"It’s nothing serious, but it will be fine after a certain dose of aphrodisiac." Yi said and looked at Zhan Longhai again.

Cheng Dongyang became more and more angry. He turned to look at Zhan Longhai. "Who feeds her medicine and what will you be with her?"
"We met her in blue and went to find her sister. Her sister and two men drank two glasses of wine," Zhan Longhai explained.
"You didn’t stop her from being drunk." He held Meng Yudong’s hand and found that her hand was still wrapped in gauze. "What happened to her hand?"
"It should be that she pinched her palm and it was bloody. This woman was cruel enough to herself to pinch herself like this." Yi sighed.
Zhan Longhai is also very sorry. He doesn’t deny that one thing is the mood of going to the theatre, but it hurts her. He’s sorry for her. He feels even more sorry when he thinks of her suffering.
"When can she leave?" Cheng Dongyang carefully holding her injured hand asked
"After finishing this bottle of medicine, you can go away. Her medicine will never fade away. I’ll order some medicine. If she wakes up when she gets back, you can feed her this medicine." Yi wrote a list and asked a nurse to get the medicine
Such as Meng Yudong point not finished Cheng Dongyang a cross picked her up Geng Qihang waiting outside the car.
"You just let him take people away like this" Yi walked beside Zhan Longhai and asked.
Zhan Longhai looked at Cheng Dongyang’s back and he said deeply, "What do I really have no position to do now? Say what? I’m sorry Dongdong "
"You don’t really mean it, do you?" He Zhan Longhai has always changed one woman after another in dance academy. It’s the first time for him to look at a woman like this.
"I don’t know what it looks like to see her outside the bar. This place seems to have been hit hard. Do you think this is true?" He pressed his heart and smiled bitterly.
"You’re finished arguing with Dongyang for a woman. It’s not fun," Yi patted him on the shoulder and said.
Cheng Dongyang holding Meng Yudong carriage return, she still fell asleep all the way by Cheng Dongyang arms.
When they returned to their residence, they let Geng Qihang go back. When he held Meng Yudong’s building and carried her home to bed, he couldn’t help staring at her and said, "How dare you be so stupid to see how I can tidy up you?"
Meng Yudong didn’t respond at all. He slept or died.
Cheng Dongyang took a shower and the words rang again. He looked at the bed and seemed to wake up. He took the words and went out to pick them up.
"Brother Dongyang, why did you leave first?" There’s Tong Tong’s voice over there. I’m very dissatisfied.
"Tong Tong, I’m sorry that I suddenly have something to deal with, so I have to go first." Cheng Dongyang explained softly, "Why don’t you sleep so late? If Aunt Huang knows you’re going to be scolded?"
"Okay, but you went too far before, and I don’t want to forgive you." Tong Tong got under the covers and said, "You disappeared as soon as I left, and you still owe me three dances."
"Well, you remember that I must give it back to you, Tong Tong. It’s very late now, so you should go to bed." Cheng Dongyang said when he heard that the room was dynamic and some people were not at ease.
"Well, brother Dongyang, you have to go back to Ji ‘an one day. You’d better sleep early! I’m going to sleep, too. My mother seems to be coming, "Tong Tong said.
"Well, good night then!"
"good night"
Hang up the words Cheng Dongyang again into the room is Meng Yudong is no longer in bed, and the bathroom uses water. She wakes up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower.
He used to want bathroom door to find that the door had locked his eyes. "Meng Yudong, how dare you lock the door? Article 11, Articles of Association Dongyang, I hate you.
When Dongdong woke up, her consciousness was not particularly clear. She vaguely heard a noise outside, but she didn’t have the strength to see her body, and she was still uncomfortable and had a splitting headache.
What’s more important is that the fire in her body hasn’t been extinguished yet. She got up from bed and went to the bathroom thinking that there was another man outside. She conveniently locked the door.
She felt a lot better when she put the shower on the cold water, but the horse heard someone calling her to knock at the door. The sound was familiar, but she didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t want to listen to it or look at it.
But who is Cheng Dongyang? He had the key here, and he quickly took the key and knocked on the door. When Meng Yudong curled up in the corner, the cold water had soaked her thoroughly.
"Meng Yudong are you crazy?" Cheng Dongyang picked her up in a hurry. "Do you know if you are going to die?"
Meng Yudong opened his eyes slightly and a mushroom face appeared in front of her. She looked at him doubtfully. "Who are you?"
"Who am I? Who do you say I am? " He said, he picked her up horizontally and went back to her room. He threw her out of bed and took her clothes and towels to take off her clothes.
"What are you doing? Why take off my clothes? " She struggled desperately, hissed and hit "Let me not take off my clothes"
"Are you all wet and waiting for a cold?" Say that finish Cheng Dongyang HSS pull has torn her clothes.
"Are you Cheng Dongyang?" She seemed to recognize him and paused in her hand.
"Who else is not me? Who are you? " He got rid of her clothes in twos and threes and didn’t get angry.
Meng Yudong seemed to push his hand to the bed as soon as he understood it. "You don’t want you to go."
When Zhan Longhai said that she didn’t want him, he was filled with anger. Now, when she says that she doesn’t want him, he can’t help himself any more.
He held her down and held her hands. "You don’t want me? Meng Yudong, have you forgotten who you are? Did you say you didn’t want my share? "
Meng Yudong was crushed by him, but he didn’t struggle any more. He looked at him with a pair of eyes that didn’t blink. "I don’t know if I feel bad. Can you leave me alone?"
Cheng Dongyang gasped. He couldn’t tell whether she was awake or really controlled by drugs. It was her blushing lip that was slightly fresh and moist. Damn it, it was so tempting.
A dry lip of his throat pressed tightly to hold her lip, and her lips still smelled of alcohol. He couldn’t help sucking her deeper, and small tongue couldn’t wait to swallow her up.