Carla felt lighter while holding the plane firmly.
Look up
This time the plane didn’t cross the bridge.
But like vertical lifting.
Straight across the bridge
Landing on the sea …
Chapter 59 Kate Kara Dialogue
Mark’s hands are empty and his feet are empty.
Look disappointed.
How can it be this world?
Mark’s heart is blocked
Can the world be double here?
Mark wondered in his heart.
Chug chug!
Not far away, two media helicopters are turning their propellers and approaching here rapidly.
Mark looked up.
Climb to the clouds again to avoid the media helicopters.
Carla is not so lucky.
Like a fish, it fluttered and climbed twice and landed on the wing of a passenger plane.
Helicopter spotlight hitting face
Water drops fall by themselves.
Carla’s mood is quite complicated.
Excitement is inexplicable.
She has always wanted to be a superhero to protect the world like her cousin.
Now she has done it.
But …
Carla looked up and saw this scene when her super vision started.
Wan Li high school.
Wing of a F22 fighter