Mark saw the long-lost bumblebee parked on the roadside at first sight.

Mark was puzzled when he parked the white field behind the bumblebee.
I was just about to change into a house when I entered the room, and Kate came out from the inside.
Mark said blankly, "Didn’t you say you won’t be back until the weekend?"
Kate smiled and hugged Mark for a while and then said, "What’s the matter, I’m afraid I’ll suddenly come back to check on you?"
Mark touched his nose and said without hesitation, "I prefer you to stay away from Gibbs."
Naval Crime Investigation Division?
It’s just that the name is smelly and long, but among many law enforcement agencies, it’s the one who feels the slightest.
Mark has an FBI logo and can carry a gun plane.
If you are not very angry when you meet law enforcement, you will directly forge a false certificate.
As Kate and I walked towards the room, Kate said, "Is the Chevrolet stereo broken?"
"Don’t you know?" Mark glanced at Kate and said
Kate replied, "I think you don’t like stereos as much as Gibbs!" "
Mark smiled.
Bumblebee was bad before it left Fox Town.
At first, Mark also wanted to repair the stereo in the past.
But …
Audio accessories can be customized from the factory without repair.
Mark was just poor.
Although it is rich now, the factory that can customize the old bumblebee audio has already closed down.
But Mark also asked a mechanic to pay attention to repairing bumblebee accessories.
When will it be available?
Mark doesn’t know that.
Mark’s footsteps suddenly stopped.
Words …
Could it be that the bumblebee hasn’t woken up because of the sound?
Mark turned his head and glanced at the bumblebee parked by the side of the road, and it was hot in his heart that he thought of this question.
Mark’s heart warmed up for a moment.
Or withdrew his eyes toward Kate smiled and walked into the room together.
You can’t let him conjure up audio parts without the accessories, can you?
____ _w_w_w________
Go find Tony?