Moreover, after six years together, Ai Zhuoshui’s resentment against Meng Qi has already been exhausted, because Meng Qi is really good to the cat demon family in Kyubi no Youko, and he is also sincere to Ai Zhuoshui. When Xiao Meng is around, Ai Zhuoshui’s iceberg will be melted into a spring water by Meng Qi.

After seeing Meng Qi, Ai Zhuoshui said, "My husband is back. Come into the house quickly."
Meng Qi, on the other hand, handed Xiao Meng Xiao to Ai Zhuoshui and then gently took Ai Zhuoshui and said, "Xiao Er still refuses to practice with you?"
Ai Zhuoshui took Xiao Meng Xiao and said, "Yes, this child is willing to practice partiality with you. You are still not at home all day, so he can only get to the Jindan stage when he wants to?"
Meng Qi smiled awkwardly. "Isn’t this busy? Recently, the yakuza clan is finally coming. This Cuiming Mountain has been building a lot, and there are still some arrangements that I have to understand."
"There are many reasons for you." Ai Zhuo took a white look at Meng Qi, then waved his posture and left Meng Qi behind. He looked at Ai Zhuo’s graceful posture and Meng Qi shook his head and smiled, then followed him and went in.
After going in, Meng Qi met Hu Xianer and Cheng Rewei. Two women sat around a round table and saw Meng Qi and said, "Xianggong (Meng Qige), you’re back. Come and eat soon."
Meng Qi went to the table, sat down, picked up chopsticks and said, "Rice!" After the table is full of laughter, the family is happy and a happiness is quietly spreading.
In fact, now Cheng Ruowei Hu Xianer doesn’t have much to do every day, because six years is enough to make everything on the right track, but also to cultivate some confidants like Cheng Ruowei, who is no longer responsible for training monks, but gave it to her to discover several monks with this negative talent.
However, Brother Cui Mingshan still calls Cheng Rewei an instructor.
And Hu Xianer’s words are already no longer managing Cuiming Mountain. The thing is that Meng Qi wants a baby every day. Meng Qi can’t promise, but I don’t know what’s going on. Hu Xianer has been pregnant with it all day. It’s just bitterness that makes Meng Qi feel uncomfortable.
Of course, Hu Xianer sometimes accompanied Hu Dan back to the fox family to visit her father, while Meng Qi has never been there because he has been unable to walk, but Hu Ao is extremely satisfied with Meng Qi, the son-in-law now.
I can’t help but give Hu Xiaoqi’s hand-in-hand brother department to Meng Qi and let Hu Dan look forward to being in Cuiming Mountain, which is a great support for Meng Qi.
And after six years, it takes some time for the three parties to fight so much. After all, it is extremely uneconomical to fight so hard all the time.
Where Meng Qi repelled two positive demons and three positive demons in the second year, it was convenient to calm down temporarily. Anyway, it has become a three-legged situation, and no one can swallow up two forces.
Of course, the right way to cultivate immortals in the southwest is the original three cases in the southwest, and now the magic gate is the monty Sect. Meng Qicui Mingshan is a tripartite junction at the jagged boundary.
The Dragon Palace Golden Aquarium is entrenched in the Southeast Immortal realm, while the Fox, Fire and Tu people occupy the Northeast Immortal realm, while the Northwest Immortal realm is occupied by Suzaku Xuanwu White Tiger. Of course, there are also two hostile ways everywhere.
Although it seems to be of great benefit that the southwest cultivation of immortals is controlled by the Longgumu clan, it is also more stressful than other places, which can be said to be both good and bad
"Meng Zongling" is responsible for picking up his own people. The night ghosts finally returned to Cuiming Mountain. He knew that Meng Qi asked him to lead such an elite monk to pick up his people, which made Cuiming Mountain fragile to a considerable extent.
As soon as he came back, he knelt in front of Meng Qi, and those hag monks also knelt in front of Meng Qi. Meng Qi smiled and said, "Captain Night, you’re welcome. Get up quickly. I’ve got your people ready to go. I’ll show you the past."
The night ghost nodded and got up. Meng Qi specially built a house next to a lake in Cuiming Mountain. Although the lake is close to the foot of Cuiming Mountain, the night ghost was very satisfied when he saw it. Even if he let his own people choose their own houses to live in.
Meng Qi smiled and said, "How are you satisfied?"
The night ghost nodded and said, "Thank you for leading my people. Considering that they live in water all the year round, if they suddenly leave the water, most of them are probably not used to it."
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "The only drawback here is that it is close to the foot of Cuiming Mountain, but it doesn’t matter that you have worked hard all the way because the five elements have been greatly enhanced. I will give you three days’ holiday and then you will carry out all kinds of activities."
Night Ghosts nodded and said, "Thank you for your command of Meng." Then they knelt down again and went to Meng Qi to know that this night Ghosts is one of the experts who really want to return.
So Meng Qi was so happy that he lifted the night ghost up and said, "I heard that you also have family and children. I heard that children are not big. Bring them to meet me later, and I also gave birth to a baby to make them closer."
When the night ghost heard this, he immediately nodded and said "Yes, Yes". You should know that Meng Qi, the heir of Cuiming Mountain, naturally let the night ghost child play with his children and have friendship. This is to let the night ghost know that he is really treating him as one of his own.
Chapter 35 Old man’s kindness
Chapter 35 Old man’s kindness
Three days later, ghosts with hags officially resumed all kinds of training, and Meng Qi calculated that the ghosts brought them all night, and there were nearly a thousand effective monks besides the old and the weak.
Meng Qi was also surprised that the ghosts of the night said that most of the people were old and weak, but there were so many monks. However, after the ghosts of the night explained it, Meng Qi was relieved. Meng Qi was naturally very happy for these monks to come.
However, for Meng Qi now, these forces can no longer make him too excited. It is to let them join the daily training, while Meng Qi continues to practice every day.
However, on this day, someone announced that someone wanted to see Meng Qi, which made Meng Qi feel strange that it was the right monk who wanted to see himself. Meng Qi wanted to think about this path, that is, he has made friends with three people.
But now, although the three parties are temporarily calm, they haven’t come to visit each other. Besides, before Meng Qi came, they had three cases. Now, if three people meet again, what should we do if the demon family is suspicious?
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "Brother Righteousness? See him off. "
But the monk took out something and said, "The monk said that he wanted me to give it to you, and he said that you would meet him."
Meng Qi took a piece of box, I don’t know what it is. This box is not heavy. Meng Qi guessed that it was only a few times. Meng Qi hit the box, and a fragrance floated out from the box.
Meng Qi knew it was tea and it was good tea when he smelled it, and there was a piece of paper on the surface of this box. Meng Qi picked it up and wrote three words Xiang Ming Ju on it.
Seeing these three words, Meng Qi is naturally a white bearer. Holding this note, Meng Qiyi fell into memories. After a while, Meng Qi put the box away and asked, "Where is that person at this time?"
The monk replied, "We are watching him at the foot of Cuiming Mountain."