They have heard of being crossed over to the underworld by Prajna master’s merits and virtues. It feels very comfortable as if the whole ghost has been purified, but it is all golden light. Who knows if the black light will fall on them like torture?

Pure black light gives people a very ominous feeling just looking at it from a distance.
Prajnaparamita and Qing Ming’s fighting stirred the mystery in the state of epiphany. The mystery of aura cocoon was frowned and wrinkled, and the feathers trembled as if they were about to open.
Yan welcome dust and sword star cold two feel mysterious state hurriedly turned to Yan welcome dust to directly narrow the foot and protect the mystery.
"Mystery" Yan washes dust and frowns, worrying that the mystery state will be interrupted.
But listen to the "pa" behind him at this time, just like like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade is a prajnaparamita, who has been twisting three thousand beads in his hand and has been inadvertently torn off and rolled all over the ground.
"Distracted? It seems that master Prajna’s concentration is not so good. "See Prajna’s moving green ghost sneers.
Smell speech prajnaparamita eyebrow micro said nothing but hand to his heart.
Just now, his heart was beating like never before. At that moment, he seemed to have lost all things in the world, and his mind echoed with some unspeakable name.
What’s that unspeakable name again?
Qing Ming mocked back to Prajna’s attention. Prajna suddenly spit out one mouthful blood before she opened her mouth.
Yan welcome dust and Jian Xing cold both shocked and looked at Qing Ming. "I didn’t expect you to be so powerful" is a face-to-face injury to competitors.
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"I’m really bad, but I didn’t get this monk’s injury." Qing Ming’s brow was dignified
Did he make moves on the Prajna monk? I don’t know if this guy deliberately vomited blood and touched him.
"I’m sorry that some Taoist friends are poor monks, but there is something wrong with their mood." Prajnaparamita said, closing her eyes and pranayama without wiping the blood on her lips.
Qing Ming is not interested in taking advantage of people’s danger. "Well, since you have already made moves, just don’t wait for that guy to wake up and see me stop and get angry with me."
With that, Qing Ming continued to cross over and bury the ghosts of the sea.
Chapter 6 Chapter 62
"Mystery, congratulations you have refined gas six layers" A few people busy for a while Yan welcome congratulations mystery way
Now the mystery of refining gas is six floors. On the other hand, they are still five floors, and there are still a few days to go before refining gas.
Mystery this just know that at least ten days have passed in her cultivation period, and this wave of bones lasts for at least a few months.
This means that they will drift in the bone tide for the next few months.
At this moment, Mystery Belly couldn’t help crying "Gollum".
"I’m so hungry. What shall we eat next?" Mystery looked around at the vast white bones. This place can’t make use of local materials. At this moment, mystery is better than remembering the dining hall of Shanhaiyuan.
At this moment, Yan welcomed the dust and fed a Dan medicine to Xuanji’s mouth, which was different from ordinary Dan medicines. This Dan medicine had a grain fragrance-Bigu Dan.
Without saying anything, Xuanji chewed his teeth, but before Xuanji chewed Bigu Dan, it turned into a pure medicine from the throat to Xuanji’s belly.
But the hunger is still there, and the mystery continues to knock on the Valley Pill, and after eating seven pills in a row, it barely stops.
A Pigu Dan can make monks stop eating from half a month to January, not to mention the higher-grade Pigu Dan. So, how much do you eat?
The mysterious appetite amazed Yan Xiechen and Jian Xing Han. They still remember that when they were still in Zhongzhou mainland, the mysterious appetite was not much different from that of female practitioners such as Qin Hongrui and Shuang Feiyu.
Until the mystery went to Shanhaiyuan, the appetite was directly linked to the repair. Now the mystery is appetite, and the two of them are not rivals together.
On the other side, Qing Ming is confronting Prajna.
Qing Ming looked at Prajna with a bad look. "You know, I really don’t like people touching my things … and people."
"Amitabha Buddha, friends of the Green Ghost Road really recognize Mystery Little Friends. Are you a person? You know, she is a Taoist and you are a magic. "
"And I just said that the mysterious little friend and my Buddha are predestined friends, which is not a lie but a fact".
Because there is no hair cover, it is more and more obvious that a person’s face value is true. It is suspected that he is a Buddhist drop-dead gorgeous. His eyebrows are gentle and his whole body is compassionate and quiet. It seems that hope can wash his soul and purify his soul.
It is Prajna that can affect the aura of thousands of creatures. In front of Qing Ming, Qing Ming doesn’t worry about himself but worries about mystery. He and Prajna fought, but these three teammates went to help their opponents.
However, when Qing Ming turned his head and his eyes were clear, he was still not affected at all. Did Prajna not shoot them or what?
"Do you want to continue the competition? If you want to play this game, how about deciding the outcome? " Mystery came running with qingming and prajnaparamita way
Just now, the mystery realized that their team ranked second. This is the result of Qing Ming’s hand. He had been paddling in the same place before, but he didn’t do it.
"Well, since Xuanji Xiaoyou said so, shall we decide the outcome of this competition?" Prajna invited Qing Ming to fight
"I lost your face is light isn’t it? The points of the two teams have already been opened. "Just because he can rush to the second place does not mean that he can surpass the Prajna points.
"Who told you not to join the team before? You said you would help … I’m sorry, I was wrong. Please let me go." Mystery just complained a few words and was pinched by Qing Ming’s cheek gang. Seeing that it couldn’t resist Mystery, he immediately apologized to Qing Ming.
See green ghost move aside prajnaparamita eyes color show a deep.
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In an instant, his body swayed slightly, and his lip angle irrepressibly showed a touch of blood.
Xuanji jumped between his eyebrows and immediately ran to Prajna and asked, "What’s the matter with you?"
"It’s just a little injury that doesn’t prevent us from playing."