In the valley, the trapped fairy sword light and colorful Shenhua are still fighting against each other. At first glance, the trapped fairy sword light seems to be more powerful, and it is rushing all the way forward. However, if you look closely, you will find that the trapped fairy sword light is no longer at the beginning, and the speed of crushing and smashing the five-color crystal has also slowed down.

Obviously, Yuan Ying Zhen Jun belongs to high-end combat power in the whole human world, and his strength is really excellent.
"Crack, crack, crack,"
Firecrackers ring like continuous running water. In this blink of an eye, the five-color crystal mountain with a thickness of 100 feet has been wiped out by more than half.
At this time, the black-robed old man’s face was almost black and the bottom of the pot was generally gloomy. At this moment, his heart was still haunted, because in his view, if Wei Ji’s first move was such a powerful sword light, he would be cut off even if he would not be cut off, leaving Yuan Ying in the flesh.
Suddenly, the old man, who was stirring up the baby’s power and suggesting that the ruling god clock was trapped in the fairy sword light against the black robe, suddenly heard a very slight cracking sound in the dense noise, and at that time, his heart was a fiercely scanning his ruling god clock.
At once, the old man in black found that his ruling magic bell was originally bombarded by the first sword light of Weiji, and a slight crack appeared. There was a crack that spread violently like a dance of ancient dragons and snakes, and the crack at the core was already as long as a foot and a half.
Seeing this, the black-robed old man made himself white. The Five Poisons Bell has already shown signs of hurting his roots. This Five Poisons Bell is the top jewel, ranking second in all his instrument sequences. The first one is a flying sword named Frost Dumpling.
Frost dumpling sword is a low-order spiritual treasure. Although it ranks in the Five Poisons Magic Bell, it is not from his own sacrifice, but from the exchange meeting. This frost dumpling sword is refined by the elite who have been cold for thousands of years, and it can emit chilly frost gas than Xuan.
Speaking of the powerful frost dumpling sword, it is not small, but its attribute is that the black-robed old man doesn’t fit in. The cultivation of the black-robed old man is the foundation of the magic door poison. It is in the Heaven and Earth Poison Institute that the sacrifice of the Five Poisons God Bell will be cultivated into a life instrument instead of the frost dumpling sword. For the black-robed old man, the frost dumpling sword is just a temporary substitute. It can be said that the Five Poisons God Bell can be eliminated as soon as it is achieved.
Therefore, it is very important for the black-robed old man to prefer to make the Five Poisons God Bell because the combat experience is also equivalent to a kind of strength for the multiplier, but at this moment, the black-robed old man has some regrets in his heart that he is not a frost dumpling sword.
If the frost dumpling sword is damaged, the black-robed old man will feel distressed, but it’s a pity, but that’s all. But if the five-poison bell is destroyed, it’s far from enough to feel it in his heart. After all, the five-poison bell is the crystallization of its hundreds of years of monasticism.
At this moment, although the root of the ruling god clock has not been hurt, there is a fine line. If it is possible, the old man in black will definitely replace the ruling god clock to choose to make the frost dumpling sword. But at this moment, he is trying to fuel the ruling god clock.
Although a Yuan Ying Zhen Jun’s black-robed old man can still give part of his strength to fuel the frost dumpling sword, he can’t guarantee that he won’t be beheaded by the trapped fairy sword light in this instant transformation, even though he is attacked by the trapped fairy sword light like the tide in Wang Yang.
The black-robed old man can continue
At that time, the most painful thing was Qian Qian, and now the old man in black robe realized that there was a way to save his precious things, but he could display them and watch them.
"click! Hey! "
There are two cracking sounds again, but this time the sound is much louder, and with this sound, there are two dragons and snakes winding in the Five Poisons God Bell, and there are a lot of fine cracks around them.
Seeing such a black-robed old man, it is inevitable that the roots of the five poisons will be damaged. At this moment, he hates the slightest appreciation of Wei Ji. "Even if my magic weapon is damaged, it will be damaged in my own hands!"
When the black-robed old man roared in the depths of his soul, his hands moved together at the moment, and a tremor was caused by the shaking of thousands of fingers and palms, and then the light and shadow of thousands of fingers and palms were condensed to reveal the void, and then the light and shadow of thousands of fingers were quickly recovered and merged into the black-robed old man’s hands to pinch out a dharma tactic.
At this time, the black-robed old man shouted "Boom!"
At the moment, the residual five-color crystal mountain in the periphery should be blasted to become a virtual smoke, but the smoke is very different from ordinary clouds. A wave of red swords raging in the periphery flooded many, and then the five-poison magic bell of the black-robed old man’s periphery was smashed and turned into powder.
Along with this explosion, the virtual space suddenly became dark, and dozens of cracks appeared around it. This blow actually cracked the virtual space of heaven and earth. As soon as this crack appeared, it showed its powerful power.
At that time, the red sword tide that spread around was surging towards those cracks like a tide, and it didn’t stop at all, but the core sword light also produced several powerful shock waves when it was broken.
The crack was only a flash, but the light of the fairy sword disappeared completely and the valley was calm again
At this moment, the black-robed old man stood in the virtual corner of his mouth and could not help but seep out a bit of blood and drop to the ground from Ba.
Obviously, although the black-robed old man has moved many secret methods to protect him, the broken body of the magic weapon of life is still not lightly traumatized.
At this time, the black-robed old man’s face was full of ferocious colors. "Ji Chang, I won’t kill you!"
As soon as the words fell into my mouth, I spit out a mouthful of blood again. This blood is not blood stasis, nor can it suppress the injured blood, but it has developed a secret method of self-injury, so as to greatly enhance my strength and promote the interpretation of a Dafa called time back!
Time-back Dafa, although it can’t really go back to the original time, can also make people see clearly what happened before, which is the secret method of tracking down the enemy.
As time goes back, the eyes of the black-robed old man suddenly changed, instead of the original black and white points, they became a virtual faint, saying that he was dark but bright, saying that his light was very quiet and could not tell what color it was.
It was in this virtual space that an image suddenly appeared, and the black figure hanging from the top of the green cow was impressively the image of Wei Ji, and as soon as it was formed, it immediately turned into a cyan streamer that crossed in this virtual space and shot into the distance.
This blue streamer was drawn in the eyes of the black-robed old man, and at the same time, the black-robed old man’s body moved. With a wave of his hand, a long and narrow flying sword with a length of five feet and a width of nearly an inch appeared. It was the frost dumpling sword that was suspended in the air at the risk of solemnity, and then the black-robed old man turned his body into a five-color Changhong and rushed into the frost dumpling flying sword.
Immediately, the frost-dumpling sword-light Hua Dasheng achieved a huge colorful sword-rainbow with a width of several tens of feet and a length of about a thousand feet, and then "poof", a colorful sword-rainbow broke and flashed and rushed out of a hundred miles away.
At this time, if someone is hiding in the side, you will find that the black-robed old man incarnates the colorful sword rainbow flight trajectory, which connects the two points of Wei Ji’s chaotic flight trajectory to form a straight line, which makes the shortest journey and will be completed in the shortest time.
A moment later, the figure of the black-robed old man reappeared, and the blue streamer trace in his eyes was also derived. Then the black-robed old man became a colorful sword rainbow again and flew forward along a straight line. After several times of chasing, the black-robed old man stagnated in a mighty long river.
It’s not that the black-robed old man doesn’t want to pursue any more, but because Wei Ji incarnates water into this long river.
Chapter DiYiWu JueXian escape
Chapter DiYiWu JueXian escape
The black-robed old man saw with his own eyes how Wei Ji transformed the star-splitting and tearing technique and the Yin Lei knife into a flash falcon and a corpse-eating vulture, but he was not surprised that Wei Ji turned into running water and merged into the long river. However, Wei Ji turned into water and has completely turned into another substance. The original breath can be said to have disappeared, and no trace can be found.
In this case, he can’t go back to the Dafa in time.
However, the black-robed old man didn’t show the slightest madness and disappointment, and a cold smile appeared on his face. Then he drew a colorful sword rainbow again and went high into the sky, and then Ling reversed and chopped it hard towards the long river of the earth.
The colorful sword rainbow is expanding rapidly in the process of chopping towards the square, and it has been shortened from the original thousand feet to about ten thousand feet in an instant. It is stronger than the colorful sword rainbow and it is like a pillar of indomitable spirit.
A strong roar rang out and the long river of the earth was immediately cut into two sections, and a huge tributary with a width of hundreds of feet and a length of tens of thousands of feet was added.
It’s really incomparable that the power of splitting the Sichuan and breaking the sea is flourishing. This blow really shows the power of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun.
After the blow, the black-robed old man saw that this long river did not appear in the slightest strange way, but he was not disappointed. The colorful sword rainbow continued to rise and then chopped again, and immediately another tributary emerged from the long river.
At this moment, the incarnation of the water in the long river is also shaking, and he is secretly frightened. He never thought that the black-robed old man was so refined that he found a way to deal with his own changes at this moment. At this moment, he was also glad that he was in the incarnation of the water and quickly fled toward the front without stopping at all. If he stayed there, he would be completely buried.
Wei Ji was shocked by the remote induction, and he saw that the colorful sword rainbow continued to chop for the third time, but the white in his heart could not be delayed any more. He was afraid that the whole one would be cut by the old man in black, and he could play the role of chopping Yuan Ying’s true gentleman. However, relying on the figure of Zhu Xian array and Zhu Xian’s four swords, he did not have the ability to face this butt welding result, which could be a dead end.
When Wei Ji shook his body, he turned into a flash falcon. breaking the surface rushed into the sky at a rapid speed, and then he was quicker than he was. He summoned the green cow again and rode it to turn into a green light and flew away in front.
Seeing that Wei Ji was forced out by himself, the black-robed old man also had a little balance in his heart. "Hum, the preconditions are preconditions, that is, taking Xianbao or a preconditions. It is a dream to escape from me!"
Thinking about the black-robed old man’s eyes, he once again showed the trajectory of Wei Ji’s green ox rowing. At that time, Yuan Ying Zhenjun’s unique rainbow flying evasion technique was once again displayed, and the flying sword was unified and pursued towards Wei Ji. This time, Wei Ji became hasty because of the hindrance of the black-robed old man, so soon the black-robed old man found the empty, middle-aged and shining tail ahead.
As the saying goes, enemies are particularly jealous when they meet! Who bogey is in front of him. The black-robed old man is naturally not polite. A colorful sword rainbow shakes thousands of colorful swords, and then it bursts out. The roots are as long as a hundred feet, just like an arrow and rain, covering the past in the direction of who bogey.
Wei Ji naturally won’t allow himself to be pursued, and although the figure of Zhu Xian array can’t tell you that Zhu Xian Jian Wang can also take the blow successfully, but after resisting it, he won’t have the spare capacity to launch another attack. After all, it’s not easy for Wei Ji to choose and continue to crush the green cow at this moment if he wants to course.
The essence of Qingniu Yijiu, the mount of Archaic Heterogeneous Saints, naturally has its own uniqueness. Wei Ji frantically urged the body to be full of vitality, and then the clouds of aerosol burst into flames. The burning of these vitality aerosols produced a strong blessing force, and the speed of Qingniu suddenly rose by a fraction of a millimeter, avoiding the pursuit of colorful swords of the black-robed old man in the rear.
Wei Ji has never been passively beaten. After escaping this attack, it is natural to launch his own counterattack. After all, Wei Ji is very clear that the best defense is attack.
At that time, Wei Ji once again forced his ten drops of JingXie out and blessed him with 150% mana. In the figure of the fairy array, Fu Shan and Wang Xian also released their mana, and once again gathered a long river. Wei Ji JingXie fell behind as before and once again formed a chilly and extremely satisfactory Lei Guang.
Because this time, when preparing, it is more necessary than before, so this time, it is more fully prepared. Lei Guang is more than three feet longer than before. For example, Lei Guang bombarded the past rapidly, but this time it did not hit the trapped fairy sword pill, but the unique fairy sword pill.
Because Wei Ji knows very well that the black-robed old man is more flexible than he didn’t know before, and every few places are afraid of doing work again, but the immortal sword light is different. The so-called immortal change is wonderful! The unique sword light is to seal off all the changes of the other side so that it can cope positively with the black-robed old man. It is necessary to take this sword light and it is impossible to continue to pursue himself.
Sure enough, Wei Ji’s unique immortal sword light was cut out, and then the black-robed old man incarnated into colorful sword flowers, accumulating and shrinking, leaving only five feet of flying sword body, just like a spirit snake wandering in vain to avoid it. Unfortunately, the unique immortal sword light can always expect enemy planes to respond first, so that they can avoid it and fight head-on.
A violent explosion exploded, and the colorful swords collided with each other, and the black-robed old man had to concentrate again to deal with it, while Wei Ji drove the green cow away again
Chapter DiYiLiu Perseverance