Su Yiming’s arms are full of several different kinds of animals, and his face is hung with a s-curve smile. He looks at those people on both sides with envious eyes and looks straight at Muhuan’s eyes with tenderness in front of the camp. This expression makes Muhuan’s heart skip a beat for no reason, but then he frowned because of a certain memory.

I still remember that day when a hundred miles away from the west river found himself, he flew in and grabbed himself around the waist. That look was so full of affection and spoil. At that time, he promised in his ear, "Silly girl, I won’t lose you!" At that time, he kissed himself in the fireworks all over the sky, and at this time everything left a painful memory
Mu Huan’s subtle look change did not escape Su Yiming’s eyes. He clearly saw Mu Huan look into his eyes, first curious, then Zheng, and finally faded quickly. Did this scene touch her mind?
Heart move Su Yiming will hand small spirit beast into the small white arms strode to MuHuan squatted and looked at her earnestly "qiu girl but not comfortable? Is the mountain wind too strong and cold? Or did the spirit beasts just scream too hard and get scared? "
Xiao Bai in the back felt that her eyes were about to fall out of her eyes. The Lord also said that she was not interested in this Qiu girl, but what do you think? Why do you think that the words and deeds of the Lord are not complete like acting? His eyes are divided into worry!
"I’m all right, the door master." Mu Huan was so warm that he didn’t expect Su Yiming to move so much, and he didn’t expect a slight expression change. He looked up at Su Yiming and smiled. "Congratulations, the door master got what he wanted!"
Looking at these clear eyes, Su Yiming realized that she was always different, but he immediately found a reason for her disorder. Women are often the weakest when they are sad. At this time, they need comfort and companionship, and they can just give Muhuan all this.
Maybe she was moved to be tempted because of this, but it was just a moment. Su Yiming, who thought she was acting, automatically ignored the sadness of watching Muhuan slip through her eyes just now, and she could not bear it.
"To say thank you is also a thank you, Miss Qiu. Without your approval and the help of the fire Xuan, it is impossible to catch so many spirit beasts so smoothly today." Su Yiming got up and had a white woman bring him a birdbath to clean his hands. Su Yiming then lazily leaned against the imperial concubine chair beside Muhuan, picked up a tea lamp and touched the bright red lips to gently blow the tea, which was not generally elegant and charming.
"Master, I’m back!" A black cat suddenly emerged from MuHuan feet eager eyes looked MuHuan arms meow "wife, come to my side Chapter two hundred and eleven Palace main lonely!
Meow meow slowly jumped to rub against the fire xuan beside it. The fire xuan stretched out his paw and put his arm around meow meow and snapped his face and kissed it. This just proudly shook his tail at MuHuan. "Did the master see it? Want me to fire xuan horse these little parents were beaten black and blue "
"It’s a pity that I can’t see it so far." Muhuan smiled and put a top hat on the fire Xuan. "Listen to Nini, it will be some time before you become a real adult. Then you can break through fifteen, right? At that time, will they be scared when they see you? "
"Of course!" Huo Xuan proudly raised his head. "When I am an adult, all the spirits and beasts will have to bow down!"
"Why don’t I worship you?" Nini suddenly said
You!’ Fire Xuangang wanted to answer back and thought of something cheekily, saying, "Sister Meow is my sister, and we are all a family, so naturally we don’t need those gifts."
"It’s your business!" Nini smiled. "By the way, tell me about the bag. What did you catch? What should I catch?"
"Good!" Fire xuan immediately and stealth nini there whispering MuHuan quietly looking at a face of smile.
Aside Su Yiming also looked at Xiaobai and counted the animals they caught. These little guys were obviously afraid of the pressure of fire. At the moment, they were all shivering. Su Yiming bent his mouth and gave me a satisfied smile.
Outside the camp, many people quietly peeped in and wanted to come in, but they didn’t know that the women who were still screaming before were all gone at the moment. The top of the mountain seemed a little quiet.
"Sister, sit down and have a rest." O got up and motioned for sogeum to sit down and nodded. Sitting down also looked at the tiger, lion and beast in his hand and kept rubbing its head and being silly.
"She and Xiaobai are close brothers." Su Yiming’s voice did not fall, but a delicate girl suddenly sounded outside the camp. "Please ask the girl to go in and report that I am the lonely master of Chongjin Palace and want to be the master of your door to congratulate you!"
Nani? Lonely? MuHuan smell speech almost will just drink tea gush out is really famous! It’s really lonely! What a lonely woman who makes a fool of herself when she sees a man. This name is really appropriate. Is it because of this name that she is so? Or did you deliberately change your name to loneliness because of this special hobby?
Muhuan facial expression changes naturally, but Su Yiming’s eyes can’t escape. At this time, he doesn’t want to see those other people and so on, but suddenly he changes his mind lazily and goes to the imperial concubine chair to lean against the camp. He should have replied, "Heavy Jin Palace Palace Lord? Qing Er, please come in! "
Then the lonely swaying posture came in. This woman obviously dressed up for a while, and her riding clothes had been replaced by a gentle and lovely low-cut dress and a light yellow dress, which made the jade skin whiter. A pair of white rabbits danced with her twisting rhythm and seemed to break away from the gauze and jumped out from her chest.
"Congratulations, Master!" As soon as loneliness enters the camp, it is straight ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Rao Muhuan has seen more Leng Yuxin’s coquetry. Today, when I saw this lonely palace, I immediately felt that Leng Yuxin was in a different class. This loneliness exudes a mature woman’s charm, which is condensed after several men in the long river of years. The goblin is a flower that has just reached the extreme beauty. Even if you know that it is poisonous, you can’t help but enjoy it before the meeting. This charm is obviously not available to young Leng Yuxin.
In a word, this loneliness is not simple! She doesn’t know how many men have been recruited to grow up step by step. Such a role of all ages, Mu Huan, watched her approach on the catwalk and remembered the famous Cang teacher and the loneliness of sexual fantasy objects in the minds of hundreds of millions of men.
Some curious MuHuan couldn’t help secretly aiming at the side Su Yiming wanted to see how this guy would react in the face of such stunning.
I didn’t think Su Yiming didn’t see the swaying loneliness at this time. He looked down at the front of the imperial concubine chair and held out his hand. He chose a grain of the biggest and reddest cherry in the fruit bowl, twisted it up and handed it to Muhuan’s lips. He looked at Muhuan with a dribbling look, "Taste this sweet."
Muhuan froze Su Yiming immediately stood up slightly and blocked her face expression and blinked at her. The cherry had already been fed to her lips, and the slender and moist fingers gently slid over Muhuan from her lips, which was another lag.
"Master!" Lonely eyebrows a wrinkly and then call a coily this sound than cold feather xin called "hot brother" sound dia MuHuan couldn’t help but get goose bumps.
Loneliness suppressed disappointment and continued to smile and twist to Su Yiming. She didn’t expect that she would lose her soul when she appeared, and she didn’t expect that Su Yiming would flirt with the salt girl in front of her. That cherry should be fed to her mouth! That finger should also be bitten by yourself and licked with the tip of your tongue to see if he can resist his own style? !
Su Yiming raised his head and turned his body. He took the sogeum Muhuan to prepare a cloak. Gai Muhuan’s body was "frozen in the wind at night." His voice was so beautiful and his eyes were so focused as if he were facing his wife. Muhuan didn’t know what to do at the moment.
Aside sogeum also finally felt a little wrong. The tiger, lion and beast looked suspiciously at Su Yiming’s eyes with a trace of anger.
And Su Yiming finally looks up at getting closer and closer, and the lonely face blooms with an evil smile. "The lonely palace master has a heart! You condescended to congratulate me, but your seat was a little scared. "
Although this is polite and restrained, Su Yiming didn’t get up at all. He leaned lazily against the back of the chair and squinted at the narrow peach eye, which meant that it was difficult for him to go through a fierce battle. He just looked more baggy without a belt and clothes, and a piece of skin was exposed, which added a bit of sex …
Looking at Su Yiming at such a close distance, I feel my heart is about to jump out. This is by far the most beautiful and enchanting man she has ever seen. Raise your hand and lift your foot with a smile. The elegant and lazy posture does not make loneliness feel disrespectful, but it makes her more obsessed with Ma Chong and hate him.
I don’t know when the pile of women outside the camp are no longer watching Xiaobai and Ah Ren catch the spirit beasts in the jungle before the cliff, but they all run to this side and can’t wait for Su Yiming to rush in and say a few words. Of course, they look at Muhuan’s eyes except curiosity and jealousy. The eyes are all coming to Muhuan with a swish.
This Uber market is actually better than someone! Muhuan secretly regretted that she wanted Sogeum, Ah and Nini to have a chance to exercise, and she was worried about staying at home, so she decided to come and see with Su Yiming. Unexpectedly, she met such a group of women who pulled their hatred value. She gently shrank into the cloak to minimize her feelings.
"It seems that I want to congratulate you a lot. Please come in!" At this moment, Su Yiming’s lip angle bent to the outside of the account and said, "All those Yingying Yanyan immediately entered the camp and rushed to Su Yiming Jianli."
Su Yiming smiled faintly. "Today, I took my fiancee here and was lucky enough to catch a few animals. I didn’t expect you to be more worried than me. Tonight, I will hold a banquet at noon in a town ten miles away. Thank you for your kindness."
"It turns out that this girl is the door owner’s fiancee." Su Yiming’s voice just fell and many women changed their faces. They were disappointed, aware and gloating at loneliness
And Muhuan, Xiaoqin and Ah are obviously introduced to completely thunder down the mother’s egg. Did Su Yiming have you to pull my sister like this to stop the rotten peach blossom? Mu Huanzheng lamented that Su Yiming had pulled her hand and stared at her with an expression. "Yes, Qiu Er is the right person and will marry her in the door in a few months."