Thinking of this, Wei Ji was determined to get down on his knees at that time. "Senior Liu Ji Chang is willing to worship your teacher and ask you to take him in!"

"Good good!" The black-robed old man stroked his beard with his right hand and said with a smile, "You are my younger brother. You are a rich teacher. You have seen it at the exchange meeting. For the time being, you have done enough. I won’t give it to you. After returning to the mountain, I will guide you to practice and let what you have play to the limit."
But now the teacher wants to ask you to master this magic skill. Your magical power is very helpful for the teacher to break through Yuan Ying’s achievement in Yuan Shen’s realm. Now you should inform the teacher about the enlightenment method! "
"yes! Please wait a moment, Master! " Wei bogey looked respectful and answered very earnestly. The defender bogey made a gesture of being prepared to lose his memory.
"Master, please prepare to accept it!" Who avoid talking at the same time, the black light spread out toward both sides to sweep the zombies Fu Shan and Wang Xian on both sides, while at the same time, the red sword light in the black light bursts out of it and sticks to the black old man in front.
These red sword lights don’t look gloomy like lotus flower, but they are brighter than others. However, in this brilliant red light, there is a fierce spirit. It seems that this is not a sword light, but a broken road in the ground that day.
When Wei Ji was black, the black-robed old man saw that Wei Ji had something wrong with his heart, but he didn’t care. However, when he sensed the power of the red sword light, his face was uncontrollable, and he immediately showed a colorful and colorful splendor. At the same time, his right hand robe sleeve waved forward and the wind pressure surged forward, while his figure retreated toward the rear.
Who avoid letting go is the light of the sword, the light of the sword is exquisite, but the absolute speed is absolute and sharp. Go forward and cut through all obstacles and obstacles ahead, so the wind pressure released by the black-robed old man was cut through hundreds of swords in an instant, as if it didn’t have the slightest hindrance, and continued to move forward towards the colorful Shenhua of the black-robed old man’s body protection.
The intersection of these hundreds of swords and colorful Shenhua is like a sword like water, and it breaks through with a slight sound.
The black-robed old man saw that the red sword light was so horrible, but his heart was also shocked. At this moment, he felt that his generation was going to encounter shock. All of them were here in Weiji. However, after the previous buffer, the strength of the baby was stronger than that of the baby, like Wang Yang’s anger, and it surged toward the body ruling god clock.
In an instant, the ruling god clock rushed out of the externalized Zhang Xu’s size and kept himself firmly inside. After piercing the colorful Shenhua, Qi Qi bumped into the ruling god clock and tinkled a series of rings, but this time, the ruling god sword light failed to directly penetrate it.
At this moment, when the old man in black roars, his baby power is like a gust of wind rising from the sea, causing a wave of endless waves. With the help of this baby power, a wave of colorful Shenhua emerged from it and spread in all directions as if it were a hurricane.
This colorful Shenhua is made by the black-robed old man who collects five poisons, such as scorpion, centipede, snake python, gecko and toad. Every black-robed old man has collected thousands of kinds of unique poisons to extract the essence of their venom, and the toxicity can be imagined.
This colorful Shenhua has practiced its sacrifice for fifty years, and its sacrifice has reached an endless realm. At this time, the colorful Shenhua wants the black-robed old man’s mana to be exhausted forever without external supplement.
Soaring colorful Shenhua is like a crazy roaring sea, showing its fiercest side, while those swords and swords are like reefs and giant peaks standing firmly in the sea, washing away.
Mountains and seas are a pair of natural enemies, because mountains should stand tall and show their pride; While the sea will engulf everything, and it depends on their profound knowledge. At this time, the colorful Shenhua has a black robe and the old man keeps helping, just like the marginal Wang Yang and the light of the sword of the immortal is the duckweed. Soon, the light of the sword of the immortal will be smashed and then swallowed up by the colorful Shenhua.
Although the black-robed old man won the dispute, he didn’t feel happy in his heart, because he found that his protective five-poison magic bell was hit by Zhu Xian’s sword light, and there were many small pits with different depths, which were many fine grains like cobwebs.
This situation means that the black-robed old man is no longer aware of it. At this moment, the black-robed old man’s heart is shocked because he knows very well that his five-poison magic clock is as powerful as others! The Five Poisons Divine Bell is a life defense instrument. Although it was not able to sacrifice and practice Lingbao because of time, it is also a top treasure.
Top jewel. Is that an equal concept? Actually, being injured with such a blow, although the damage is extremely slight, it can be repaired with a little sacrifice for ten days and a half months, but it also proves what a terrible force it is to be controlled by Weiji.
At that moment, the black-robed old man thought that it might be a fairy treasure to have who avoid it.
Xianbao is waiting again? With such a thing, there will be a major foundation, not a big derivative, but the root of death is that you can’t see Xianbao.
Wei Ji’s sudden raid filled the black-robed old man with rage; And that might make the black-robed old man more greedy in his heart, but the combination of two extreme emotions makes the black-robed old man feel jealous of Wei and want to kill quickly. After the sword light of Zhu Xian was submerged by colorful Shenhua, the black-robed old man turned his attention to the past again.
At this time, the black-robed old man saw that Weiji had been riding in a very green cow’s head with a black and unremarkable picture, and dozens of feet braved the dark smoke for four months, and the two real people then disappeared.
Wei Ji didn’t put the right meaning in front of an infant gentleman at this moment. He didn’t leave here directly, but stood here in order to walk more smoothly and feel more at ease.
In the black smoke, Fu Shan and Wang Xian stood there with a drop of red blood about the size of knuckles suspended in the emptiness, and four illusory doors appeared in the four directions, just wrapping four beads of sword pills in it.
At this time, Fu Shan and Wang Xian are desperately exporting their own Dan Yuanli. These Dan Yuanli are not condensed into spells, so they are directly laid out in foreign exchange. It looks like a light belt and a long river. Suddenly, the blood drops suddenly fell like a drop of water into the deep pool of Gujingbo, and they cried and made ripples.
This drop of blood is the essence of Wei Ji’s younger brother’s life. It embodies the essence of Wei Ji’s practice of "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Land" for many years, and it also contains profound light of yin and yang, which has powerful material resources, and Wei Ji also tried his best to infuse himself with material resources, which pushed its power to the limit.
When the ripples flash across the virtual space, the mighty river is different from the long river of then Yuan Li, and it has changed for a long time. In this wishful thinking, there is a faint thunder sound, which is the strongest power to promote the whole fairy sword array, Lei Guang.
This huge, such as Italy, Lei Guang immediately hit a sword pill in front of him.
The sword pill in front of it is trapped in the fairy sword pill. At this time, it has a blow force. Naturally, it is necessary to maximize its effect, and the fairy sword light is the best in this respect.
Ruyi Lei Guang struck Xianjian Pill at that time, and it was infiltrated like mercury. At this time, a finger was thick and red, and the light was quickly chopped out.
This red sword light flew out at that time, and the red light shone in all directions. After only a few feet, it was overwhelming. In the eyes of the black-robed old man, it was like a ghost blood burst its banks and swept towards him. But at this moment, he would rather face the real ghost blood. Although the corrosive force of the ghost blood is tough, after all, he is confident that he can rush out when he needs a buffer. However, this red tide in front of him contains a sharp horse and the intention of war, which makes people feel chilling at first glance.
There is no doubt that this is the meaning of sword. This red tide can be seen as a sword tide formed by the convergence of several flying swords. If flying swords are classified into magic weapons, they can be said to be the simplest magic weapon. Because of simplicity, their power is immediate.
From the moment when he was attacked, the black-robed old man was already white. How terrible is this red sword light? At this moment, the red tide is ten times more earth than the previous one. Naturally, he dare not neglect it. At this moment, the black-robed old man originally attacked crazily and turned to defense. It was also like the Wang Yang tide. The colorful Shenhua immediately gathered and condensed and blinked. The colorful brilliance was as bright as a real crystal.
And this five-color crystal is still visible to the naked eye, and the speed of terror is rapidly thickening, heightening and increasing. In a short moment, the circumference of the black-robed old man is like an extra five-color spar with the size of a hundred feet, casting a mountain high and firmly protecting it in the center.
At this time, the trapped sword light came straight and bombarded, and it sounded like a light ring. The sword light in the center was like a bamboo, and it was worn in front of the hole. And the red tide around is like a big wave scouring the sand, accompanied by a scratching sound, which quickly obliterates the five-color peaks
Chapter DiYiSiSi Broken Bell Destroy Sword Back in Time
Chapter DiYiSiSi Broken Bell Destroy Sword Back in Time
This record of being trapped in the immortal sword, avoiding self-destruction and blood loss, the two great elixirs, real-life assistance and assistance, can be said to be the strongest display of their strength at present.
Who avoid the physical strength JingXie how far beyond the ordinary monk so powerful sword light is not can’t send out, but JingXie loss is not like mana is very difficult to make up for, even if he also dare not let his JingXie loss too heavy wreck his own very not easy to cast now such a physical foundation.
Who avoid issued a sword light after although also commanded then zombies Fu Shan and Wang Xian hurriedly devour Xuan Ming true water pranayama ready to xu li again, but also dare not to stay here, he took a clap hip green cow at that time, green cow hooves turned into a shining green light and rowed up which passes.