Romon asked the woman to smile without saying a word, but nodded gently. The short man licked the iron bee sting in his hand. "I can’t wait any longer."

"At your command"
Strong bone armor big fellow respectful way
A sudden change of countesses’ complexion did not expect that Simon Empire sent such a heavyweight young generation this time.
These three backgrounds are also great. The white-skinned woman is Noffie, but a young marquis. She has been trained by the marquis since childhood, and she is definitely an opponent in the same level.
Some short men are Bojue, and his grandfather is also a marquis. The fighting gene is frightening. The marquis once praised his fighting talent as much as when he was young.
Finally, the big man with a big bone armor is a slave of Romon’s family, but this is not an ordinary slave, but Romon’s father, the duke, who is a relative of a war general, and if the war general is never weaker than a marquis in strength theory, he voluntarily follows the duke and has no empire to receive title certification.
The fall of a young man will cause an uproar, and the background of the other party is not that they can match.
The earl who denounced Kaman’s treason were silent. This is not their home. They are here to escort these young generations.
Duke and adults have also said that the future will be the future of the younger generation, and they will bring a group of younger generations to the past, and they will adapt to the outside world faster than the old and noble, because the younger generation has stronger plasticity.
"Look, you elders need to worry. Now it’s just an interesting way of playing."
Romon smiled with a gentleman. "It’s a matter of time that we won’t lose and bury the land in the Ministry of God. In this process, our younger generation can gain more experience. This is a wonderful journey and our battle feast."
He turned to look at the star of the gods. "It’s time to calculate. Can we play today?"
He paused. "My friends are getting impatient."
Chapter one thousand and seventy Nine losing streak
The depressing atmosphere of the star of the Dead is enveloping every corner.
All the residents of this ancient star know that foreign invaders are eyeing up here outside the star domain, and they are stronger than Megatron, and now they are forced to sign unequal game bets.
Maybe some big shots think this is procrastination, but many people don’t understand it.
Why did you sign such an unreasonable game agreement because yesterday’s burial of several major forces and strong points have occupied an absolute advantage?
Even though there are many powerful nobles with deep blood coming one after another outside the star domain, people think that the peak of Longzuxue Moon in Gulong Grottoes must be stronger.
Especially the dragon ancestor, no one knows how long it has lived, and its strength has reached such a level.
There are also rumors about the stars that can be buried, revealing the news of these deep-blooded nobles
When drinking in a restaurant in Linshanhe, I heard a noisy discussion around me, and there was a lot of talk about the origin of the noble blood.
Some people say that these people were sealed by the ancient gods and demons, and they were born in this era. It is necessary for the great people in troubled times to know their origins and be so afraid to fight head-on when they want to delay.
It is also said that these deep-blooded aristocrats ran out of a forbidden place in life, perhaps because they were born to bury the gods.
Others say that Simon’s empire has always been buried, and an ancient star not far from the star domain was very low-key before. Now that the real dragon has dispersed, the aura of heaven and earth has become more abundant, and they have only appeared as a star for hegemony.
There are many strange sayings, but Lin Shanhe feels that most of them are unreliable.
But there is only one thing he knows, that is, these deep-blooded aristocrats are really not easy to mess with, otherwise he would not be pushed more by these deep-blooded aristocrats if he knew the overbearing style of the people who buried the gods.
Lin Shanhe came to the balcony with a glass and looked at the Milky Way with a sigh.
He’s … a little homesick.
But now the stars are so chaotic and buried, and the stars are so passive. It is very dangerous to travel in the stars and reach another star field. He can’t go back.
And in his heart, he is more worried about whether the original Guxing hometown of Zhenlong Xingyu is still safe and has not been discovered by deep blood nobles.
At present, he learned that if the original ancient star was discovered, the consequences would be unimaginable.
He remembered that Lu Xiong had spoken to himself that day, perhaps because he was too young and impulsive to say goodbye to his family, and he stepped on the ancient road to bury the gods.
At this moment, there are not a few people who look at the stars like forests and mountains. There are many ancient and powerful life sources in the universe, and many young tianjiao who travel on the ancient roads stop here.
They don’t want to bury the gods for a generation, but they think that Taoism and Taoism are prosperous here, and they want to study more, so they will return home one day.
But the situation of the star is so chaotic that they return to China, and the star is afraid of burying the god, but it is temporarily safe
Standing respectfully behind the peak of the snowy moon, Qianxue and Yeliufeng.
"How sure are you about those people?"
Xue Yuefeng’s main expression is calm, but there is concern in her beautiful eyes. As soon as she knows, Count Kaman will promise some frankness.
Because those noble young people with deep blood are too strong, they say that the waves behind the river push the waves before, but the actual situation is not necessarily the case.
She and her contemporaries, the founders of great powers, were buried in the most difficult times at the beginning of the calendar, and they groped their way to this day. Nowadays, although the realm will rise much faster, their understanding of the same level of combat effectiveness is far worse than that of them.
Deep-blooded nobles are naturally murderous and agreed to fight in the same order, but this concept of the same order is extremely vague. They will not accept that playing in places like cloud battlefield will really kill each other.
That is to say, the method of finding an absolute match with the same order can be said to be that their blood energy level and the level of the Godsworn realm are roughly the same order
This kind of condition ruins the quality of young people, which is really worrying because they never grow up as brutally as the abyss.
It’s the first group to grow up in the history of burying gods. Lord Xueyue Peak certainly knows more secrets. She once saw the noble records of too deep blood in ancient books.
Not only that, but when she traveled to the stars in her early years, she was also with the Emperor Xia. Many planets have seen the remains of Yu Yuan’s blood nobles. This is definitely a terrible race.
When the noble of deep blood came to this star, even the fairy gods wanted to change easily. I’m afraid there were the real dragons and the secret blood clan who didn’t fear the deep blood clan at that time
But now, the secret blood of heaven and earth is declining, and the real dragon clan is even more left with a brain that is not very good for Xiaojinlong. Xiaojinlong is still young and can’t be these noble rivals with deep blood.
"Master and brother will try their best to hold our territory."
Ye Liufeng looked serious. She summed up the experience of Aotianyi World War I. During this period, there are also many rising snow peaks. She is definitely the best among the younger generation.
"If you can fight in the same order"
Thousands of snow light way she didn’t put the words too slowly.
It’s really not like a pioneer should talk, but this big world is too strong, just like she once lost to Ao Tian, a pioneer in the same order, and this star is not strong.
"The future is worrying … Xue sister doesn’t come back …"
Xue Yuefeng frowned and sighed. She knew that Xue had gone out to find her brother, but if she didn’t go home to bury the god star, she would be in danger of being stormed at any time.
The contract is the most unreliable thing in the world. The Comte Kaman swore an oath in his own identity, but in her ancient literature, she knew only one count about the noble with deep blood, which was nothing.
If the great men in the abyss are dissatisfied with waiting, they may break the contract at any time after arrival and storm the ruined star, Count Kaman’s life and death is nothing to them.
"Is that the cosmic ancient star carrier?"
Ye Liufeng looked in one direction. She saw several star carriers rising.
"Someone really wants to die. These dwarfs are too arrogant."
Xue Yuefeng said lightly that she had no liking for these ancient wise men. She didn’t interfere with the wise men’s affairs because she gave Ji Daoyou a face, but she wouldn’t leave her hand if the wise men were short and dared to provoke Xue Yuefeng.
The Xingzhi fleet set sail, and they couldn’t help it any longer. Because they received help from their home planet, the ancient planet’s army was almost undefended.
For example, today’s ancient star is a mess, and all the star fields are raging, smashing, looting and burning, and they have recreated what they once said about his life source.
The threat to these tianjiao lies in the fact that many people have lost sight of the state of the stars because of the noble arrival. The road ahead is uncertain, and they dare not step into the ancient road of the stars and go home, so they can plunder resources on the spot to practice.