Mei Yeshi, on behalf of the Kunlun League, has clearly expressed his attitude. He "borrowed" Hua Zhen’s sacred charm in public to warn those with ulterior motives not to make any small moves on Hua Zhen.

What Mei Yeshi wants to say is that there is an undercurrent in this background, and I am afraid that this force behind instigating Fuling is not small!
At this moment, Dinky patted Hua Zhen’s shoulder again and said, "Just now, Lord Bai Zhuang said that practice should be detached from the secular world, but detachment is not isolated from the monks. It is different to some extent that they are still attached to the world."
But Xiaohua, you are a wonderful flower, and you will be attached to the world after your practice. You are not detached and incomplete, but you are not detached at all! "
This remark stunned Manman, Huahua and Xianhao, but when you think about it carefully, it is really the case.
Hua Zhenxing built Yangyuan Valley to prepare for the establishment of Yangyuan technique popularization body; The goal of developing Chundan is to change the spiritual magic pill into an industrial product for ordinary people.
Let’s look at what we have done in spiritual practice. Building a new alliance is to transform the country and create the Huanxiang industry. It is to build a Huanxiang special state from scratch …
This is pure and thorough secularization, but it can’t be said to be vulgarization. I have never seen a monk who can combine the changes of the world sought by practice so seamlessly and reach the extreme.
Teacher Ding read too much, and Hua Zhen smiled bitterly.
What many people don’t know is that Hua Zhenxing also represents another extreme, because he also has an identity that the wind is the guest, which represents the extreme of narrative logic.
At the end of the deduction of narrative logic, it is that Hua Zhen Bank has built a farming area and is building a happy state, but believers in narrative logic really hate people like Hua Zhen Bank.
Everyone of them wants to be a guest, but they naturally hate Hua Zhen.
However, even if some people hate to think about what happened in Tebang, they refute it with the logical discourse of French capital, because Hua Zhenxing’s virtual identity, Feng Zibin, shows the result of capital development to the extreme.
Hua Zhenxing smiled bitterly and remained silent, and it was hard for him to say much. Not everyone in the field knew that he was the guest of the wind.
At this moment, Bai Shaoliu added, "Mr. Hua always asks what’s wrong with the Kunlun League now. Of course, there is a problem. Things change so that members of the Kunlun League will be affected. Mr. Feng asked Mei League Leader to be a hotel cleaner, which means something.
The proceedings of the Kunlun League in Japan are a confrontation, and some words need to be made clear, not only to deal with a land and Gao Qian, but also to argue that the Kunlun League is facing a situation now and Yangyuan Valley will also take warning in the future. "
Hua Zhen also realized that Mei Yeshi was so determined this time, and I’m afraid he was beaten by Mr. Shifeng.
But it’s hard to say this. He nodded very cleverly. "I must study hard and talk as little as possible!"
Chapter 494, Bai Ding asked theory.
In the afternoon of the next day, Baihua Mountain is sunny and charming, and all kinds of flowers and trees around it are charming. This winter is a rare scene in the suburbs of Beijing, and it is worthy of practicing Dojo since ancient times.
Today’s meeting was held in a different way yesterday. Mei Yeshi was the first to announce that it was time to elect the twenty-five executive clansmen of Kunlun League once a year.
On behalf of Yuanshuomen, Mei Yanxue took the initiative to state that Yuanshuomen would never leave the Kunlun League Executive Zongmen, while Mei Yeshi took the opportunity to ask Ding Qifang if he was willing to maintain the Kunlun practice community and make every effort.
It is natural to refuse to ask such a speaker on such an occasion.
The day before yesterday, an accident happened. Two deacons from Fangwaimen, Kunlun League, tracked it down overnight, and soon found out the reason. Even the old cases more than 30 years ago were turned over, and such senior experts as Hefeng personally made moves.
It’s not that the other party’s outsiders are righteous, but that they consciously undertake to safeguard the common righteousness of the Kunlun practice community, and the outsider is the most direct beneficiary.
Ding Qi said in the previous step that Wanwaimen is of course willing to do its best to build a new executive clan after the original 25 factions of executive clan tickets were approved.
It is not surprising that the result of the vote is passed. Of course, the Kunlun League Department has communicated well in advance, otherwise the leader of Mei League can’t ask Dinky in public.
Hua Zhen has been prepared for this, but there are still many people in the field who need to turn their brains several times to react.
After the vote, the outer door replaced Yuanshuomen on the spot to become the executive door of the new Kunlun League. Yesterday, everyone witnessed Ding Qi’s demonstration of the realm of repair, and no one can deny that Fang Waimen has this ability.
Hua Zhen insisted that the injury had hindered him from sitting alone today, and he was determined not to sit alone. It was self-evident that this matter had a great impact on Kunlun League, but it was settled in a few minutes at the scene when it happened.
Then Feng Zhen said, "It’s rare for friends from all walks of life to gather in Baihua Mountain. Yesterday, the leader of Mei League found out many things in public on behalf of Kunlun League, including many years of travel."
If you have doubts about your brothers, you can ask them today. Let’s discuss it together! "
Mei Yeshi nodded and said, "What Elder Hefeng said yesterday is very true. Today, we should ask about it … Have you seen the investigation data of Hou Nian, the younger brother of Lin Taiqian, the younger brother of Wuliang Sect, thirty years ago?"
The materials collected by Lu Gao Qian this afternoon have been sent to Baihua Mountain and distributed to everyone. At the same time, it is accompanied by the Kunlun League investigation to prove what happened, as Lu Gao Qian said yesterday.
Mrs. Lin’s friend’s name is Cai Gong, and he contracted a pharmaceutical factory, Qianliu Shandi Hou Nian, who was his business partner at that time, ordered several times, and each contract stipulated a strict delivery date and place.
Cai Gong’s previous deliveries were actually late, but Hou Nian did not strictly follow the contract requirements, but the last delivery was also the largest batch, but Cai Gong was rejected according to the contract.
Due to the remote delivery place and the rainy season in the local area, Cai Gong’s drug law can’t be resold locally and can’t be shipped to other places for sale, which leads to a series of changes …
Everyone nodded and Bai Shaoliu took the initiative to say, "I have heard a lot of comments since yesterday, and I will say something for you."
First of all, there is a question
Thirty-three years before Cai Gong’s death, Mrs. Lin Hou Nian became enemies. After the Three Mountains Meeting, the two men fought privately. As a result, Mrs. Lin returned to Zongmen with injuries.
Did Qianliushan and Wuliangpai know about this before yesterday? And has Mrs. Hou Nianlin ever remembered anyone? "
Dao Nanya, the head of Qianliu Mountain, said, "Hou Nian has never been involved in this matter. Otherwise, when his family was in great trouble, others would not be able to trace it for a long time."
Qiao Weifeng, the head of the Wuliangpai School, also replied, "I have asked Mrs. Lin, the younger brother of Menmen, that she has never told anyone. I remember that he returned to Zongmen with injuries 33 years ago, but explained that he had encountered evil spirits outside."
Bai Shaoliu "Hou Nian doesn’t say it is understandable because he knows it is not authentic, but Mrs. Lin doesn’t say it?" His best friend asked for justice but was injured by Hou Nian. Is there something to hide? "
Hua Zhen walked on the sidelines and sighed to himself. These expert questions are really fast and accurate. Hou Nian is hiding something. It is understandable that Mrs. Lin has any reason to hide something for each other.
It’s not a secret. Even if Mrs. Lin wasn’t Hou Nian’s opponent at that time, couldn’t she pull it out and find Qianliushan to theorize? Qianliushan has its own rules. Can he ask how Qianliushan restrains his brother?
He went to find Hou Nian privately, but he was injured. He didn’t say anything when he returned to Zongmen? He can tell this to Zongmen Wuliangpai and look for Qianliushan theory!
At this moment, Ding Jikou replied, "Because Mrs. Lin wanted to kill Hou Nian Cai Gong at that time, her mind was set! It’s a pity that Hou Nian still doesn’t know what’s wrong. "
Bai Shaoliu continued to ask, "Mrs. Lin didn’t want to kill Hou Nian?"
Dinky replied again, "If Lin Taigong should be punished for this matter, it will be difficult for Lin Taitai to have a chance to kill him after being punished."
But because Cai Gong’s family ruined Lin Taitai has made up his mind to take Hou Nian’s life, it also made the family ruined Lin Taitai silent. "
Bai Shaoliu "Should Hou Nian be killed?"
Ding Ji’s "Hou Nian’s real crime does not lead to death"
At the scene, other people listened to Bai Shaoliu Ding Ji’s question and answer. Bai Shaoliu’s question was not what he wanted to ask, but it represented that he might have doubts.
It is a unique way of asking questions on this occasion, and the trip to Hua Zhen is also a long experience
Although Hou Nian and Mrs. Lin can’t make it, the reason for this matter still needs to be clarified. Ding Ji finally said that it is not good to say a thousand mountains, and it is not good to say the conclusion first, that is, Hou Nian’s crime is not fatal.
In fact, it’s not even a contract fraud. He didn’t take Cai Gong’s goods but missed the agreed delivery and refused to receive them according to the terms of the contract.
If Cai Gong wants to resort to secular law, it is difficult to fight this lawsuit with a high probability. Even if he wins afterwards, he can still get a sum of economic compensation, but he can’t kill the other party, can he?
But the monk’s eyes should also see the cause and effect behind the incident. It should be that a contract trap was set to trap Cai Gong, which led to a series of consequences.
Mrs. Lin, of course, saw this and decided that Hou Nian was the culprit of Cai Gong’s destruction and wanted to kill and revenge.
If he finds the theory of Qianliushan, Qianliushan will not punish Hou Nian, but it is impossible to take Hou Nian’s life even if he is punished again.
If Qianliu Mountain has already punished Mrs. Hou Nianlin, she can’t go to take revenge on him. If Mrs. Lin dares to kill people in this situation, Qianliu Mountain must know that he did it and will not let him go.
Bai Shaoliu asked again, "Cai Gong died because of his family?"