But …

But it’s a famous flower taken.
It’s very simple why it’s still here. Among many biologists’ files, only this couple is involved in and proficient in cutting-edge gene programming technology.
But there is a problem.
These two couples are not only superstars in the field of genetic programming, but also their companies are well-known-Newstead.
On enterprise popularity, this Newstead is at best first-class, which belongs to the kind that a blast in new york can kill more than a dozen first-class companies.
But it happened.
Mark frowned, wondering if the damn fart monkey knew anything before.
A month ago, Newstead shares directly exceeded the issue price by ten times as much as chicken blood.
It’s simple!
The idle guy who has no money to spend directly paid a premium of 10% to buy their shares from five shareholders who hold more than 50% of the shares in Newstead, and at the same time directly ate into the stock market in a large scale.
I didn’t hesitate to throw money on the offensive. In less than 20 days, Tony Stark’s 12% shares settled in Newstead. On the first day, he directly announced the dissolution of the shareholders’ meeting and let Newstead retire from the stock market.
The old man who founded Newstead was defeated in a war that never fought back. He sold his shares to Tony and then disappeared, like the tide flowing in new york …
Thanks to his reputation as a talented weapons designer and billionaire, Tony Stark plans to develop across industries and make Newstead a big and strong biological enterprise.
But after waiting for a month,
I didn’t see the so-called big move at all
Some female reporters who climbed into Tony’s bed by virtue of their beauty tried all their postures, but failed to get a little valuable news from the former …
Chapter 33 IQ transcendental EQ owe
"Are you sure you won’t go in?"
"… I can’t think of it. I’ll pick you up early."
"All right!"
Mark, the trail leading to Xavier’s genius college, smiled directly after getting off the bus and waved to his daughter.
The girl’s eyes held the lux silly dog in her arms for a few seconds.
I don’t know if it is an illusion or something.
Mark always thinks that this stupid dog looks at himself in the wrong way when he comes home from work honestly these two months.
It’s like looking at a big bone or.
Mark deeply doubted whether the dog was in estrus and was thinking about taking him to some pet hospital for castration when Lelix was not looking.
"Ow …"
"Shut up!"