"Tell Maggie to take the whole secret service team and give me all the gentlemen in new york activities. Please go to the station and let Mrs. M of MI 6 go to new york to meet people herself."
"… yes"
Debbie was silent for a while and then took out the words and called Maggie in far new york.
After telling Debbie
Mark looked at this Paul Anderson with a cold smile. "I think you can call Mrs. M now and tell her that you stopped us from losing a target position that might launch a terrorist attack on our country. Congratulations."
with this
Mark looked directly at Jack and said, "I remember this is the embassy or our territory. Does this person have a visa?"
Jack shook his head.
Paul said heavily, "You are so arrogant."
Mark raised his eyebrows and sneered at Paul. "Oh?"
"I will tell our minister everything here. I have said something to the visa officer behind you, but I will tell you what you think is the story of Dr. Roland."
"Tell me about it."
"A few years ago, Dr. Roland’s wife applied for an emergency treatment visa in your country. She died because you bureaucrats have been asking for more documents …"
Mark pulled out his chair, took off his sunglasses, put them on the table and smiled at the investigator. He said, "It’s easier to hate our country because of this good man, Dr. Roland."
with this
Mark looked at Debbie after the call and said, "Go to the Minister of Justice again. I want to add this good person in the British population, Roland, to the known law enforcement agencies and all air blacklists."
Say that finish
Mark looked at Paul, the inspector, and smiled, "Is this satisfactory?"
Not as handsome as Mark, Paul frowned at the moment.
Still waiting for him to talk
Debbie handed Mark’s words over there and said, "Boss, MI 6"
Mark took the call.
"Mrs. M forgave me for not coming to visit you in London this time."
"Louis …"
"Wait a minute, Mrs. M, I know you’re here to ask me why I want to harass those gentlemen outside. I have an inspector Anderson who claims to be from your anti-terrorism headquarters. Why did I do this? I’m sure this inspector Anderson will give you a satisfactory answer."
Mark threw the words directly at the inspector after saying this.
Paul Anderson was first stunned.
Looking at the corners of his mouth with a mocking smile, Mark looked down at the phone in his hand.
soon afterwards
Silently put the ear …
quite a while
"yes, madam"
"My white lady"
"I will, madam."
Mark hung up on Mrs. M, and the inspector even said rudely, "How can we say that we bureaucrats are afraid to tell Mrs. M of MI 6?"
Paul Anderson put the flip-flop on the conference table and said simply, "I won’t stop you again …"
"It’s late"
Mark stretched and hit Hatcher. The inspector asked Debbie, "What time is it?"
"It’s six o’clock"
Mark touched the bar and said, "Let’s have dinner so soon."
with this
Mark got up directly.
"Mr. Lewis," Paul said quickly, his eyebrows pounding.
Mark turned around and asked, "Is there anything else? Inspector Anderson from the Counter-Terrorism Command? "
"Roland doctor …"
"Oh, the doctor," Mark nodded with an epiphany and then said in confusion, "What happened to him?"
"You don’t catch?"
"Don’t catch it"
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said, "My main job this time is to catch the killer who attacked the restaurant. I have found and killed our lucky man, Albert, and the visa officer has returned to this doctor Roland. What can I do for you?"
Paul Anderson "…"
Chapter 5 Meeting old friends
Paul Anderson was speechless.
Mark walked to the door of the conference room with a mocking smile on his face.
Things that don’t know the state