A cold is actually a minor illness, but it will bring serious consequences to them. When you are sick, you can’t take a good rest, which often leads to the persistence of the disease. You should have recovered in three or five days. A small cold can last for ten days and a half, and even form a habitual cold. This is the case in Zhang Fang.

"Know" Lin Yanxiao "Let’s go to buy new year’s goods every day. It’s always New Year’s Day." I saw that it was cold in the eye room, and Lin felt uncomfortable. There must always be a New Year’s Day.
"Ok, then you go to bed early." Although he got up and said it, he didn’t know how to get along with yan lin, especially in such a closed room, he always felt that he could not sit still.
Yan lin saw that he was embarrassed and didn’t say anything about watching Fang Qin disappear in the corridor. She just retracted her body and leaned against the door for a while before packing.
Shen Baozhu always felt that seeing yan lin again after the Chinese New Year seemed a little different, that is, she couldn’t get along, but she knew that yan lin seemed to have a little star in his eyes, and yan lin was very happy.
But where is happiness? She really can’t see it, but now it’s not about happiness or unhappiness. Now there are eleven players left on the team and I don’t know what Yuan’s director is up to.
However, the second national team has been built, but it seems that there are no good seedlings like the national youth team, and I don’t know who will be the last one on the Olympic list.
It’s a pity to think of Hu Yuzhu and Shen Baozhu. She went back a few days later than Hu Yuzhu, and specially asked the provincial team coach Chen. Coach Chen is full of confidence in Hu Yuzhu, because it is not hopeless for Hu Yuzhu to stabilize her serve and then return to the national team with stable offensive skills.
Shen Baozhu thinks so, too. After all, the national team is still missing a Hu Yuzhu for eleven people, which is still very promising.
From February to April, Hu Yuzhu returned to the national team in less than two months, and the China women’s volleyball team’s Olympic list has now been confirmed.
In the main lineup, Feng Lang and Zhang Fang are still the main attackers, while yan lin and Xiaoju Yang are second-hand. Yang Xiaolan meets Shen Baozhu. Among the substitutes, Jiang Ying and Hu Yuzhu are the main attackers, Zhu Lin and Li Yanjun are the second, Zeng Lei meets Su Meijuan.
In fact, this is not the most ideal list. After all, Li Yanjun is more suitable for receiving, while Su Meijuan is an out-and-out second-hand player. Compared with the main attack personnel, there is relatively one less second-hand multi-attack in the China women’s volleyball Olympic list.
However, Yuan Chengmin thinks it’s a good thing that Shen Baozhu can actually play the vice-attack. This group of players are not specialized in a relative technology, but they are all comparative. Now, the main camp in the arrangement has been able to play its best role, and the substitute array can make up for the poor state of a player in the main attack array. This is Yuan Chengmin’s best list, and it is with this list that Yuan Chengmin took the players to visit the United States in April.
Chinese and American women’s volleyball teams meet again
Chapter 3: Three Major Training Programs
Coach Green pays great attention to the final contest before the Olympic Games. Of course, he also knows to some extent that China’s women’s volleyball team is currently the main team and the substitute team. His team can be said to have a mixed victory and defeat for China’s women’s volleyball team, which is better than the Japanese women’s volleyball team always losing for no reason. This seems to have a somewhat metaphysical meaning, which makes coach Green also a headache.
In order to play the China team’s visit, the United States has arranged six games. In the first game, coach Green has determined two main attacks, that is, to let the new players go to the game. In the end, they have also worked with the main players, and the new players are not without experience in defeating the China women’s volleyball team. Therefore, Green people are very bold.
Bell replaced Celine Watson and adjusted to play the secondary attack on the 19th club. Maggie was also the field catcher and Prada was the team player.
Compared with coach Green, Yuan Chengmin is bold and conservative in the first game.
At the beginning, losing to the American rookie was actually a mountain that kept pressing on China girls’ heads, and this game made them successfully move the mountain away.
The rhythm of the game was mastered by China’s women’s volleyball team. It is unbelievable that the girls of China of the United States won by three goals, and it is also unbelievable that the American women’s volleyball team lost.
Coach Green didn’t expect this array to be such a failure. He didn’t win a little trick from China women’s volleyball team, even though he didn’t score 10 in three games. It was really won by China women’s volleyball team.
There is a big contrast between before and after. Coach Green is a bit depressed, but the players are in a good mood. Hailmann took the initiative to invite yan lin and them to dinner. After all, they are more familiar here.
Yan lin didn’t refuse this time, but he agreed.
Hailmann’s recent state is not very good. In fact, she is also an old athlete. It is very good to maintain her current level. She is very relaxed when she walks on the court.
Yan lin has been in a good mood recently, and Hailmann talked about the club. "I think the club in Europe is quite good."
"European clubs are good, but relatively speaking, there are fewer bonuses in the league. Compared with Japan, the volleyball leagues are rich and the wages are good." Hailmann and yan lin have different views. "Moreover, the technical play of women’s volleyball is based in Asia, but it’s a pity that you don’t have a club in China. Otherwise, I would prefer to go to China."
Feng Lang couldn’t help saying, "Don’t be short of money on our side." Their players’ income base depends on those athletes’ salary allowances, playing foreign invitational tournaments and getting bonuses. It’s really rare to get money like the Asian Games, which is negligible once every four years. Playing in China may still be learned, but money is absolutely impossible.
Feng Lang’s attitude made Hailmann laugh. "What will you do after you retire?" She has long planned that if she can win the gold medal in this Olympic Games, she will continue to play in the national team. If she can’t get it, she will play in a foreign club. After all, most of her family’s financial burden falls on her. Many times, Hailmann is also physically and mentally exhausted
"I haven’t thought about it yet. I will probably read it? You are a college student, but I don’t even have a high school degree. "Feng Lang said that sometimes some people just gave up studying because they wanted to play well."
However, they are national athletes now, and it is no problem for them to want to study in a Chinese university. However, the foundation is definitely better than what they have studied, and it is also a difficult road. Feng Lang has not decided yet.
Hailmann smiled and looked at yan lin. "What about Lin? What are you going to do?"
Yan lin took a sip of orange juice. "I don’t know. I don’t think I can retire for a few years. It’s a little early to think about it."
Age has always been a big problem that puzzles athletes. Hailmann envies yan lin for winning the World Cup World Championship at a young age. Of course, she also knows that yan lin is young but has good skills. More importantly, she has a group of teammates with matching strength.
"Well, no matter what we do in the future, let’s hope we get what we want." Feng Lang raised his glass and clinked glasses with them happily.
Yan lin took a sip of orange juice and smiling. Feng Lang abruptly turned drinking orange juice into drinking white wine, which was really interesting.
Their games are held at noon, which is also helpful for physical recovery. In the United States these days, Lin Yanji has become familiar with her old rivals, and she is still very popular with American girls after "learning English well".
After the game, eat and drink, then go back to the hotel to rest together, and meet at the stadium the next afternoon, that is, the style of painting is particularly envious and smooth.
The next day, coach Green didn’t dare to send the main field directly. Bell’s height is definitely superior to Celine’s, but his experience is very insufficient. And coach Green also found that Yang Xiaolan, who used to be the weakness of China women’s volleyball team, is now playing very well and almost completely changed.
Compared with coach Green’s emphasis on Yuan Chengmin, he began to adjust the team formation. In the first game, he sent Jiang Ying to replace Zhang Fang, while other main players remained unchanged.
In fact, there is no problem with this array. The first defeat of the American women’s volleyball team made them concentrate on blocking Feng Lang again, which made Feng Langgen unable to play the ball. Jiang Ying’s hand was cruel, but compared with Zhang Fang, he still lacked a little resilience in the field. In the first game, China seized the opportunity to save the game quickly, but failed to save the defeat.
Fifteen is one game ahead of twelve in the American women’s volleyball team.
Yuan Chengmin frowned after losing the first game, but he still lacked some experience. In the second game, he simply changed Zhang Fang again.
The main lineup put a lot of pressure on the American women’s volleyball team, especially the China team started to play fast break again. At the same time, it also blocked Vivian and Carol’s fast break. The loss of confidence could not stop the American team from entering a vicious circle and soon surrendered.
China won the second game of the visiting match by three to one.
Yuan Chengmin praised Xiaoju Yang and Yang Xiaolan for blocking, especially Xiaoju Yang, who was in good shape recently, and finally realized it, which made him finally relieved and stopped thinking about finding Cheng Yaqiong to come back and carry the beam.
The victory in the second game made Yuan Chengmin boldly make the newcomers play a full game in the third game, and Hu Yuzhu occasionally came off the bench to win again, 3-1 for China. In the fourth game, the two main players didn’t play a game. Zhu Lin also replaced the yan lin China team and lost the game 1-3, but this didn’t hinder Yuan Chengmin’s confidence in the players. Coach Green also felt that winning the fourth game like stealing was not so practical.
In the fifth game, there were two main players in China, that is, yan lin and Shen Baozhu, Hu Yuzhu and Jiang Ying played the main attack, Zhu Lin played the auxiliary attack, and Zeng Lei played the second attack, so that she won the American women’s volleyball team 3-2, which made coach Green completely worried.
Is he too optimistic before? They can’t win against China women’s volleyball team, so how can the Olympic Games beat China women’s volleyball team?
The record of four losses and one win in five games also affected the American girls’ last game, but gallants, the main team of China team, still lost clean than three.
However, China women’s volleyball team scored five wins and one loss, and this interview handed over the answer sheet, which cheered up the fans of China women’s volleyball team through the paper media and the news. The situation of winning and losing the women’s volleyball team with the United States before made the fans very worried, especially the situation of Yang Xiaolan, which made them almost hopeless about winning the Olympic gold medal.
However, this visit has made them see hope. Perhaps it is not a daydream for China women’s volleyball team to win the gold medal in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. It is very likely that women’s volleyball girls will become the third team to win three consecutive championships after Soviet women’s volleyball team and Japanese women’s volleyball team.
Compared with the fans’ worry about Yuan Chengmin and Deng Zengtao, they pay more attention to the players’ state. From these games, it is not difficult to see that their running and attacking tactics are very successful, but they can still play a bigger role now.