It’s no big deal if you don’t win the winning game. He can’t let the players know, otherwise, where are the kids going to mobilize in the locker room before the game? Prandelli gave instructions to the players to attack and attack again, so that Naples would cry and leave Frankie Stadium. The players also nodded and said yes.

Prandelli was suspected of deliberately releasing water, but Rhea didn’t despise Florence today. These semi-main and semi-substitute starters actually reached the top 16 of the European Champions Cup, and Florence’s substitute strength was not underestimated. Needless to say, these players’ pazzini Vargas’ ability is the main substitute of Florence. Almiron was loaned from Juve, and his reputation is loud and tight. It was the season that Florence spent yuan to buy a world-recognized day from Serbian guerrillas in Belgrade. The talented new star Kuzmanovich Napoli is no stranger to it. It was his unreasonable impact after the game that helped Gilardino score an equaliser, and his super impact left a deep impression on Rhea.
After the game, Rhea still chose the main defender to test several times, and then decided to play the Napoli array one step at a time. It can be said that Rhea can discharge the strongest array at present. The back line of goalkeeper Lezo is two central defenders, the core of Cannavaro brothers, Gagrava savigny, the four-man combination, the double waist as usual, Dominica and Hamsik, and the three midfielders are Lavezzi gargano Marjorie, the former striker Dennis.
From the ten minutes after the game, Rhea’s tactical thought just happened to hit the Florence players. It seemed that they were really encouraged by the words in Prandelli’s locker room and launched wave after wave of attacks on Naples. However, after 20 minutes of stalemate, Naples finally knew that Florence was really bared its teeth for a while but could not bite its prey. The tiger in the "nursing home" saw through him. After their real strength, Neapolitan people began to play tiger heroes with great care. Eleven "Wu Song" formed Naples "Tiger Team" and went down to Frankie Stadium, which is called "Italian Jingyanggang", to play tiger brigade.
In the 25th minute, Jovidic tried to show his youth and youth in front of the big Cannavaro. He made an emergency stop and changed direction to break the old waist of the big Cannavaro, but he was so experienced that the big Cannavaro didn’t buy this set. He gave an accurate close-fitting card position to make Jovidic and the football lover temporarily "break up". Instead of breaking the big Cannavaro’s waist, Jovidic was thrown to the ground by him for a long time without getting up.
By the time he got up with his big ass groaning, Big Cannavaro had handed the ball to Domenica in front of him and fought back.
"oh! ! ! ! Old and strong, Fabio! ! ! ! ! Who can tell that he is "old"? Jovidic must have regretted singling out Fabio now! ! ! ! ! In front of cannavaro, who is already mature, he is still as immature as a kid with no hair. Naples fought back! ! ! ! ! The efficient counter-attack season has always been Napoli’s specialty. Will they show their power again this time? Before long, Hamsik protected Domenica from behind and gargano made a one-on-one match in the middle. Ravizi kept running on the left and tore Florence’s defense apart on the right. From Denmark, the opposing central defender Crodrup tried to get entangled with Domenica, but Domenica didn’t give him a chance to "steal oil". The beautiful man passed Crodrup’s ball and didn’t even touch a Domenica hair. This breakthrough told the Danes that although Denmark had created a fairy tale, it was definitely not suitable for them to pass the Danish Domenica in Naples. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "Far away Naples is explaining a live game in different places. Moreau throws a question.
Qinan, who is carrying the ball, of course can’t hear Moro’s words. He is also considering that this problem has broken through to the left side of Florence’s restricted area. He has no way out now because Florence defenders Mazucci and zauri have posted it. He doesn’t want to choose a hard shot because these two people are so experienced that their wedge position is well coordinated and there is no flaw. In this case, Qinan can choose the ball.
The essence of counterattack is never to let the ball stop in the same place, because once you stop the ball and wait for the opposing defender to return to the defense position, the counterattack will lose its due power. At this time, Qinan has two choices, that is, the left and right sides are covered with Lavezzi and Marjorie. He decided to distribute the ball to Lavezzi in a better position, but then the corner of his eye suddenly caught sight of a white figure running behind him. White is the color of Naples away jersey. Qinan no longer hesitated to knock the ball back and hit a beautiful heel ball. When Qinan turned around, he found that the person who received his ball was gargano.
One meter six Uruguayan showed his dexterity and delicacy at this moment. After he caught the ball and broke into the restricted area, an imaginative rubbing ball was twisted into a perfect arc by his right foot and then wound into the right corner of the goal.
"Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !” Is Moro’s words correct?
The Napoli player can tell him now because we are unstoppable Naples! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one
Burroughs scored a goal from gargano in the 26th minute of the game and got instructions from Rhea. They even fought back defensively. The Prandelli team was in a dilemma and let go of the attack. The Neapolitan counter-attack was too sharp. Shu $ The net was collected and attacked. It was suspected that it was a sword from the palace-it was a suicide! Now they are backward, and Neapolitan people have enough time to play with them slowly. If they give up the attack, the consequences will be even worse. Now there are 30,000 Florence fans watching at Frankie Stadium. Prandelli is afraid that every one of the fans will drown him with a mouthful of saliva. The fans can tolerate your loss, but you must not tolerate your cowardly loss. After thinking about it for a long time, Prandelli chose to carry the attack to the end with a wave of his hand.
In fact, the offensive strength of Florence is not bad. pazzini, jovetic and Almiron Kuzmanovic are all good attackers. When they see the head coach’s gesture, their desire to attack becomes stronger and stronger.
In the 34th minute, they almost equalized the score. Almiron scored a precise goal in the midfield, and was sent to Florence because Juventus were unhappy. The Argentine had a beautiful symbolic straight tackle. This time, he found the left rib of the penalty area. pazzini pazzini skillfully swung the ball across the front of the penalty area in Naples. Unfortunately, it was blocked by Cannavaro, who was quick-witted and quick-footed. However, Florence’s attack was not over yet, and it didn’t damage much by inserting Kuzmanovic from the midfield and unloading Cannavaro. The ball was unguarded, and Kuzmanovic was about to shoot a long shot. Unexpectedly, a white figure slipped past his foot and volleyed vigorously, drawing gas.
Kuzmanovich, take a closer look at Niang! ! ! ! It’s Dominica again! ! ! It’s that "haunted" Dominika again! ! ! ! !
The game lasted for almost 40 minutes. Kuzmanovic lost to Domenica’s feet many times. He tried to break through Domenica several times by physically attacking the opponent’s defense, but he didn’t succeed once. In his eyes, Domenica was very cunning. He always made a strong judgment. He stuck his leg and stabbed the ball when you had the chance to move forward. The Swiss’s repeated moves made Kuzmanovic depressed. There was no way to escape this time and was destroyed by Domenica’s quick response! What shocked the Swiss just now was that when he caught the ball, he saw that Domenica was still seven meters behind him. He just stopped the ball and put his legs on the ground, and Domenica was already in place. His mother’s reaction was too fast! ! ! !
Not only did Kuzmanovich shock Big Cannavaro, but he also felt the same way. He just had a panoramic view of the scene in front of Kuzmanovich’s ready to shoot. Big Cannavaro didn’t expect Domenica’s reaction was so fast, and his judgment was so accurate when he tackles the ball at a few seconds. Big Cannavaro thought that he was good at defense and he couldn’t do it himself. Just now, he could watch Kuzmanovich kick his feet and do nothing, but Domenica did it and the defense was so beautiful. The tackle was not sloppy at all.
In fact, it’s not just the scene that surprised the big Cannavaro. In the past 30 minutes, Domenica’s super defensive ability has made him amazed. Excellent explosive power, accurate judgment of excellent card position, good defensive awareness. All this makes the big Cannavaro have a strong curiosity about this new idol of Naples. ! ! ! What kind of football environment can cultivate such absolute beauty characters! ! ! ! !
In the last game against Chievo, big Cannavaro has seen Domenica’s amazing offensive ability, and in this game, big Cannavaro has seen Domenica’s extraordinary defensive ability. Where else in the football field can Domenica not play? I’m afraid there is Lezzo. That’s what big Cannavaro thinks.
In the attack, Domenica is passionate, and in the defense, Domenica is calm and calm, which is not in line with his age. Behind Domenica, the big cannavaro feels more secure. He knows that not only he feels this way, but perhaps the other three defenders, his brother Paul and grava savigny will also feel this way. Although it has only been two games, he is more convinced that Napoli will definitely return to its former glory under Domenica’s leadership, which swept Serie A and chopped off their opponents, and finally won the championship moderns.
In the last ten minutes of the half-time, Napoli’s defense still didn’t give Florence a chance. On the contrary, before the half-time, Naples seized the opportunity of Florence’s heavy pressure and made a counterattack. If Dennis hadn’t finally hit the crossbar and popped Naples, he might have entered the dressing room with a two-to-one advantage.
At half-time, the visiting team’s dressing room, Rirea, praised the team’s defensive level and encouraged the players to continue to maintain this level of defense at half-time. It was a success if they didn’t concede a goal away from home. What’s more, they are still ahead of Rirea, and there is nothing to say about letting the players play freely at half-time.
Prandelli didn’t fly into a rage in the dressing room of the home team. He simply pointed out some areas that needed improvement and let the players understand for themselves.
After half-time, the defense of Naples was as steady as ever. Three Florence strikers, jovetic Santana and pazzini, were all feeling a little desperate to "take care" of the Napoli defense line behind the core of the big and small Cannavaro brothers. Little Cannavaro grava savigny was occasionally found once or twice by the three men, but the big Cannavaro was almost perfect, making the three men’s approach so excellent that they almost couldn’t believe that the big Cannavaro was 36 years old. What’s more, he had both offensive and defensive skills. Domenica Hamsik’s two lower backs were in front to help the Napoli defense line shelter from the wind and rain
Sixty minutes later, while Jovidic Santana and pazzini were still struggling, there was a fatal loophole in Florence’s defence. When Vargas was dribbling in the square half, he was accidentally intercepted by the clever Lavezzi. After that, Lavezzi and Dennis Marjorie quickly broke through the zauri in the frontcourt. Marjorie did not stop the ball and directly outflanked it in a curveball. Dennis hit the goal with a hammer. This time, he also defeated the goalkeeper and didn’t hit the ball in the crossbar like at the end of the half! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Another successful counterattack! ! ! ! ! Rhea got up and high-fived the coaching staff to get a two-goal lead and haven’t conceded a goal. There is no more perfect situation than this. The semi-finals of the Italian Cup have already waved to him.
Seeing that the overall situation has been decided, Rhea is ready to replace the National People’s Congress Cannavaro. It is his first exchange for Rhea. Seeing that the physical fitness of the Grand Cannavaro is a bit out of step, after all, it is already a 36-year-old veteran who moved to Contini during the winter break to replace the Napoli captain. One minute later, Rhea and Zalayeta replaced Dennis who scored a goal to prepare for the Sunday league.
Cannavaro put the captain’s armband on Domenica before the game and gave him a big hug before he left. Now Napoli vice captain Domenica is already the captain of the game.
Rhea considered that his opponent Prandelli had the same plan in Sunday’s league. In the 71st minute, he changed jovetic and Santana for Gilardino and Mutu in one breath.
What, at this time, change two strikers? Prandelli’s idea is to make such a gesture in front of fans who doubt that he is not taking the game seriously! ! ! I still value the 2-0 game, and I haven’t given up. Secondly, it’s also his main idea, which is to let Mutu and Gilardino warm up for Sunday’s tough game against Rome to find their status.
Prandelli’s substitution immediately changed the defensive line, and the big cannavaro Napoli’s defensive line was cracked in the impact of Gilardino and Mutu pazzini, but fortunately, Domenica and Hamsik saved the lives everywhere, which blocked Florence’s dying counterattack. Rhea couldn’t help but applaud Naples’s defense. You know, Florence’s forward line is by no means inferior to that of a Serie A team, and even Inter Milan and Juventus dare not slack off.
In the 79th minute of halftime, the Florentine had an excellent opportunity. Almiron started from the middle of the field, and Gilardino leaned against Cannavaro in the penalty area. After attracting Contini to clamp the ball, he wisely knocked it to Mutu, a Romanian "snake" in front of the penalty area. After pretending to shoot and fooling Hamsik, he made a decisive shot. Fortunately, Lezo never got a chance to perform in the game, but he was not restrained by the idle game in front of him. He hit Mutu’s shot out of the bottom line with a beautiful side-attack double fist. Florence corner! ! ! ! !
Melo’s corner kick didn’t cause any damage to Napoli’s defense. [Nica jumped high in the penalty area with a central defender’s header. In the future, the ball will go out and watch Gilardino compete with him. ! ! How can you allow such a person to come to people? Gilardino secretly blamed Di in his heart, and now he feels a little depressed about Jovidic Kuzmanovic.
In addition to this attack on Florence, there is still a chance for the game to go on until the first minute of stoppage time. Mutu passed the right side continuously. Marjo and savigny joined forces and failed to prevent him. The Romanian sent a wonderful kick near the baseline. In his own opinion, this one was wonderful. Unfortunately, it seemed that Mutu was everywhere. Dominica pushed this "wonderful" out of the baseline before pazzini.
This Domenica is simply the strangler of beauty and the terminator of art. The Romanian cursed in his heart.
What makes Romanians even more depressed is that they just destroyed "art" and suddenly became "masters of art"
At the last minute of stoppage time, after Domenica scored the ball, the iconic long-legged football drew a rainbow arc and landed accurately at the top of Zalayeta’s foot. Instead of Dennis’s field, Sarraille Tahe’s horse-like appearance and hippopotamus’s body scared Mazuqi, who defended him. After Uruguay’s striker carried Mazuqi, he turned around and hit the goal. The goalkeeper Frey failed to jump at the ball. The angle was too sharp. Zalayeta’s shot almost rolled into the goal against the post. Three-to-Naples completely sealed the victory! ! ! !
In the last 20 minutes of the game, Florence went crazy and didn’t score a goal. Instead, she continued to be attacked by Naples. Although it was gorgeous, it was as beautiful as the sunset in front of the mountain, but it was "but the flowers fell". Perhaps this is the portrayal of Prandelli’s mood at this time
There is an Italian proverb that says "think in Florence", which means that Florence is a place suitable for thinking, and now Prandelli is really thinking. He is thinking about how to explain the team’s fiasco in the post-match press conference. The Italian Cup Nation newspaper commented that he was an artist and the Rome Sports Daily called him a theorist. All Florence fans have to think about what they will say at the press conference to see what they can say.
This is a failure afternoon! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Prandelli thought like this.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two
On the second day after the Italian Cup in Naples and Florence, the headline of the Florence media commentary was also a lament "Viola withers at Frankie Stadium" (Florence’s nickname is Viola because Florence’s city flower is lily and Florence’s jersey is purple). In their eyes, Naples people have become "Lu Nan" who can’t understand the amorous feelings.
However, the Rhea team didn’t care about this kind of criticism as "elegance". That’s what football is like. If you don’t be a "Lu Nan" on the football field and become a gentleman, you will cry after 90 minutes of competition.
The three-goal away victory over Viola Florence naturally touched the Naples media "G-spot" again, and they excitedly praised Naples again, as if a team from Mars at this time must not be the opponent of Naples now.
Of course, Rhea won’t be bombarded by the Naples media like this "sugar-coated cannonball", and he will get carried away. Because of this praise, he has heard too much this season and has already had a certain epidemic. Now Rhea, you just brought a group of choirs from the church to sing praises for him, and he won’t have a little excited expression. When he returned to Naples, Rhea still directed the team to practice the attack as usual; Keep where there is no slack.
Back to Naples the next night, just after Qinan training, argus Tini came to the door to come with him. There is another thing that says it is a "thing" because it is a car.
Now this Lamborghini sports car is lying quietly in front of Qinan’s residence. This is a Lamborghini Revenon sub-model, which gives people a tough feeling like a small fighter. According to argus Tini’s hype, this Lamborghini Revenon:: lattice is designed. It is better to say that Revenon is a top sports car than a road fighter. From the appearance of the car, the sharp front combined with the straight lines of the front bumper designed by two air intakes outlines Xu. A number of acute angles make Revenon’s whole body full of speed. The rear of the roof is like a fighter flap. The rear LED taillights, Revenon, which is set in the center and combined with the rear bumper of the bottom diverter, seems to tell the world how crazy it is to hide in the car shell. The LED brake light at the rear of the car reminds people that the signal light on the belly of the plane penetrates the hood, just like the hood of a fighter plane. It is equipped with a 6212-cylinder engine with a maximum power of up to 5 horsepower, a maximum speed of over 337 kilometers per hour, acceleration +n and carbon fiber reinforcement, with a total length of over 45 meters and a width of about 2. In a word, this is a car between Niu A and argus Tini.
"This is what you have shocked me to feel. Actually, argus Tini explained so much. He didn’t understand a word of those professional modern words. It was too abstruse for him. He was simply attracted by the appearance of this car. This Lamborghini sports car is so beautiful that it looks like an art from the appearance, but argus Tini was wrong. He was not very satisfied with Qina.
"My uncle, this car Lamborghini Revenon is not the latest model, but it is produced in two years, but for you. Oh, it’s not the week. You need to attend a new car launch conference in Milan with me. There will be many entertainment stars and sports stars there, because you are not the only one who sponsors it, like Piero Kaka Derossi. They are all Lamborghini sponsors, so the entertainment industry won’t say it anyway, and you don’t know it." argus Tini nagged a lot.
"Wow, what a beautiful car. Brother argus Tini, did you give this to us?" Just got back from school, Xiu Xiu saw that two people were circling around a beautiful car when he entered the door. After asking for a while, he realized that it was argus Tini who was specially preparing to ride a car. After listening to it, my little girl suddenly became excited and looked around the car curiously.
"Domonica, this is the business card of Naples Driving Training Center. I have found the best coach in their center to teach you how to drive. After you finish training every afternoon, go there. You can directly call them to pick you up. Don’t worry. You know that you are now the most popular star in Naples. ! ! Do you understand the meaning of this word? If you are willing to learn to drive with them, they will not refuse such a small request if they are happy. "argus Tini said with great thorns."
Qina took the business card and nodded. After argus Tini confessed all this, she turned to Xiu Xiu and said cheekily, "Sister Xiu Xiu seems to be at dinner time again. I don’t know when to eat."
Xiu Xiu turned his eyes from Lamborghini to argus Tiny’s face "hum" for a while and then pretended to twist angrily and ran into the house to stay in argus Tiny’s face, where Qinan looked at the pair of "stooges" in a funny way.