Yuan Gungun bit his lip and looked at him carefully with black and white eyes. He didn’t reply.

Yan Yan Che looked back at the sofa and said, "I’m going to make a generation. Help yourself." Say that finish, no matter how easily they reacted, some girl turned around and walked in the direction of the room.
Kou Li Luo looked at their backs, put his hand over their perfect faces and nestled in Heiyan Jue’s arms, whispering softly, "If you hadn’t sent Yao here at the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened today."
"There are not so many things in the world. If you don’t make much ado about nothing, it’s all her fault." Black Yan Jue stroked her silver hair lightly.
Koryo sighed, closed his eyes and listened quietly to his heartbeat. Does loving someone really make people lose their senses? I used to be so gentle and sweet, but love can be so crazy that it hurts people. It is an eternal truth.
Black master bedroom
Yuan Gungun was rudely thrown into the big bed. She was wronged and rubbed her hips. She looked pathetic and looked at her face.
"How much did you hear?" Yan Yan Che folded his hands on his chest and looked at the fat girl coldly.
"Department" Yuan rolled back a little bit and meowed.
Yan Yan looked at her quietly and didn’t speak
The atmosphere is a little silent, but some girl still can’t help but ask, "Send sister Yao to her …"
"Dead" Yan Yan Che lightly spit out two words and sat down on the bed.
Yuan Gungun Leng Leng didn’t know the reaction.
Yan Yan Che looked at her and reached out to hold her legs and pinched her severely-she had a good ass.
Chapter 15 Can’t lay a chicken?
"it hurts!" Yuan Gungun called low and grabbed his hand.
"Dare to eavesdrop and be afraid of pain?"
"I wouldn’t have eavesdropped if you hadn’t let me listen."
"What?" Yan Yanche frowned with displeasure and was obviously dissatisfied with her words.
"Come on, husband and wife should not be honest and have no secrets? I will tell you everything I do, but it’s not fair that you don’t tell me anything. "Yuan Gungun looked at him with a serious face.
"Tell me everything you do? Did you tell me about eating strawberry cake the day before yesterday? Did you tell me that you secretly sent medicine to Yas yesterday? Did the Dragon Family tell me about the food binge today? "
Yuan Gungun was a little guilty and faltered for a long time. "How do you know …"
"Are you all as retarded as you?" Yan Yan gave her a faint glance, and her eyes contained deep contempt.
Yuan rolling flat mouth looked at him with displeasure.
"There’s no one in this world who doesn’t have secrets. It’s not necessary for a fool like you to be honest because you want the other person to know what’s going on."
Yuan Gungun was angry and turned his back on him from his leg and lay in bed.
"Um … was it Sister Yao who wanted to arrest me that day?"
"Does she hate me very much?"
"hate one’s guts"