.1 Middle School, the chances of winning the Creation Team are slim. Ye Xingyu has already made several people feel some pressure, and now there is an unknown strength player. Several people are faintly worried.
"Let’s take a look at their game first."
Because there is a challenge team, you can wait until the first two teams have finished the game before you can play, but in this way, you can also clearly understand the strength of other teams
It’s no surprise that the team in No.1 Middle School was as fierce as a tiger, among which Ye Xingyu was as stunned as eating dog skin plaster. Thousands of people were present and actually ran out of a 20,000-meter success!
However, the performance of that seemingly inexplicable teenager is not as outstanding as several people expected. It seems that he stopped running after his opponent was defeated, but it is his hidden action that makes Mo Tianyuan worry more quietly …
Ye Xingyu won’t take the initiative to put his mobile phone on until he dies of natural causes. However, in this way, he is suspected of exposing his strength in front of everyone, so that the incoming enemy can know fairly well when facing him, and even if he loses, it will not affect morale too much.
However, it’s the guy who doesn’t show mountains and doesn’t leak water that worries the enemy the most.
Losing the game and walking on the catwalk 16 middle school looks a little depressed, but it is not depressed. I think I have already expected today’s failure.
After enjoying a lot of worship, four players from No.1 Middle School also came to meet No.9 Middle School and Tiancheng High School. These two high schools must be half a catty, and there may be a stalemate.
But what surprised a few people was that Ye Xingyu walked behind with No.1 Middle School. At this time, the player did not go back to No.1 Middle School, but came over in the direction of No.7 Middle School. There seemed to be a little heat in his eyes.
A few people are surprised and think that he just looked around Taiwan and ignored the confrontation between No.9 Middle School and Tiancheng High School at the moment, all of which focused on the young man who was almost trotting over.
See him all the way straight to the front of the summer and autumn face excited and said, "you are MoTianYuan senior? My name is Zhai Ying, and I’m a contestant in No.1 Middle School. I’ve long heard the name of senior Mo Tianyuan, and I’ve always wanted to meet him. But I didn’t have the chance when you were busy playing games in other parts of the country the year before. But your flurry team is really good at online games. It’s really gratifying that nb Korean sticks and Japanese ghosts have been beaten by you! Can I add your qq if you don’t mind? "
Zhaiying all say that finish don’t let in front of a few people for a long time didn’t huanguo to claw.
Mo Tianyuan picked his eyebrows while Mu Yang turned to look at him. Zhang Shaotian and Xia Qiu gradually opened their mouths …
"It’s him you’re looking for" Xia Qiu nai pointed aside.
Chapter 15 Two semi-professional teams
The crowd around were watching the battle between two schools in Taiwan, and not many people noticed the conversation between these people in front of No.7 Middle School. But beside Mo Tianyuan, Zhang Shaotian and Xia Qiu clearly heard Zhai Ying’s words every word!
This kid just said …
Tianyuan is a flurry team? ? ?
Pastoral Yang shrugged his shoulders, a pair of old already he who sees through everything.
Although Zhang Shaotian and Xia Qiu didn’t note many professional leagues, they still heard of the name of the flurry team, but they didn’t expect that their brothers had been the great gods in this team for so long!
They know that Mo Tianyuan is very powerful, but they haven’t studied his former identity in depth. But now I hear this guy Zhai Ying talking about it all, and it’s really a psoriasis!
No way! You must tie this guy and torture him later!
Mo Tianyuan did not ask these two guys who were already shocked, but smiled and looked at Zhai Ying and asked, "How do you know me?"
Professional league has just emerged in China, and it is not very loud among students, but to Mo Tianyuan’s surprise, the seventh middle school student actually knows so much about the former flurry team, which he feels very strange.
"Uh …"
Like to admit my mistake, I feel very embarrassed. Zhaiying looks a little reddish and embarrassed. "Didn’t you stay in the Wind Club before, senior?" Now I’m there, too. I heard people in the club say, "
The Wind Club …
Mo Tianyuan smell speech heart sank.
He came to Zhaiying as an ordinary middle school student, but I didn’t expect him to be a semi-professional player like Ye Xingyu!
Ye Xingyu’s strength has already made several people feel a kind of pressure. At this time, I heard that there are two such players in this team. How can they not be surprised! Especially after Ye Xingyu ran more than 20 thousand meters face to face just now, the impact is even stronger!
Even if I just learned that Mo Tianyuan was once a member of the flurry team, Zhang Shaotian and Xia Qiu, they also have a great pressure to know that this competition is a team competition. It is not enough to change anything by relying on one person’s strength. This just made a few people not very afraid of Ye Xingyu’s team before, but when they learned that this team from No.1 Middle School actually has two semi-professional players, several people were not calm.
"Well … how long can you run?" Mo Tianyuan touched his nose and asked, although Zhai Ying is very obvious, he may be assigned to the opposite side with his party in the future, but there is no hostility in his eyes. Mo Tianyuan naturally won’t ask for unhappiness.
Zhai Yingqian said falsely, "It’s only a little more than 30,000 meters … but I can’t run that far. Most of them are more than 20,000 meters."
A few people have smoked their mouths, and it’s just over 30 thousand meters. Do you know that among the thousands of people present, the known and the unknown add up to no more than one hand!
"You’re not blowing nb, are you?" Zhang Shaotian suck up make clicks.
Zhai Ying scratched his head and smiled. "Can’t you run so far?"
Mo Tianyuan is noncommittal about this. He knows that he can run so far, but it is still difficult for the other three people in the team to reach this distance. If he touches Zhai Ying in front of Ye Xingyu, he is afraid of losing …
"How far can Ye Xingyu run?" Mo Tianyuan suddenly asked
Zhaiying seems strange and said, "Senior, aren’t you friends with Ye Ge? Didn’t ask him first? He can run as far as thirty thousand meters, but he often becomes unstable … "
"Friends? Before, right … "Mo Tianyuan said lightly.
Zhaiying smelled the smell of gunpowder in his words and didn’t continue to ask more questions. After getting Mo Tianyuan’s joint way, he returned to No.1 Middle School with joy.
"This Zhai Ying looks young, but his strength is absolutely not to be underestimated. When the game is over today, we have to do more. This team’s homework is prepared for a rainy day, and they really caught him off guard."
A few people nodded, although Zhai Ying’s sex seems to be not bad, but when the time comes, such people are the most difficult to deal with in the stadium.