"Good talk, good talk," said the bodhi old zu of Styx with a smile. "I, the blood god, have become attached to princess royal, a noble, and the blood clan is a demon clan. I won’t stand by if I’m in trouble."

His loud voice is obviously intended to let the witch family listen to the words.
Feel the breath of quasi-holiness, and the ancestors can’t help but have a heavy eye. So coming to the witch family is equal to two more unexpected quasi-saints. Today, the witch family wants to flatten the demon family in World War I, and then it is possible.
"It’s just that from today on, you demon clan will be in charge of the day and I will be in charge of the witch clan."
Emperor Jiang’s expression doesn’t seem to be discouraged without a fight, but he knows when his heart fluctuates.
Later, he once again opened the virtual door and the witch army retreated in an orderly manner, but the demon family did not stop it.
When he left, Zhu Rong, the ancestral witch, suddenly turned back and shouted to Qin Changfeng, "Have we met each other?"
Qin Changfeng smiled. "In the past, I visited the door and wanted to make friends with Zhu Rong Zuwu and gave me a’ roll’ word."
Yet a Yu Zuwu cried qi qi turned his eyes like a sword to Zhu Rong … They have reason to believe that if it weren’t for the rolling word, having such a comrade-in-arms is likely to be a witch!
"ah! I wish I had. "
Zhu Rong remorseful pretended not to see his brother’s eyes and said, "What’s good about the demon princess? I have countless witch beauties and charming girls. Come to the witch, witch girls, you choose! "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Meritorious seal heaven emperor!
"I choose?"
Qin Changfeng’s eyes swept away, but he smiled. "If I choose Zhu Rong, the stepmother, can I be the master?"
"Please fight!" Been smell speech face to detain show angry, but vaguely ears also slightly red.
Zhu Rong, with a hot temper, laughed instead. "Although you have a good eye, you have chosen my best witch, but it’s too much to commit yourself to you. How long will you live?" It doesn’t add up to a head! "
"It’s just a joke. Don’t take it seriously. I’ll have a chance to visit you later and finish the talk about being an empress."
So-called "fighting" and "meeting" have to smile. Qin Changfeng didn’t have the idea of completely tearing the face with the witch family. The feud between the two lich families won’t affect his personal feelings of ancestors and witches, but the empress has to deal with her when she incarnates The six great divisions in the wheel of karma in the future.
"Ah, you’re too young to know how a witch can be sentimental." Zhu Rong’s seduction plan didn’t work out, but he was annoyed. Finally, he sneered, "You won’t enter my witch family and you will be the enemy in the future. You can be careful."
"Thank you, Zhu Rong, for waking up." Qin Changfeng reached out and made a farewell gesture.
Zhu Rong is no longer wordy and cold, but Empress Been looked at him and Gherardini said, "That convenient witch clan is waiting for you."
In this way, the first Lich War ended in an unexpected way, and the two Lich clans did not hurt their vitality, and the Taikoo Covenant was established. From then on, the Lich clan took over the land of the Tianwu clan and officially became a wild order.
Although the war has ended, the demon race has not finished yet. Di Jun flies to the worse gate and overlooks the demon’s awe-inspiring mouth
"Today, the demon clan set up heaven to announce that all beings in the wild are adhering to God’s will, following the demon throne, conferring the title of my emperor Dong Huang Taiyi Yao Huang; Feng Fuxi and Nu Wa demon saints; Feng Kunpeng’s demon celestial master; Seal Princess Sun of lady white snake, princess royal, to set up a palace in the Sun House to recruit celestial troops by herself; Seal Xu Changfeng … The demon god of war, that is, the god king, commands the demon family to control itself. All the demon families are like emperors when they see the command! Seal Bai Ze demon god … "
At the beginning of heaven, it is natural to confer titles on ministers, and the demon family has been waiting for a long time. After all, this is an orthodox fairy position recognized by the avenue. Once it is conferred, billions of demon families will worship it.
In front of the demon emperor, the demon saint Tianshi, etc., no one had any objection. Then princess royal sealed Princess Sun and gave her the most important star on Sunday. Although it was a little too suspicious, it was acceptable to be the eldest daughter of the demon emperor and demon queen.
It was not until Qin Changfeng, the Xu, was canonized that he cried, causing all the demons to be frightened. The demon god of war also just held his nose and recognized that, after all, although he was extremely famous, he was also a hollow reputation, and his contribution to helping the demon family to pacify the disaster twice was obvious to all. This honor was well deserved.
However, Zhang Di ordered all demon troops to be restrained, and all demon people had to salute when they saw the demon emperor. It would be amazing if they saw the demon emperor. What about the third demon emperor? Is the demon teacher Kun Peng’s actual handle position is quite inferior.
A demon clan, Emperor Taiyi and Nvwa 、 Fuxi, naturally won’t have an idea about this. The demon teacher Kun Peng stands there with a straight face and seems to be indifferent, but he is intolerant. Everyone knows that he is very dissatisfied.
Among the twelve demon gods, there are a few people who are Kunpeng, especially Qiong Qi, who almost obeyed Kunpeng’s life. At this moment, I don’t know whether I was secretly instructed by Kunpeng or whether I didn’t move forward in my heart.
"Although the magical power of the horse is the best, after all, it is not my demon blood that directly confers such a high position. I am afraid that there are many demon kings in my demon family who will not only make trouble because of this, but also make the witch family look at the joke and think twice!"
There was a dead silence in front of the worse gate, and the demon people knew that the atmosphere was strange and they dared not come out, and there was no lack of schadenfreude among those who watched the ceremony to prepare for a demon chaos.
At this time, the East Emperor is too faint to say, "If you are inconvenient to challenge Xu, if you win this god of war, it will be your Qiong Qi."
Qiong Qi slightly delayed and then bowed his head slightly. "Qiong Qi knows that he is no match for Xu and I don’t mean to worry about the unreasonable misunderstanding of the lich king."
"How dare you talk nonsense if your demon gods don’t care about it?"
Di Jun looked awe-inspiring and drank with a hint of coldness. "I have decided this matter. It’s settled. Xu Changfeng sealed the demon god of war. After the emperor, the sun princess entered the sun star and built the palace of god of war."
Di Jun’s voice is dignified and has a hint of anger, which makes people know that if they violate their will again, there will be a storm.
He is not a demon, but Qin Changfeng is a princess royal Taoist couple, and their relationship is excellent, but they can be entrusted with their lives. In this way, the emperor’s own people are more trustworthy and wooing than Qiong Qi and others
Only then will Qin Changfeng’s foreign body become a demon king.
When all the demons saw the demon emperor and the demon emperor, it was obvious that they had made up their minds. There is no doubt that whoever opposes it again will become the target of the emperor’s anger, so people who dare to speak out against it will acquiesce.