The squeal screams echoed through the imperial garden

soon afterwards
"Bang ~!"
The strong current impact of the whole body of the disc teenager directly explodes, and the flesh and blood body arc laser is vaporized, decomposed and dissipated.
The poor child didn’t become an out-of-body experience, and even the Yuan God’s out-of-body experience was achieved, so that his body could be destroyed and he was completely dead.
What resentment, what revenge, what ideal and what wish are completely annihilated with the death of disc boy.
Su Yu is silent. He is determined not to leave one who may become an enemy! This disc boy was doomed to be killed by Su Yu from the beginning!
Su Yu waved his hand, and the thunder department shrank and disappeared. The two instruments in the mountain stronghold stopped.
It’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not in this disc boy’s words, and there are very few news that can give Su Yu correct information.
Su Yu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and he sighed. "Some people’s energy seems to be impossible to save."
"Open Tongwanjie Mall"
Su Yu low command.
"Hey ~!"
Su Yu has a lot of powerful things in the pop-up mall interface.
More than Su Yu, there is some doubt that if you exchange half the powerful things in this mall, you will not be afraid of any expert in fixing the true plane, right? Any one of the top ten ancient laws can kill a large number of Du Jie masters at will.
Moreover, none of the top ten law-making Wanjie Mall in ancient times is a top prop.
"Alas, it’s a pity that there is no money now."
Su Yu shook his head and sighed. If I have tens of billions of people’s hearts and minds, do I still have to be afraid of those who fix the truth?
Su Yu simply converges to regret and sigh, and directly manipulates all the screen pages, turning all the way to the end and directly searching for the same thing.
[Souling Dan]!
[Souhun Dan] can search for resistance, and the soul memory of intelligent life can be unified and copied; If the intelligent creature dies, it can die for 24 hours, so Souhun Dan can still effectively exchange the required popular energy of 50,000 points.
Very props. What’s the truth? Dan is much better
Former Su Yu is going to make the truth Dan to force the disc boy, but it’s a pity that he says that the boy’s mind is banned. If the truth Dan is made, it will trigger the ban and make him lose his mind on the spot.
This is mostly a means of fixing the truth.
Su Yu’s current popular energy is less than one million. He wanted to save Souhun Dan 50,000 popular energy, but it’s a pity that this guy didn’t cooperate with Su Yu to ensure the true performance of intelligence. Kill him and exchange him for Souhun Dan and look at his memory again.
"Make Sousou Dan!"
Su Yu took a deep breath and crushed Dan medicine.
A mysterious force permeates the imperial garden, and the soul fluctuates after the death of the young boy. Because this guy died soon, the soul Dan searched received the memory, which is very perfect. With the mysterious energy returning to all the screens, there is an additional memory viewing option.
Su Yu clicks to view the life memory of the disc teenager.
36 Chapter 36 Juvenile memory
A person’s life is extremely rich and his memory is also very complicated, including his emotions and feelings about the world.
There are colorful sounds from the depths of my soul that question the world and the outside world.
Especially for the practitioner, the more contact with knowledge and understanding, the more confusion.
Su Yu frowned and deleted some unnecessary life memories and emotional memories, as well as some confusion of this young soul.
I can’t see that this disc boy is actually an otaku. Besides practicing, his favorite thing is to exercise before going to bed every day.
Dirty things naturally don’t enter the emperor’s eyes and are deleted!
Step memory when practicing?
Su Yu looked at it and felt good. He chose to keep this memory.
Yu Xiuzhen feels memory?
Not bad! Also come!
The combat experience is not a bit inferior and vulgar, but the combat memory of the high-level practitioners can be guaranteed!
Su Yu is like a picky customer, and a "memory supermarket" keeps picking and deleting.
Su Yu’s memory picking speed is very fast. He mainly got a rough understanding of the door of a fairy temple and some things he might have concealed just now through the disk juvenile memory.
This fairy temple gate belongs to a certain advanced fix true plane sect, and there are many advanced fix true persons, especially those in Du Jie.
It’s obvious that Xiandian Gate is a very powerful sect to fix the truth!
Just now, the teenager did hide something. The real identity of this disc teenager is actually a fairy temple door, an outer door burning fire.
Due to some plane limitation, the real master of repairing the doors of the Fairy Temple has come to Sifang Mainland and sent this junior brother to burn fire, because he is weak enough, which will not cause resistance from the plane law.
A great man at the gate of the Immortal Temple accepted the boy as his younger brother and gave him a spirit weapon that was not very powerful to defend himself, so as not to touch the will of the four continents.
The will of the plane can’t be underestimated. The will of a plane represents that everything in this plane holds the laws of the plane, such as "water can put out the fire" and "apples will fall to the ground when they are ripe". These world-based rules are very thunder, fire, mountains and rivers.
If a high-level person wants to come to the low level, he must obtain the recognition of the plane will, otherwise it will make the plane will conflict with the plane will. Although there is no life, it is also mysterious enough to destroy the fairy!
The Xiandian Gate sent such a small person to explore the layout. Of course, it is impossible for them to expect that the young people who burn the fire can accomplish anything. Xintiange is indeed a force of Xiandian Gate, which has spread to four continents thousands of years ago.
"This group of people has been laid out for a long time."
Su Yu couldn’t help mumbling to continue to refer to the young memory.
He doesn’t know much. Recently, there have been many high-level powerful generals in this four-party continent. Everyone has sent low-level brothers to find their own successful forces thousands of years ago or decades ago.
It’s not the only higher plane like Xiandian Daomen that has sent people to the boundary. Several monastic sects have crossed the boundary!
At present, it is known to the burning teenagers that the plane forces have sent individual low-level personnel to lay out and coordinate most of the preparatory work, but it still needs to look at the previous layout means, and it will take some time for the senior personnel of the major plane forces to come to the four continents.
What means are they going to use to avoid being contradicted by the law of the four continents’ plane and how to escape the punishment of the plane will? This is beyond the knowledge of the young people who burn the fire.