It turns out that Awagi is the heir of the Fogan family and the owner of the Fogan Foundation. Frick and others are just entrusted managers

The sender of the email doesn’t have an identity. Lianna guessed that it might be that Avajiliana didn’t know where these documents came from, but she knew what would happen if they were published.
If it is not announced, it will have consequences. Frick tried to kill Awagi ten years ago, which made him escape. Ten years later, he still didn’t give up, but somehow lost contact.
Even Lena wants to ask Awagi face to face if he sent this email. What if Awagi really sent the files inside? What is he going to do with it?
She is going to persuade Awagi to run away when she has the chance. Even if Frick doesn’t leave the Fogen Foundation for the time being, others will not let him go. He can’t be an opponent.
Hua Zhenxing returned to the grocery store mainly to make such a table of dishes and fulfill his promise to Mr. Feng, and the result was quite rewarding.
Mr. Feng left a wind ring fan, saying that the falling of the nine-turn purple-gold-Dan fan can help Yang Lao-tou to refine the five-qi spring-Dan with it, and Yang Lao-tou stepped in and asked Boss Huang to talk about the cooperation, and then gave him a processing factory.
These things are not urgent. The most important thing is to solve Locke’s trouble and get rid of the Fogan Foundation. Frick has been killed by him, but this matter has just begun.
At noon the next day, I saw Locke’s skull again on the third floor of Palm Manor in Hua Zhen. It was still yellow and fluffy, but at first glance, it felt tangible and unchangeable compared with yesterday.
Chapter 135, Locke’s performance
"I haven’t seen you for two days. What happened?" This is the first thing Hua Zhenxing said when he saw Locke.
Locke didn’t answer. He had just folded a paper plane before sitting at the table, and then a paper plane floated up gently and circled around his room.
Then I saw hundreds of paper planes flying out in the bedroom, on the shelf, on the top of the cabinet and in the drawer. They didn’t fly fast, and the interval was quite long. They all hit the paper planes one after another.
He just folded the paper plane, which is the simplest style. Two identical paper planes can overlap, but then it is difficult to glide on their own in the air. What’s more, hundreds of paper planes are stacked together, so it can’t be thick into a big pile.
However, Hua Zhen’s hovering in what he saw with his own eyes was always a paper plane that seemed to overlap. It was all a virtual shadow. He also felt the strange air fluctuation and consciously retreated quietly to the corner without disturbing Locke’s paper refining plane.
Locke’s offering a paper-refining plane is not only his unique secret skill, but also the process from research to creation and birth of this secret skill. This is the absolute privacy of the friar. Locke’s display at this moment is also a kind of unreserved attitude of trust.
Locke’s paper airplane skill has long been different from the trick of that year. Even if his teacher, Mr. Dawson, came back to life or taught him how to make origami airplanes, I’m afraid even Na Chang couldn’t see which way it was.
For ten years, the old wounds are hard to heal, and it is almost a paranoia that Locke has folded his wisdom and insight into the origami plane over and over again.
After several mistakes, this little magic skill has become more and more exquisite, and his feelings about the ups and downs of life and years have also been folded into the paper plane.
Locke taught his paper airplane skills to Hua Zhen Hangs and Manman, and kept all the skills. Although Hua Zhenxing’s foundation is not what he learned, he has to learn these skills as well.
However, even if the paper plane folded by Hua Zhen Bank is handled as subtly, it is not as similar as that folded by Locke himself. Hua Zhen Bank prefers and is more suitable for Mo Shang Tong to teach wood magpie.
Locke’s folding a paper plane seems to be very quick and it takes a long time to prepare. First, he has to pour the knowledge of God into the paper, and then he outlines every step in the Yuan God. Finally, all the steps can’t go wrong in one go.
Locke knew that his injury could not be cured, and it was difficult to break out in case of danger, and it would not last long. So he tried to unite his magical power and inject it into the paper plane on weekdays.
This is not only the rudiment of eye surgery, but also the rudiment of the symbol or scroll, and it is also the simplest and most fragile instrument. Anyway, there is no teacher to teach him, and it is a summary of his constant trial and error
In case of danger and need to fight, the paper plane can explode, which makes it like a trip to the heights. The only weakness of this is that if the paper plane is destroyed, it will be more seriously injured.
At this moment, the trip to Hua Zhen witnessed the evolution of the paper plane and became a truly unique stunt, which can even be exclusively undertaken by Locke, a theologian.
Together, the material of the paper plane has also changed in shape, and it is no longer strengthened by gods. Paper can no longer be called paper.
Those creases give it spirituality, which represents a certain way of power operation. It can change its texture, but it can be rigid and soft, just like it belongs to an organ of the controller himself.
Hua Zhen had even played with artifacts, but it was the first time that he saw someone refining an artifact with his own eyes. In the eyes of Brother Dongguo, this paper plane was a magic weapon, and Hua Zhen watched and learned its ritual refining process from beginning to end.
In the end, the real shapes of the paper planes are different, but they are all strangely superimposed without leaving traces, and the paper planes are still in their original shapes.
Hua Zhen finally made wooden magpies and bamboo magpies by folding paper by himself. What’s wrong with it is the lack of spirituality.
It’s not a magic weapon that has spiritual wisdom, but a human spirit. Originally, a paper plane could inject divine knowledge and extend the physical body of the senses, or a dead thing is equivalent to passively receiving some information from the senses.
At the moment, the paper plane refining process seems to preset a certain program that is unique and wonderful when it is inspired by mana, which is really equivalent to a part of the body-the part that is mysterious and can exert magical skills.
Two people didn’t speak, so they just sat quietly. More than two hours passed when no more paper planes flew out from all corners of the set and merged.
Locke looks a little tired, but his eyes are getting clearer and clearer, with a hint of relief and excitement. He can’t be disturbed in this state. If Hua Zhenxing interrupts, it may lead to destruction and injury.
However, Locke is not worried about this. He deliberately chose the arrival time of Huazhenhang to make the final step. If anything happens, Hua Zhen will protect him. It feels so reassuring.
Hua Zhenxing learned that if Locke had a brother in the future, it would be impossible for him to understand and master this secret skill more deeply than Hua Zhenxing.
Hua Zhen participated in the process of Locke’s creation of it and witnessed the moment when Locke’s realm broke through and the magic came out.
Although he has learned it, Hua Zhenxing can’t do it for the simple reason that his realm is not enough. Even if Hua Zhen Xing once killed a great god magician, it doesn’t mean that he can ignore the realm difference.
Hua Zhen inexplicably remembered that he wanted to refine Chundan’s immediate scene analogy. This paper plane came out of reality at the moment when it finally became Dan, after which Locke made a lot of preparations and experienced various attempts.
The paper plane has been formed. Locke suddenly smiled naughtily, and the lines were hard and straight. The paper plane became very soft and stretched into a magpie shape.
It’s really rare for people to feel that they are always bitter and bitter, Locke.
It is not as tangible as Hua Zhenxing’s cutting wood magpie or bamboo magpie, but God’s paper magpie spreads its wings and makes all kinds of flexible flying movements like real birds.
Hua Zhenxing narrowed his eyes and suddenly felt that the bird looked familiar. Was it a dove or a seagull? He remembered. It’s familiar. It’s wings
Hua Zhen once saw Frick flying behind a pair of white wings with the same shape and outline as this paper magpie wing. Locke, after all, is also the god of Brother Fogan, and we can still see the clue.
The white paper magpie flew around Locke, and his hand became an ordinary paper plane again, but the change was not over yet. The paper plane automatically folded up and looked like a piece of paper with a roughly triangular shape.
This piece of paper was twisted into a small paper roll less than two inches long by soft Locke’s fingers, and then it was simply miraculous and sighing!
Hua Zhen has been holding back for more than two hours and finally said, "Locke, have you broken through the four borders?"
Locke smiled a little reserved and nodded, "Yes, I’m already a formal theologian."
Hua Zhen line "Congratulations! When did it happen? "
Locke "is the night before yesterday, after you left, I suddenly realized that I entered the magic realm in meditation, and after I broke the magic realm, I became a magical teacher, that is, I reached the four realms of cultivation as you said."
I spent another day consolidating my thoughts and summing up the gains and losses of this decade and finally folded out such a paper plane. "
Locke can’t really talk about how deep his mana accumulation has been in the past ten years. After all, his injury has never healed. But when it comes to life’s great joys and sorrows, ups and downs, his feelings for the paper plane are finally relieved. With the breakthrough of the realm, it is also considered that he has accumulated a lot. He chose the most appropriate time to refine this device at one fell swoop.
Hua Zhen said, "This is a baby. It can also be called a paper magpie."
Locke "can also call it a paper angel, but I don’t know much about magic. I didn’t become a formal magic teacher at the beginning, and many things haven’t been taught by the teacher yet."
Hua Zhen trip "What Mr. Dawson left you probably includes the skill of uniting the gods … Let’s not talk about this. Congratulations on breaking through the realm and refining it into a baby. I will take you to see something."
Locke: "It seems that I shouldn’t leave here at this time, let alone be found by others."
Hua Zhen trip "nothing is in another room on the third floor"
The ultra-luxury suite belonging to Fengzi Binna is located in the easternmost part of the third floor, facing the coast. There is a south and a north suite next door, and the corridor is the corridor. Locke will live in the north suite these days.
On the third floor, in addition to the easternmost ultra-luxury suite and the westernmost private dining room, there are 12 sets. Take Locke to the west side of the room on the third floor, next to the director’s office of Mo Shang Tong.
Walked into the living room, there was a big table piled with a batch of sorted things. Hua Zhenxing picked up a pure white dodecahedron crystal chain and asked Locke, "Do you know this thing?"
Locke was taken aback "said stroke charm dance? I have heard that Lianna has been to Dawson’s family. The most important treasure is an artifact, which can also inspire many fengshen magic. Is this the thing that Frick brought with him? "