Wu Xiaojian was not interested in being embraced by men, let alone mu Jiao Jiao, who was hugged on his chest and was bound to crush her to death.

"Ice thorn!"
In front of his right hand, he summoned three fingers and stabbed the strong man with thick ice, forcing him to raise his arms to stop him.
However, Wu Xiaojian was lucky to take this opportunity to retreat quickly, freezing the strong man and making it impossible for him to chase him at the moment.
The sword fight magic cow also started to act, just playing with this muscular man to see who has greater strength.
"moo!" The sword fight demon cow roared and hit the giant axe over the head at the strong man. It just knocked him into the ground like a nail hammer and cracked the asphalt road. Immediately, it was another sweep. It made him fly out like a golf ball. What a Chesf swing.
"Watch your back" Xueyu wakes up.
Wu Xiaojian felt the hair on his back stand up even if he didn’t look at it. It was a natural vigilance to know that there was enough fatal danger to be put behind him.
I didn’t hesitate to open the igloo and protect myself in a bag-like house made of ice and snow. I could hear the dagger stabbing the ice and making it crack.
"Isn’t it a summoner?" Women are confused and don’t understand Wu Xiaojian’s situation.
Wu Xiaojian won’t explain to her. After a fight, she immediately felt that this woman was more threatening than the strong man. Not only did she have the advantage of suppressing the mage class, but she was also very conscious. Before she started, she was not sure of winning, showing a trace of murderous look. He was a professional who used to fight in high school. I didn’t even know where she was hiding before, and I didn’t even have a step.
Suddenly, the sword fight magic cow came with a painful roar, which made Wu Xiaojian look over and see that the sword fight magic cow was actually hugged by the strong man. The strong man hugged it easily with his arms and grinned at it, saying, "It seems that you are still stronger than me. See if I torture you to death directly? Do you feel very cool?"
"moo! ! ! !” The sword fight, the magic cow is more painful, the cow growls, and the struggle is futile, which gives him the most satisfactory answer
"hand over the note and go home. You are not the first person to receive this matter and you will not be the first person to do it." The woman’s voice came from all sides.
Wu Xiaojian came to consider what to do. When the Snow Demon summons needs a little more.
Now the woman’s words have aroused his stubborn temper and mocked her and asked her, "What if I say no?"
If she doesn’t say that she looks down on him, he might consider that Mu Jiao Jiao ‘an might really give up this for a while, but now that she has said it, no one has succeeded in seeing the situation before, and they have stopped him here or solved it. He doesn’t believe in this evil, so he has to finish this!
These two people are obviously with the woman they saw on the roof. The purpose of showing up here is to prevent him from giving the note given to him by Uncle miscellaneous sauce to another person to tell him what happened and get ready for all this.
He Wu Xiaojian is really not afraid of anything!
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Chapter 13 Wu Xiaojian outbreak [Chapter 7 latest update 1394 17:35:7]
"Handsome guy is careful to brag and flash his waist." Wu Xiaojian said to the strong man in the distance that it is better to wake him up and not look too small.
Of course, it’s impossible for the other party to shake his words easily, but it makes the sword fight magic cow more painful, whine, despise and laugh and say, "It’s better to be careful here than yourself."
Wu Xiaojian chuckled and shook his head knowing that he couldn’t do it without showing some strength.
Seeing the woman who was about to sneak up on him from the rear, the figure suddenly flashed from here and quickly moved to the front of the strong man. His right hand was already pressed on him, which looked like a chest muscle that could feed people.
"You …" Strong man shock ash not white why he is so fast.
Wu Xiaojian thought that he was still too rigid in the game mode and didn’t notice that this is a reality. There are many realistic modes of transportation, such as flurry boots and … snow feather ability!
"Ice flow burial …"
Whispering, a force like stormy waves erupted from his palm and formed a shock wave, as if a heavy hammer struck the strong man’s chest.
The strong man was rushed out by this ice torrent with horrified eyes and was forced to let go of his arms holding the sword fight magic cow, so that the sword fight magic cow was liberated.
"You hide strength? !” The assassin woman growled from behind him and felt that she was an ordinary person before. Wu Xiaojian suddenly became as terrible as releasing demons.
"Wrong" Wu Xiaojian looked at her with a smile and said, "It’s not hidden, but …" Suddenly disappearing from the original place made women panic and look for his position.
However, he has appeared behind her like a ghost and stuck it on the back of her ear, saying, "The roots haven’t been played out yet, and the beauty is kind enough to wake you up. The occupation of assassin is to attack the opponent from behind, and the exposure of the foundation is equal to … death!"
He’s been a geek for two years. Although he hasn’t lost his prestige in the past, he’s a top assassin in the online world. He’s an assassin in the professional department of playing games. He’s even won the first prize in the list of assassins in online games, and he’s the only professional assassin in that game who is not afraid to defend himself. Isn’t this beautiful woman in black showing off in front of him?
When the woman turned her head slowly in panic, an ice thorn gradually appeared in her right hand, just like calling out a frost dagger, and she was holding it in her hand.
A woman tried to escape, but it was too late. Her mental activity seemed so clumsy at this moment.
Wu Xiaojian’s speed can be improved at this stage before the blast boots are destroyed!
Wu Xiaojian suddenly grabbed her hair and a thorn has plunged into her back, the third spine in the middle of her spine.
The woman instantly suffered a 137 damage, which was not created by a summoner!
However, Wu Xiaojian’s attack didn’t stop. She pulled her head back like flowing water and showed her beautiful neck with more strength.
Blink of an eye, the identities of both sides change instantly. Once the prey becomes a hunter, the hunter becomes the prey of the other side’s minions.
"You are …" The woman finally recognized who Wu Xiaojian was, probably because of the difference between network and reality, but she didn’t expect him to be him.
Wu Xiaojian gave her a smile like death. The ice thorn was intended to stab her jaw and quickly wiped it in her throat, making her words stuck in her throat and unable to say it.
Absolutely fatal injury!
This is not a game. When this kind of attack is judged to be fatal, there is no possibility of survival.
The woman broke the sound in pain and suddenly her body broke and disappeared in this place, which has been successfully killed by Wu Xiaojian.
However, Wu Xiaojian didn’t forget that another person saw her dead and the strong man was still there. It can be said that this woman is the star god and that strong man is the player.
See Wu Xiaojian smiled and walked towards him. The strong man actually felt a little fear.
Just now, the scene was clearly seen by him. I didn’t expect him to be solved so quickly by this seemingly ineffective man who should be a summoner.
"Just now is not very arrogant? Uncle? "
Wu Xiaojian smiled more and more brilliantly, but at this moment there was an evil smell.
The man was speechless and knew that Wu Xiaojian saw something.
"Did you kill her?" Being turned into a hamster, Wu Xiaojian put it in his pocket and bathed Jiao Jiao. He was a little afraid to ask him what he felt. Today, she saw the scene with her own eyes and felt the courage, which made her deeply realize the cruelty of the game.
"No," Wu Xiaojian said to her with a smile, "it was a temporary defeat. Death can be resurrected here."
However, he also knows that his dagger has become merciful, not as decisive and ruthless as it used to be. At that time, he habitually directly gave a woman a killing hole to make her not only impossible to get out again, but also to ensure that 1% had no chance of being killed instantly.
However, when the dagger really wanted to do this, he still remembered what his grandmother said to him, telling him to "forgive others" and not to turn the fighting into a killing place, so it was a milder way to solve her.
"Well," Mu Jiao Jiao was relieved to stay in his pocket and liked this place a little.