Xu Tianyu smiled and nodded and lifted the cup. He didn’t get up. After all, the status of both sides ranked here.

This little head lifted his neck and did it. Xu Tianyu was about to drink and suddenly sensed the message. Crystal reacted.
Who sent him a message at this time?
When the left hand of the glass was turned over, a small crystal appeared with a faint light on its surface.
Everyone’s eyes are white. This is a new message.
Xu Tianyu grabbed the crystal induction and handed me the message inside. Suddenly he froze up.
Because he was so rude, he ran into the table, and a lot of wine spilled when it shook.
"My Lord?" When they saw it, they were all surprised. What’s the big deal with a tight heart?
"No … it’s okay …" Xu Tianyu steadied his mind and hid a face of excitement. "I have something to do temporarily, so you can continue."
Just now, he received a message from the crystal, which showed that his consignment bank had completed the purchase of fruit.
Everyone’s consignment bank will leave their own contact information before releasing the purchase information. Once the transaction has a result, the consignment bank will automatically send the transaction completion message, otherwise there will be a lot of purchase information that may be released for months, and no one can check whether the purchase is successful every day.
"I really bought the fruit? God, am I fucking hallucinating after drinking too much? "
Xu Tianyu excitedly clutched the crystal and repeatedly read the message in the crystal several times to make sure that he didn’t dream. He really bought the fruit.
Although others don’t know what’s going on, it’s hard to hide the ecstasy in Xu Tianyu’s eyes. He must have met something good.
It makes them feel relieved that it’s not a bad thing. After all, they regard Xu Tianyu as the core of this small circle, and he can’t have an accident.
"Don’t Xu Daren want to be promoted?"
The idea has popped up in everyone’s mind, which can make him so excited. There is probably such a possibility.
But if it’s news of promotion, why did you give it to him this night?
At the moment, Xu Tianyu was ecstatic. He didn’t wait to go to the consignment shop after dinner, but rushed out of the door at once, as if he were afraid that the fruit would be taken for himself if he was late.
He running all the way completely ignored his image as a guide.
And his mind has been crazy to imagine everything.
With the fruit of the breakthrough, he has hope. Once the breakthrough is successful …
"Ha ha before also envy envy mo six unexpected fortunes this god is the eye? Haha, it is said that it is going to break through the border, but after all, it is not impossible to succeed and finally fail, but I will be able to break through 100% if I have the fruit of breaking through the border. "
The more he thought about it, the more excited he was to think that once he succeeded in breaking the boundary, Mo Liudao, Lingyun and Tan Hongri were even more than the executive adults. He looked at his eyes with amazement and his heart was so cool that he flew up.
This feeling is more exciting than being suddenly hit by a billion-dollar prize in a world without floods.
When Xu Tianyu was so excited, there were two people in the same base who experienced similar things with him.
However, their status is far inferior to that of Xu Tianyu.
One of them is named Kou Yongbo. Although he is strong in the "equal" combat power in the same level 2, Xu Tianyu is the top strong in "equal" and Kou Yongbo is the most common type of "equal" combat power.
He is currently a member of the base city protection army and leads dozens of people. He is a captain and his position is neither low nor high.
Today, I just got annoyed by the boss, but I didn’t want to vent. I suddenly received a message from the consignment bank late.
When he received the message, his reaction was almost the same as that of Xu Tianyu. After reading it several times for confirmation, he didn’t dare to believe it. Then he got up and rushed to the consignment bank.
He knows that with this fruit, he can successfully break his identity and position, and immediately he will overtake himself as the boss. He can finally stand tall and be no longer angry with him. He can’t wait to rush to the company now and point his finger at each other and give them a good scolding.
The last person who won the prize was Zhang Yuan. His situation was somewhat similar to that of Kou Yongbo, and his status was even worse than that of Kou Yongbo. Because he was a "medium" fighter in Level 2, his girlfriend entered the base with him and soon fell into the arms of people with higher status.
The thought of his girlfriend never leaves his eyes, and he will never forget it. From then on, he became white. He needed to be strong, so he gambled all his hopes on the fruit of breaking the boundary.
No matter how powerful treasures or weapons and equipment he got for nothing, it doesn’t mean much to him. Only when he succeeds in breaking the border can he counterattack.
He released the news of buying broken fruit a long time ago-he can pay very little dragon coins. He works frantically every day and tries his best to earn dragon coins every day. The first thing to do is to go to the consignment bank and then raise the price of the broken fruit.
Unconsciously, his purchase price is getting higher and higher, and eventually it has reached more than 10 thousand dragon coins.
Today, he was even more lucky to buy antiques in his former antique market. Today, he really inspired him to have a special ability to let him know how to make it.
Although it was not a top treasure, it still made him sell 3.5 thousand dragon coins at a high price.
Zhang Yuan was ecstatic. He immediately went to the consignment shop, and the price of the original fruit was reduced from 10,000 dragon coins to 13,000 dragon coins. He left 500 dragon coins for himself to buy an antique to try. In addition, he currently has less than 100 dragon coins with all his money.
It can be said that the 13 thousand dragon coins are almost all the money he has scraped together. He didn’t expect to actually buy them today.
When he received the news, he fell to his knees and burst into tears.
Three broken fruit this night can be said to have completely changed the fate and future of three people.